Freestanding Fireplaces: Reviews of the Top 12 [2021]

There is nothing as enjoyable as a warm fireplace, especially during the cold seasons, so we bring you reviews of the best freestanding fireplaces.

The only issue is that not every home has a built-in fireplace. In addition, it would be awfully expensive to pull down your house to install a fireplace.

Luckily, advancing technology has brought solutions in the form of freestanding fireplaces.

Installation of these stand-alone devices can be done in no time, and they are quite energy-efficient than the traditional models.

Moreover, these devices can be installed anywhere in your home.

Their heating sources do differentiate. Sources include gas, electric, gelethanol, wood and infrared.

There are different types of stand-alone fireplaces in the market to choose from. Thus, finding the most suitable for your home or office setting can be challenging.

In this review, we will look at the 12 best freestanding fireplaces and the factors to consider when making a buying decision.

Top 12 Freestanding Fireplaces

1. Donyer Power Mini Electric Freestanding Fireplace

DONYER POWER 13' Height Mini Electric Fireplace Tabletop Portable Heater, 1500W, Black Metal Frame,Room Heater,Space Heater

Donyer power is made with a combination of both modern and classic European styles. Other than warming up the room, it will work as a decoration item.

This freestanding fireplace can be placed on the table and cannot be knocked down by pets or kids due to its sturdy strength.

3D flames can be viewed from the glass window at the front. The front firelight is not a real fire but an effect.

Nonetheless, heat comes from the heater in the fireplace.

Impressively, you can control the fire and heating functions separately due to the 3 switches on the control panel.

An automatic shutoff is also featured to turn off the device just in case it falls.

Moreover, it has removable legs, and the top does not heat up. This device is also energy efficient.

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2. Jamfly 26 Inch Mantel Freestanding Electric Fireplace

JAMFLY 26’’ Mantel Electric Fireplace Heater Small Freestanding Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove Heater w/Log Hearth& Wood Surround Firebox, Adjustable Led Flame, Remote Control,750W-1500W, (Brown)…

Jamfly is made of hardwood and can be placed under a cabinet, TV, or bookcase.

The décor of any room will be enhanced by lighting up the LED flame of this device without the heating element. You can transport it to any room that needs heating.

Assembling and installing the Jamfly fireplace is quite simple.

The brightness has been set at three levels, allowing you to put it to your preference.

You can adjust the temperature or flame brightness from the comfort of your seat using the remote control.

Overheating protection is also available, and setting up it is quite easy. However, it lacks a thermostat control.

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3. Air Choice Mantel Freestanding Fireplace

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Air Choice electric fireplace will warm your home safely with its 3D LED display that is adjustable and has a crackling fire sound.

The brightness of the flame can be adjusted according to your preferred level to make your space feel cozy.

Your room temperature will be maintained by the thermostat function included. Turning it on or off can be preset up to 12 hours.

Therefore, you can warm your home in advance, a feature that is lacking in some freestanding fireplace units in the market.

Better yet, it has an electronic lock that you can use to limit the number of users. This freestanding fireplace has wheels, which gives it mobility.

It has a remote control and a control panel, and a safety feature in the form of an automatic shutoff system. Furthermore, the temperature is displayed on a digital screen.

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4. R.W. Flame 23 Inch Freestanding Infrared Fireplace

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Infrared Stove Heater, 23' Freestanding Fireplace Heater, 3D Realistic Flame Effects, Adjustable Brightness and Heating Mode, Overheating Safe Design, 1000W/1500W, Black

This portable tabletop electric stove comes with a realistic 3D flame that is adjustable.

Homes, seasonal rooms, and apartments will benefit from its infrared heating system. Its thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature to various desired levels.

Additionally, you need not assemble it since it is preassembled. It comes with a plug-in feature for instant heat source and warm ambiance. You can control the flame effect without heating the device.

The flame effect can be used for decorative purposes as well.

