Best Corner Electric Fireplaces

A corner electric fireplace blends the advantages of electric fireplaces with stylish furniture that can be inserted into the corner of your house. Sometimes, you may want an electric fireplace to also act as a storage unit.

Besides, you may also want to use it as a TV stand. A corner electric fireplace can serve all these purposes. So, the model that you choose for your house will definitely be a great purchase. This article explores the best corner electric fireplaces that you can purchase. 

Almost all corner electric fireplaces are designed to hold a TV on top or related devices. In fact, you can make your fireplace an entertainment center. This is because it has enough space to fit as well as hold your music devices.

Many homeowners placed their TVs at the corner of a room. That makes watching programs very convenient for everyone in the room. If you are intending to place your TV on your fireplace, there are TV stands designed for electric fireplaces. The good thing about acquiring such a stand is that it will make your TV fit neatly on the fireplace and into the corner of the room.

Many old-styles wood fireplaces offer certain great features in many ways. But the truth is that burning wood in your house will result in a lingering smoke smell. This will pose a huge safety threat to everyone in your home because of air pollution.

But you don’t have to experience that because corner electric fireplaces offer a safe alternative. They provide warmth without causing air pollution. With this type of fireplace, you enjoy a cozy ambiance in the living room and the entire house, while maximizing utility and space.

What Makes Corner Electric Fireplaces Better than Other Heating Units?

Unlike other fireplaces, there is much more to consider when it comes to a corner electric fireplace than just a heating unit. This is because an electric fireplace can be treated as furniture. So, any homeowner would want to have a well-constructed fireplace. Also, you would want to have one that is not just thoughtfully designed but also contemporary to the décor of your home. 

Obviously, you need a fireplace heater that offers ample warmth in your living room. You also want to see a real-frame appearance. To offer a variety of features to suit different tastes, corner electric fireplaces come in three different styles:

  • Corner electric fireplace with an entertainment center or a TV stand
  • Corner electric fireplaces with a fantastic mantel for displaying books or photo frames
  • Convertible corner electric fireplaces, which can be an exact fit into a corner or be converted to a fireplace that goes flat against the wall of your living room.

That said, let’s look at what you need to look for when selecting a corner electric fireplace.

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Corner Electric Fireplace

Different types of corner electric fireplaces do not differ so much in size. But it is important to determine the size of the fireplace you want to buy and to do this you can simply measure it. Doing this will help you choose a fireplace that fits perfectly into your corner. Also, determine the height that will best serve your intended purpose, such as placing a TV on top and so on.

There are several different things you need to take into account, including:

  • Design and style
  • Color of the unit
  • Storage space available
  • Flames – how realistic they are
  • The heat produced by the unit
  • The color and brightness of the unit frame
  • The closeness of the electric outlet to the unit location
  • The thermostat on the unit heater and other extras
  • The size of your TV, if you want to place it on the top
  • Open or hidden storage space

Electric Fireplace Heating

To heat large rooms, some electric corner fireplaces utilize infrared heating technology. Others make use of a fan heater to offer warmth, especially in winter.

A conventional fan heater can heat a room with an area of up to 400 square feet. But corner electric fireplaces that are powered by an infrared heater have much more heating power. These units can heat rooms up to 1000 square feet. 

The heating power of electric fireplaces is reflected in their prices. Powerful units are more expensive than less powerful models. So, it is important to determine in advance the kind of fireplace that will serve your purpose perfectly. You don’t want to acquire a model that will not heat your room as you desire. Likewise, you don’t need to go for a very powerful model, yet a less powerful one can provide enough warmth in your living room. 

Corner electric fireplace designs and styles

You will find a wide range of designs as well as styles in the market. This means you can find a unit that fits the décor of your house. Know the kind of design and style that will work well than others. A model that matches the design of your living room will make it more appealing both to you and your visitors.

If you can’t find a design and style that matches your living room, you may consider requesting a custom design from a maker of your choice.

