10 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand 2021 Reviews

Technology affects people’s lives by bringing them closer and providing them with comfort and convenience. It’s also great at integration and optimization.

All those qualities are embodied by an electric fireplace TV stand (as known as Media Console Electric Fireplaces) – one type of electric fireplaces.

Not like wall mounted electric fireplace, electric fireplace TV stand is the product of multifunctionality and sophistication, combining the benefits of a console and a fireplace. And because it’s powered by electricity, you can control the fire and the heat to achieve the degree of warmth you need.

With this upgraded entertainment center, you can create the perfect ambiance and mood for that priceless get-together with your loved ones.

If you’re interested in having one, read our compilation of the best products you can buy online. We also included a buying guide to help you make a wise purchase decision.

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What to Look for When Choosing an Electric Fireplace TV Stand?

Aside from the products below, there are so many options out there. To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and narrow down your list, evaluate your options against the following criteria:

1. Size and Style of Your Room and Entertainment Center

The fireplace TV stand you buy should be a perfect fit for where you’ll place it. It could be in the living room or the bedroom.

Walker Edison Bern Classic 2 Glass Door Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 80 Inches, 70 Inch, Grey Wash

The size of the room should also determine the heating power that the product should have. The bigger the room, the more the heating power it requires to drive out the cold.

Next, consider the room’s style to determine the appropriate product design. Make sure the product complements the aesthetic qualities of the room.

Your fireplace TV stand should also be big enough to house your entertainment center. It should have the right space in the right position for your TV, DVD players, speakers, game controllers/joysticks, etc.

2. Placement

Consider where you’re going to place the product before buying it, especially if you have limited space. Instead of buying a big console, you might just need a corner one so you can maximize your space.

3. Brand

Knowing the brand of the product gives you a hint of its quality, durability, and efficiency. Products can have the same features but how well they work varies by brand.

You’ll see that experienced and trusted brands will often have more expensive products but:

  • Ensure its high quality.
  • Save money because they’re easier to maintain. They’re also well-built so you will not likely buy another product for a long time.
  • The quality of customer service. Buy products made by brands that care for the satisfaction of their customers. Their reviews must state that they’re accommodating, very responsive, and knowledgeable.

4. Heat Controller

Aside from the appearance of the flame, consider how much the product allows you to regulate its heat. Fireplace TV stands with heat regulators have thermostats to adjust to achieve the amount of warmth you find comfortable.

Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console for TVs up to 60", Rustic

Also, make sure the product has protection against overheating. Specifically, they have auto-shutdown options in case it detects itself being too hot. Neither underestimate nor overlook this setting since it is based on essential safety measures.

5. Storage Space

Choose a product that still performs what it is for, despite its improvements and integrations. Before the electric fireplace was incorporated in it, consoles were bought to hold not only our entertainment centers but also other random items.

Therefore, it would be best if you chose a fireplace TV stand that has ample storage space and drawers for books, magazines, gadgets, etc.

6. Kind of Electric Firebox

The flicker style/pattern and intensity of the flame projected in the fireplace vary depending on the type of firebox it has. Some flames seem like real fire, while others look unnatural. Choose a product that gives your preferred appearance of the flame.

7. Budget

Cap off your expense by establishing how much you’re willing to spend for a fireplace TV stand in exchange for its purpose and benefits.

Whatever amount you set aside for it, make sure it doesn’t cripple your finances. Just get the best quality product your budget can buy.

You can compromise on some features, such as the design or availability of remote control, just to have the safety features. Prioritize the features that will serve your needs and don’t mind the rest so you can find a high-quality, affordable product.

Reviews of the Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Here are 10 of the best electric fireplace TV stands you can buy online:

1. Electric Fireplace TV Console by Ameriwood Home Farmington

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This rustic electric fireplace TV console is made of laminated MDF, a fantastic alternative to plywood and timber. Its fireplace insert is well-built with fireboxes that help create real-looking flames.

This product has great power and capacity, with the strength to support TVs spanning 50 inches and weighing 55 pounds.

It has ample storage space for your DVD player, gaming controls, and cable box. It can provide heat of up to 82°F to a 400-sqm room. Electric Fireplace TV Console by Ameriwood Home Farmington should be enough to cozy-up your home.