However, the unit does not have a remote control. It heats up within seconds due to its infrared heating technology.

You won’t need to worry about the safety of your family thanks to the automatic shut off system.

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5. Yodolla 29 Inch Electric Freestanding Fireplace

YODOLLA 29 Inch Electric Fireplace Insert, Recessed Mounted & Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater with Remote Control,Black

With Yodolla electric fireplace, you will get to choose between four flame brightness options and three flame colors.

It is suitable for all seasons and can be used to make the room cozy. Plus, you can adjust the heat settings to your preferred warmth.

Furthermore, you can choose to either wall mount it or place it on a tabletop, making it ideal for homes with limited room.

You can view the LED flame through the glass display. It also comes with a timer that allows you to warm your space in advance once you set it.

The heater disconnects automatically due to an overheating protection function.

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6. Thermomate 23 Inch Electric Freestanding Fireplace

thermomate Electric Fireplace Stove, 23 Inches Portable Freestanding Fireplace with Remote Controller, Realistic Flame and Logs Vintage Design for Home and Office, CSA Approved Safety

This heater has a vintage design that makes it ideal for both the office and home use.

No matter the heat levels, it will remain cool to the touch. For this reason, it is reliable and safe for children and pets.

The artistic LED flame creates an air of pleasantness in the home. Plus, the LED flame effect is realistic and adjustable to your preference.

There are a control panel and automatic shutoff feature for safety purposes.

The view windows are three-sided, allowing you to view the flame from any side. Remote control is also available for ease of control.

This unit has copper handles and a black finish fire grate that acts as a floor rest for its ember bed and 3D log set.

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7. E-Flame USA Hamilton Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove

e-Flame USA Hamilton Indoor Compact Freestanding Electric Fireplace Space Heater - Realistic 3-D Wood Burning Flame (Matte Black)

E-flame electric fireplace is energy-efficient compared to gas-lit heaters.

You can decorate it to fit your personal style since its surface remains cool to touch.

The controls are easy to set, and it has two heat- setting options.

The removable legs allow you to place this lovely fireplace on any floor type without damaging it. Due to its lightweight, you can move it from one place to another effortlessly. Its plugin 6 feet long cord enables you to place it anywhere in the room.

Other great features include a user-friendly control panel, view window, 6 feet long cord, and automatic shutoff function. The unit has two heat- setting options of 750, and 1500 Watts each, and the LED flame is adjustable.

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8. Duraflame DFI-550-22 Freestanding Infrared Fireplace Stove

Duraflame DFI-550-22 Freestanding Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with Remote Control 1500W, Black

Other than being energy-efficient, this infrared heat fireplace maintains the natural humidity of the air. It is safe to use for families with children and pets since the surfaces do not get hot. For safety reasons, there is a plug fire prevention technology which is still patent pending.

It continually checks the temperature of the plug to prevent heat damage. What’s more, the device uses infrared technology, and the flame effect can be used any time of the year. Designed with an ember bed and glowing logs, this unit will undoubtedly give you home or office a stunning ambiance. For easy operation, remote control has been availed.

A unique spec is a functional door that renders the fireplace easy to use. Plus, the frame and door are arched, and this adds to the fireplace’s beauty.

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9. Ameriwood Home Bruxton Electric Freestanding Fireplace

Ameriwood Home Lamont Electric Fireplace, Black

This compact fireplace is excellent for warming rooms of up to 400 square feet. One can enjoy the LED lights display without using the heater. Other than giving warmth, you can use it for decorative purposes as such for placing some of your family photos.

It can be placed on any surface due to its exteriors that doesn’t heat up. Ultimately, it safe to use around children and pets. With tempered glass, you can bask in the glowing embers.

Additionally, it comes pre-assembled and you just need to plug it and switch on. If you are in the market for a functional yet easy to use a freestanding fireplace, then you should use this unit to your home.