In the end, you want to have an electric fireplace that maintains or improves the look of your house. So, don’t settle for less just because you cannot find the model with the right design in the market.

Electric Fireplace Flames

Different corner electric fireplaces use different flame effects. Some models use LED flames to produce quite a realistic appearance and a sense of flames. Others boost of using flame technology to produce a flame that appears almost like a real flame.

Each corner electric fireplace also comes with its own unique flame settings that allow owners to change the brightness and size of the flame. They are also designed with speed settings and some additional options to vary the blaze.

There are electric fireplace models that a flame technology termed 3D spectra fire plus. This technology enables these fireplaces to produce flames that appear very real. Also, these units come with 5-speed color, brightness, and speed settings. 

You need to connect your corner electric fireplace to an electric outlet to be able to use the flame and heater effects.

Corner Electric Fireplace Space and Storage

The storage space of corner electric fireplaces varies from one fireplace design to another. Therefore, the amount of space and storage you get will depend on the design you choose. Some models cannot be used as a TV stand or entertainment center. Such units will simply function as electric fireplaces. 

If you are intending to purchase an electric fireplace that should also function as a TV stand, then look for one that offers enough storage space for the TV and other electric devices.

But if you just want a fireplace for the purpose of warming your living room, simply settle on one that comes with a mantel package. This type of model usually looks the same as the traditional open fireplace that has offers a mantel where you can place your decorations.

TV Stand

As mentioned above, some corner electric fireplaces offer a space that acts as a TV stand. To tell customers that a model can also act as a TV stand, makers also include the term entertainment center or media console on the description.

Be sure to check whether your TV will fit perfectly on the fireplace you intend to purchase. Also, consider the corner you intend to keep your fireplace and determine whether your TV will fit in that place as well. 

Besides, you need to be sure that the media cabinet openings on your fireplace have enough space for housing your soundbar speaker, DVD or Blu-ray player, or other electrical devices in your living room. 

With these insights at your fingertips, read on to know the best models you can consider.

Top 10 Corner Electric Fireplaces

Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Corner Fireplace

If you want to have a corner electric fireplace that can warm your room also hold your TV and other electricals, you must choose wisely. This means you need to consider several elements and most of these are discussed above.

Cost is certainly one of the elements you should consider alongside other factors. When you think about affordability, Walker Edison Alcott should come to mind. This unit is not just one of the most affordable but also effective, and that is why it comes at the top of this list.

A key point of appeal is its space-saving corner design. This electric fireplace model fits snugly into a corner of your living room. It is a plug-in device, meaning that you don’t need an electrician to get it working. 

The unit weighs 107 pounds and for this reason, it can be moved much more easily than most of the other fireplaces in the market. It comes with a classic design that makes it appear stylish. As such, it complements the décor of your living room in an easy and unobstructive way.

The Walker Edison Alcott fireplace features a highly durable and sturdy high-grade MDF as well as laminates construction that can easily hold up to 250 pounds.

The compact and flat design of this fireplace means that it can complement any corner. The fact that it doesn’t protrude outwards when placed at a corner saves it from becoming a hazard in your house.

Its double doors that are designed with glass panes offer a great deal of convenience. This feature gives it the real-flame appearance and classic traditional look of a fireplace. Also, this design makes it easier for you to monitor this fireplace. This unit also features a fireplace insert, just in case you want to fix it firmly in the space occupied by your traditional fireplace. 

Southern Enterprises Corner Media Infrared Fireplace

This corner electric fireplace from Southern Enterprises is another classic model designed to fit perfectly into any corner of your room. When it comes to pricing, it is also relatively cheap compare to other models in the market. The unit weighs 123 pounds. Although this weight might be a setback to some homeowners, it is a lesser inconvenience that should not become a problem once the unit is safely positioned at the right corner of your office or living room. 

The Southern Enterprises Corner Electric Fireplace comes in a number of finish styles and colors, including white and black. Many people are however captured by the model with a mahogany finish. 