This unit is convenient to use with an easy-to-use control panel and remote control. It allows you to use the flame and the heat independently or at the same time.

It has 3 flame settings with different brightness levels and a timer that signals it to turn itself off automatically.

Overall, the product is cost-effective, durable, simple to use, and has safety features.

No products found.

2. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console

Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 50 Inch, Replaceable Electric Fireplace Insert Heater, Realistic Log and Flame Effect, For Living Room or Bedroom, Espresso

This next product is also made of laminated MDF which means it’s a bit heavy.

Assembling it can be tough, especially because it’s huge, but doable by 2 adults. It’s durable and heavy-duty with the capacity to support a 120-pound TV that measures 65 inches wide.

This product has a great storage capacity that can hold 80 pounds of weight. It has 2 open shelves for your DVD player and gaming system plus 2 cabinets for your books, sewing kits, figurines, etc.

The heating power of its fireplace insert can spread warmth to a 400-sqm house. It also has control panels and remote control for easy use.

The flames and heat can be used separately or at the same time, and there’s a timer that allows it to shut down automatically.

For us, this product is extremely cost-effective and functional in making your home both cozy and organized.

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3. Walker Edison Furniture Company Tall Wood Corner Fireplace Stand for Entertainment Center

Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Fireplace Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 55 Inches, 48 Inch, Traditional Brown

Third on the list is a space-saving fireplace TV stand made of high-quality laminated MDF. It’s a bit heavy so assembling it can be challenging but doable by 2 adults with an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

This upgraded furniture can help you maximize tight spaces because it fits perfectly in corners. Its size and strength are enough for a 50-inch TV.

It also has a shelf and two 3-layered side cabinets for your entertainment system, making it a compact yet extremely functional product.

This product’s 1,400 watts of energy can heat a 140-sqm space, perfect for a small family’s snuggly home.

It doesn’t have a remote control, but its front control panel is easy to use. You can turn on its natural-looking faux flame and heat individually, depending on your needs.

Overall, this is a must-have compact and multifunctional furniture for small households.

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4. JAMFLY Mantel Electric Heater Freestanding Infrared Quartz Fireplace

JAMFLY 26’’ Mantel Electric Fireplace Heater Small Freestanding Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove Heater w/Log Hearth& Wood Surround Firebox, Adjustable Led Flame, Remote Control,750W-1500W, (Brown)…

This fireplace TV stand is intricately designed to fit both modern- and classic-designed homes. It’s made of hardwood so it’s strong and durable. It’s faux fire and logs looks so realistic, making this an excellent aesthetic to any room.

You can put a medium-sized TV on it but it’s best placed below a mounted TV. On the surface, you can put the rest of your entertainment system and some books or decorative pieces. If you prefer, you can also use it as a freestanding fireplace.

It has a remote control that allows you to turn the heat or the flame display separately or together. You can also choose among its 3 flame settings to achieve the ambiance you want.

This product has 750-watt and 1,500-watt heating options, which are enough to cozy-up a 200-sqm. space. In conclusion, it’s a stunning, space-saving, and versatile product.

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5. Ameriwood Home Manchester Electric Fireplace TV Stand, Black

Ameriwood Home Manchester Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70 Inch, Replaceable Electric Fireplace Insert Heater, Remote Control, Timer, Realistic Log and Flame Effect, For Living Room, Black

This modern-looking product is made of durable, laminated MDF in black. It’s challenging to assemble but worth it, given its functionality and sophisticated, chic look.

It’s tough furniture, able to hold a 135-pound TV spanning 70 inches. It has 4 open shelves that can withstand 100 pounds of weight for your books and entertainment components. Two of those shelves are not fixed, so you can adjust them according to your needs.

This high-capacity product can heat a 400-sqm. room. It has a touch panel and remote control that can turn on the flame and heat separately or together, depending on the weather.

Also, it has 3 fame settings for a mood change, and a timer for auto shut down.

This is a great product to make your spacious reading and entertainment nook snuggly and tidy.

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6. Northwest Electric Fireplace Freestanding Console with Shelf Space Heater Entertainment Center

29-Inch Tall Electric Fireplace TV Stand – Freestanding Entertainment Console with Shelf, Faux Logs and LED Flames by Northwest (White)

Sixth on the list is another versatile product made of MDF and veneer. It has a slim-built, so its space-saving; yet, it’s still durable and functional.