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10. Koolwoom Portable Electric Fireplace

KOOLWOOM Portable Electric Fireplace Stove Heater with Thermostat for Office and Home 3D Flame &Quiet Fan 16.2 W x 10.6 D x 22.8 H, Black

Koolwoom uses infrared heat with an automatic shutoff in case the device overheats. In addition, the shutoff is enabled when the heater tips over.

The fireplace is designed with maneuverability in mind as it comes with wheels that allow you to push it to any room easily. Its new technology uses LED light that produces a heatless flame. Therefore, it is more efficient and safer than other models.

You can set the timer using a remote control for up to 12 hours, making it possible to heat up your home even before you get there. In addition, a thermostat is included for temperature regulation.

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11. Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace in Burnish Oak Finish with Remote

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Lifesmart fireplaces are one of the outstanding freestanding fireplaces trending on the market right now.

Unlike the conventional model fireplaces, it renders the most enticing effect by producing two levels of realistic glow.

It offers excellent heating coverage up to 1000 square feet with a BTU of 1500 per hour.

Moreover, the fireplace provides zone heating using infrared rays thereby offering a smoke-free and combustion-free atmosphere.

It offers a calm and quiet service without producing unpleasant noises.

Quakers dark oak brown color and adorable decorative details like arch door are visually charming and makes it a valued possession for home worth displaying.

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12. Gibson Living GL5135LE Soho 35 Inch Curved Black Log Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Gibson Living 33 Inch LED Ventless Electric Space Heater Built-in Recessed Firebox Fireplace Insert

If you are tired of the turmoil and expense of gas and wood model fireplaces, then this Gibson Living model might sound to be an obvious choice to you.

Since it is a wall mounted electric fireplace, it is designed to conform to the decorative schemes in the room.

The product is so user friendly that it requires no fuel, chimney, mantel and insert space.

It offers an astounding heating arrangement of 5200 BTUs per hour.

One highlighting feature of the product is that it does not require an insert space unlike other fireplaces that take up plenty of space in the room.

It is inclusive of a wall mounting hardware with a hand-held remote control facility.

Being a compact device, it can be rightly mounted beneath a television set as well.

With the adjustable flame effect, the product turns out to be a great asset for home.

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Benefits of Freestanding Fireplaces

With the rapid modern improvements in the present age, we discarded the concept of open fireplaces in the courtyard and made room for fireplaces inside home.

Over the time, when convenience became the matter of the day, we joyfully rejected the old models and started adopting and accommodating new trends on the fireplace market.

Freestanding fireplaces have many advantages over conventional fireplaces. Here are some of their salient features of merit.

Looking For Greater Flexibility?

Traditional fireplaces have a rigid character as they are constructed in the walls of the house.

Once they are fixed, they are unable to move to other places of your choice.

However, freestanding fireplaces offer greater flexibility that you can install them at your favorite spot at home.

You need not take up the herculean task of reconstructing the home for accommodating them.

Tired of a Messy Fireplace?

Freestanding fireplaces step in the background for very little smoke and dust.

They make room for complete burning of wood that results in a dust-free surrounding.

The glass wall makes the fireplace an enclosed space and prevents the circulation of smoke and dust in your living space.

Traditional fireplaces always interfered with the cleanliness of the room as the ashes and dust leaked into the room on a frequent basis.

Better Heating Efficiency

Heating efficiency is the foremost thing you should look forward to when you shop for the chill season.

Freestanding fireplaces offer ample scope for efficient heating as they are designed to function in an enclosed space.

They provide a heating efficiency up to 70-80 percent fairly enough to keep the room warm during the season.

The pipe attached to the fireplace carries off the smoke and heats the room adequately.

Eco-friendly Asset for Winter

With the remarkable increase in environmentally conscious customers, eco-sensitive fireplaces are in high demand today.

Freestanding fireplaces adopt an eco-friendly behavior by offering a clean and complete burning of the fuel without compromising on the product quality.

By releasing zero combustion gases, these fireplaces go hand in hand with the purchasing patterns of the customers.