The classic and smooth finish of this model complements electric flames that pulsate and dance within. If you want a unit that can heat your room quickly, this model will serve that purpose perfectly. Another notable feature is its quartz infrared heating crystals that enable it to heat an area quickly and cost-effectively.

The unit comes with a remote control to enable you to operate it and change settings from the comfort of your couch. Ensure to have a power outlet at the corner where you plan to place your electric fireplace for convenience of use.

Convertible Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace

This is another corner electric fireplace by Southern Enterprises that comes in a number of colors, with the most common being oak, black, and white. The Convertible Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace is designed to fit in a small corner. Although this electric fireplace is quite pricy, it is worth the money because it has a variety of features that justify its price.

This unit is designed for heating large living rooms and offices. The model does not generate a desert-like heat. Instead, it is designed with adequate provision to make sure that there is enough humidity in your room. It features a 5-way adjustability control that is used to regulate the amount of heat produced to your desired level. The unit can also be programmed to on or off as you desire. It can also be operated and set remotely. 

This unit weighs 101 pounds, meaning that it is relatively lighter than many other models on the market. It has a classic traditional look because of its faux stone finish. This outlook makes it one of the most attractive fireplaces you can ever find on the market. Other than that, the unit is designed with safety features that prompt it to switch off immediately tripping or overheating is detected.

Windsor Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace

This is another high-quality corner electric fireplace you can consider for your office or living room. It features a media center that functions using infrared technology. Windsor Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace measures 23 inches and can heat a space of up to 1000 sqft. 

This fireplace can be used for multiple purposes. It can heat your living room, hold your TV and electricals as well as act as a storage unit. So, other than being used as a fireplace unit, it can also be set up as a wall unit. The Windsor Electric Fireplace comes with a convenient shelf that is perfectly integrated with the unit to offer extra storage space. 

This unit is not only visually appealing but also decorative and durable. The fact that this model can serve as an electric fireplace, storage space, and media cabinet makes it a valuable purchase that is worth the money. Also, it comes with a multi-purpose remote control that helps to configure the fireplace and operate it remotely. It is worth noting that this infrared electric fireplace is not fully assembled when buying. But it comes with a manual that provides a list of instructions on how to set it up.

Corinth Electric Fireplace

The Corinth Electric Fireplace is another heating unit that is designed to fit into the corner of your living room or office. A unique feature of this corner electric fireplace is its ‘Spectrafire Plus’ flame effects. One of the things that draw attention is the combination of the intricate details and the effects of the life-like flames. 

This model uses all LED lighting and also features the SpectraFire Plus technology that allows you to choose from five flame brightness, colors, and speeds. The intricate carved and beautiful details of this unit are perfectly highlighted by its stunning cherry finish. Like other models that act as a TV stand, this fireplace fits your 42-inch TV perfectly. It comes with an open, center shelf where you can keep your media components.

Designed by Classic Flame, this electric fireplace can heat rooms ranging from 400sqft to 1000sqft. With this heating capability, you won’t need to look for warmth under your blanket because it will be all over your house. These features make it absolutely easy to fall in love with this corner electric fireplace.

Colleen White Corner Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace made by Dimplex offers some great features. The fireplace is convertible meaning that it can perfectly fit in the corner of your living room or flat place against a wall. The fireplace comes with a panel that you can install when assembling. It allows you to close off the space designed for your media and have a flat front without a shelf. It is a multipurpose unit that can function as a traditional fireplace mantel when the panel is on or as a media center when the panel is off.

The open center shelf offers storage space for your DVD player and cable box. At the rear is a convenient cord management system. This corner electric fireplace features a stunning Dimples firebox that is central to its functionality. Its remarkable flame effects resemble the appearance of a real fire.

The fireplace also offers LED-lit flames that dance and flicker from the pulsating logs within to produce a dazzling effect. Another unique feature of the Colleen Corner Electric Fireplace is having multiple color themes. This enables you to set a perfect flame effect that matches your mood. If these are the kind of features you want, then go for this fireplace.