This furniture can hold 88 pounds of weight despite its size. It can be used as a console, able to support a 30-inch TV and a DV player or cable box on its shelf.

It can also be a freestanding fireplace and storage place for your books, vases, and other decorations.

This product has 1,400 watts of energy that can heat a 140 sqm. space, perfect for reading nooks or small apartments.

It allows you to use the flame and heat functions individually. Also, it has a thermal regulator that prevents overheating and LED flame technology that uses less energy to heat your space.

Overall, it’s a worry-free, multifunctional, and investment-worthy product for small families or single working professionals.

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7. Ameriwood Home Parsons TV Stand with Fireplace

Ameriwood Home Parsons Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inch, Replaceable Electric Fireplace Insert Heater, Realistic Log and Flame Effect, For Living Room or Bedroom, Black

We have another chic-looking entry from Ameriwood Home, and it’s also made from laminated MDF. Its fireplace insert is made of metal so, overall, the product looks neat and stylish.

This strong and durable product can support your 65-inch flatscreen TV that weighs 120 pounds. It also has 4 spacious open shelves for your entertainment components, book, and decorative items.

The product’s power capacity can warm a 400-sqm. space, which is perfect for get-togethers in large households.

Its AltraFlame fireplace projects a very natural-looking LED flames, thanks to Ameriwood’s reflector technology. You can turn on its flame and heat functions individually, depending on the weather.

This product is excellent to have if you want an organized and cozy space to enjoy movie nights with the gang.

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8. WE Furniture Driftwood Wood Corner Fireplace TV Stand Console for Entertainment Center

Walker Edison Woodcroft Classic Fireplace Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 50 Inches, 44 Inch, Driftwood

We have another one for the corner spaces, courtesy of Walker Edison. This product is more compact than the previous corner fireplace console but its quality is not compromised. It’s made of high-quality laminated MDF.

Because of its smaller stature, the shelves are separated with slim yet strong dividers to make them spacious. So, on top of holding your 48-inch TV, it can accommodate the rest of your entertainment system.

It can heat a 140-sqm. space, and its flame and heating function can be used simultaneously or separately. This product is perfect for making a snuggly little space for gaming, reading, and watching movies.

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9. Belleze Electric Fireplace TV Stand Media Console Table

BELLEZE Modern 50' Farmhouse TV Stand with 18' Electric Fireplace Heater & Media Entertainment Center Console Table for TV up to 55' with Open Storage Shelves & Cabinets - Kenton (Ashland Pine)

This rustic electric fireplace TV stand is made of wood, ABS, resin, tempered glass, and metal. It’s a durable product that weighs enough to require 2 adults to assemble it.

It can support a 55-inch TV. It has a spacious and adjustable shelf for your DVD player, cable box, gaming controllers, etc. The side cabinets are enough to store books and other items.

The unit has a remote control so you can switch on and off the stunning faux flames that can function with or without the heat. The fireplace also has a thermostat that works with the auto-shut-down timer to keep it from overheating.

Its 1,400 watts of energy can cozy up a 140 sqm. space, perfect for small homes. This product is a safe and practical means to keep your home warm and organized.

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10. Belleze Wood TV Console with Electric Fireplace

BELLEZE 47' TV Stand with 18' Electric Fireplace Heater & Media Entertainment Center Console Table for TV up to 50' with Open Storage Shelves & Cabinets - Veropeso (Ashland Pine)

This contemporary-looking entertainment console is structured durably so you can enjoy its elegance and functionality over time. It’s easy to assemble for 2 adults.

You can place a 47-inch TV weighing 99 pounds on this product, and some of your entertainment components on its side cabinets.

It has an 18-inch electric fireplace insert that’s easy to operate using a remote control. It showcases stunning, real-looking faux flames that can be used with or without the heating function.

This product has a power of 1,400 watts which is enough to provide warmth to a 140 sqm. room. Overall, it’s a compact, functional product that will warm up your home for a long time.

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Electric fireplace TV stands are very important additions to your home. It’s a good alternative to heaters because it has multiple functions. It creates a warm, welcoming vibe for you and your family for all your bonding moments.

We hope you find this article valuable and helpful as you choose the right product for you. Don’t forget to share with us your experience so you can help others make a purchase decision, too.

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