Safest Choice

Conventional fireplaces generated chances for unsafe conditions at home.

Freestanding fireplaces introduce safety standards through enclosed walls or glass doors.

This reduces the risk of accidental fires which could be induced by children playing with the fire, defective equipment or careless handling of the fireplace.

An Excellent Piece of Home Décor

Freestanding fireplaces come in enriched designs and patterns to redeem them from being commonplace.

In fact, they have recognized the possibilities for beauty and have become more of a matter of decorative interest at present.

Even the pipe that carries off the smoke could be painted inventively to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, watching the ruddy flames and gleaming embers fall apart through the glass door evokes a pleasing sensation in the viewers.

In fact, it could turn into a central point of the scheme of decoration of a room.

How to Find the Best Freestanding Fireplace?

With diversified range of styles, patterns and sizes; and great online and offline opportunities, picking the best freestanding fireplace is not a simple business.

Before we jump into making choices from the numerous varieties of fireplaces on the market, we need to consider some important aspects.

Here are a few tips to direct you to choose the best product for your home.

1. Location and Portability of the Fireplace

Before installing the fireplace, you need first to decide where it will be placed.

Frequently, you need to have shelves for installing the fireplace and storing the fire logs.

Portability is also an essential factor, especially if you wish to move the fireplace from one place to another.

Fireplaces with wheels are the best choice if maneuverability matters to you.

2. Safety

A right freestanding fireplace should have safety features.

These features include an automatic shutoff when the fireplace overheats and a thermostat to regulate temperature.

3. Size of the Fireplace

This will largely depend on how big the room you intend to heat is.

You should measure the space before buying the device to find the right size for your target area.

4. Cost

A cheap freestanding fireplace would be great especially if you are working with a tight budget. Luckily, the market is packed with affordable freestanding fireplaces that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

However, if you want a device with multiple features, you will have to pay extra. Electric fireplaces need wiring by an expert.

Also, you need to factor in the cost of installation since some models require professional installation, which can be costly.

5. Weight of the Unit

Its weight does not determine the quality of a freestanding fireplace.

Nonetheless, there is no need to buy a massive fireplace that will only require you to drag or carry it from room to room.

6. Vented or Ventless Fireplace

Some fireplaces have a direct vent to remove smoke and carbon monoxide, especially if you are using wood.

The ventless ones will be suitable for electric and infrared units.

7. Design

Freestanding fireplaces come in different designs to choose from.

Some are designed to be placed inside a TV stand (like an electric fireplace TV stand/ media console electric fireplace) or bookshelf, while others can be placed as mantle pieces.

There are also those with 4 removable legs. It would be best if you chose one suitable for your home needs and one that you can decorate according to your home decor.

8. Heating Space

You better go for a traditional freestanding fireplace if you need to heat a larger space. Classic fireplace units can heat up larger spaces because they use wood or pellet as their fuel source.

On the other hand, electric fueled units are more cost-effective but heat up less space.

9. Features

Some fireplaces have unique features specially designed for them that makes them stand out from other models.

For instance, a crackling sound is produced by some electric fireplaces. This can be enjoyed to some but annoying to others.

10. Controls

The type of controls installed in the electric devices is key for optimal performance. These may include thermostat settings to control the temperature.

You also want to ensure that the flame brightness is adjustable for ease of use.

11. Ease of Use

If ease of use matters to you, then an electric fireplace would be suitable for you.

Unlike the traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces don’t use matches or wood to light up.

What’s more some units are easier to install than others.


Freestanding stoves are designed like firewood stoves to give you the feel of a traditional wood-burning stove. The best thing about freestanding electric fireplaces is that they do not emit fumes.

In addition, they are eco-friendly and cheaper to save energy. What’s more, you can use it to decorate your home all year long.

Before buying one, you should read through this review to find what you are looking for. This comprehensive review will enable you to find a freestanding fireplace that will suit your home or office bestg.