Dimplex White Corner Electric Fireplace

Among the corner electric fireplaces in this list, this Dimplex White Convertible Electric Fireplace are one of the extraordinary ones. It comes with features that make it stand out among the rest. Its appearance is not just the only fantastic thing about it. The fireplace is also durable. It has modern features which make it one of the best.

It applies a fashion-forward, contemporary color scheme of white and black. The front-facing surface transition is either stepped or mitered to give a fascinating look and excellent flame.

Dimplex fireplace logs offer an excellent realistic log set since its hand-molded and crafted from actual wood logs. It offers great flame effects. The Dimplex is made from LED inner glow logs and pulsating ember technology which makes the embers and logs glow thus increasing realism.

The standard heating capacity of the firebox is 400ft and offers extra heating. Thus, the front face of the all-electric fireplace remains cool.

Providence Corner Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces by Southern Enterprises are some of the most unique and excellent fireplaces on our list. The Providence Corner Electric Fireplace is designed to support a weight of up to 85 pounds on the top. Unlike other huge fireplaces, this one doesn’t occupy much space. 

The southern Enterprise standard firebox offers extra heat for up to 400sqft. The effects of the flame are great and easy to regulate its brightness. They go for real and excellent effect.

Its components are natural multicolor flames and burning logs with embers. The ember effects stimulate the dimmer to sparkle for a legitimate look. It’s one of the most efficient ways to excellently heat a room.

The atmosphere can be enjoyed at any time including summertime. This is because the glimmering flames and burning embers can be easily turned on with the heater.

Redden Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace

You will treasure and enjoy the customized stacked stone detailing around the firebox. The Redden White Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace that is built by SEI brings all that glimmer. It creates a perfect visual break from the angled side compartment, thus, making it a room focal point. The cabinets can accommodate knickknacks or DVDs as they are incorporated with LED lighting.

The heating capacity of the infrared heat corner electric fireplace increases tremendously from the standard 400sqft to 1000qsft. Additionally, the infrared heat ensures humidity for greater warmth.

It’s vital to go for real looking flame effect of a real fire. It doesn’t give fancy colors or psychedelic light shows. The flame doesn’t depend on the heater to operate. There is no need to operate both the heater and the flame effects at the same time.

The ambiance can be enjoyed in summer since the burning embers and the flickering flames can be switched on without the heater. It is family-friendly and extremely safe.

The flame effect is very reliable since they slowly fade out and switch off when the power source is removed. It is also convenient to use in children’s environment since the glass panel at the front unit never becomes hot to touch. Thus, this is a good feature to look out for.

Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace

The Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace closes our list of the top fireplaces. Common finishes for this fireplace are dark, white, and espresso or light brown. This electric fireplace is built to mainly play the role of heating your room. There is no provision for a cable or DVD box. Also, the Chateau fireplace is not built to act as a TV stand, but you can still place your TV on it. 

This fireplace is an industry standard, producing heat that can heat up a room of up small rooms of up to 400sqft. The unit produces a really nice flame effect and its brightness can be adjusted to suit your need. The model comes with little mesh metal curtains that may be pulled over the front in order to make it appear like a real fireplace grate.

We hope this list of the top 10 corner electric fireplaces has helped you to understand the best models you can consider together with their features. 

Electric Fireplace Accessories

To enjoy added functionality, pleasure, and aesthetics, consider these three accessories.

  • Electrical socket protection 

The first is electrical socket protection. Safer electrical sockets come with five small thermostats that are placed strategically within the unit monitor to monitor the temperature of the plug. This is an important security measure that ensures your plug is functioning at a safe temperature. If the temperature rises to a level that could result in an electrical fire, the socket shuts off automatically. 

  • Fire crackle sound

Second, you should consider a fire crackle sound. This sound effect is typically available on high-end heating units. But it is available in the market and you can buy and attach it to your fireplace in order to produce a fire cracking effect. 

  • Wire covers 

Lastly, consider wire covers to hide your wires and thereby avoid unnecessary distractions.