Freestanding Fireplace Reviews – Best Freestanding Fireplaces 2019

With the snowflakes hitting on the ground and a freezing cold, winter offers a ravishing backdrop for so much to celebrate. The dramatic turn of this marvelous season begins from decorating a snowman to setting up a bonfire in the courtyard. The crimson flames and gleaming ember of the fire enrich your imagination with various pleasing fancies. The thought of capturing the mood and ambiance of an open fire and recreating the same impact inside home gave birth to fireplaces. In fact, a fireplace is one of the most esteemed assets that enhances the dignity of home during the winter. The warmth, flickering flames, smell and the subtle crackle of burning wood seem to make a winter night quite charming and exotic. With rapid improvement in design and craftsmanship, the fireplaces at present embrace some of the foremost aesthetic concerns of the home interior as well.

FeaturesLife Smart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace e-Flame USA Hamilton Electric Fireplace Duraflame DFI-550-0 Mason Fireplace Gibson Living GL5135LE Soho Wall Mounted Electric FireplaceWarm House TZRF-10345 Zurich Electric Fireplace
ColourQuakers Town Dark OakWhiteBlackBlackBlack
Dimensions11x 24x 2010 x 16.1 x 2221 x 14.4×26.85.5 x 35.4 x 229.8x 6.7x 13.4
BTUs5100per hour5200 per hour5200 per hour5200 per hour3400per hour
Heating Coverage1000 square feet400 square feet1000 square feet400 square feet400 square feet
Price$150-200$100-150$100-150$ 50-100$50-100

Based on mounting, function and convenience, fireplaces primarily fall into broad categories like traditional masonry, freestanding, wall-mounted, media console fireplaces and so on. While traditional wood burning fireplaces are in built, freestanding fireplaces require no construction and venting. Wall mounted fireplaces could be attached to any wall of the house and can become a focal point of architectural attraction of the room. Media console fireplaces serve the purpose of utility as well as entertainment as they are designed to accommodate television and other related media. These fireplaces could be fueled by wood, electricity, gas, propane gas and so on. They are available in varied styles, colors, sizes, shapes and designs so as to conform to the existing architectural features of the home.

Best Freestanding Fireplaces for Home

As the fireplace market gets heated up with diverse varieties, freestanding fireplaces are in high demand at present. The foremost advantage of a freestanding fireplace is there in it’s name. It could be admirably displayed at any place you prefer at home. They are so effortless to move around and come in remarkably low prices. Moreover, with the diverse alluring features, these fireplaces prove to be the most charming accessory for a winter cottage.

Benefits of Freestanding Fireplaces

With the rapid modern improvements in the present age, we discarded the concept of open fireplaces in the courtyard and made room for fireplaces inside home. Over the time, when convenience became the matter of the day, we joyfully rejected the old models and started adopting and accommodating new trends on the fireplace market. Freestanding fireplaces have many advantages over conventional fireplaces. Here are some of their salient features of merit.

Looking For Greater Flexibility?

Traditional fireplaces have a rigid character as they are constructed in the walls of the house. Once they are fixed, they are unable to move to other places of your choice. However, freestanding fireplaces offer greater flexibility that you can install them at your favourite spot at home. You need not take up the herculean task of reconstructing the home for accommodating them.

Tired of a Messy Fireplace?

Freestanding fireplaces step in the background for very little smoke and dust. They make room for complete burning of wood that results in a dust-free surrounding. The glass wall makes the fireplace an enclosed space and prevents the circulation of smoke and dust in your living space. Traditional fireplaces always interfered with the cleanliness of the room as the ashes and dust leaked into the room on a frequent basis.

Better Heating Efficiency

Heating efficiency is the foremost thing you should look forward to when you shop for the chill season. Freestanding fireplaces offer ample scope for efficient heating as they are designed to function in an enclosed space. They provide a heating efficiency up to 70-80 percent fairly enough to keep the room warm during the season. The pipe attached to the fireplace carries off the smoke and heats the room adequately.

Eco-friendly Asset for Winter

With the remarkable increase in environmentally conscious customers, eco-sensitive fireplaces are in high demand today. Freestanding fireplaces adopt an eco-friendly behavior by offering a clean and complete burning of the fuel without compromising on the product quality. By releasing zero combustion gases, these fireplaces go hand in hand with the purchasing patterns of the customers.

Safest Choice

Conventional fireplaces generated chances for unsafe conditions at home. Freestanding fireplaces introduce safety standards through enclosed walls or glass doors. This reduces the risk of accidental fires which could be induced by children playing with the fire, defective equipment or careless handling of the fireplace.

An Excellent Piece of Home Décor

Freestanding fireplaces come in enriched designs and patterns to redeem them from being commonplace. In fact, they have recognized the possibilities for beauty and have become more of a matter of decorative interest at present. Even the pipe that carries off the smoke could be painted inventively to make it aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, watching the ruddy flames and gleaming embers fall apart through the glass door evokes a pleasing sensation in the viewers. In fact, it could turn into a central point of the scheme of decoration of a room.

Freestanding vs Other Fireplaces

Freestanding vs Wall Mounted

The first and foremost peculiarity about wall mounted fireplace is that it demands the support of a wall for installation. It is either hung on the surface of a wall or installed by making a cut rightly into the wall. The remarkable advantage of freestanding fireplace over wall mounted is that the former doesn’t require the support of a wall. It could be installed at any place of your choice at home. Moreover, freestanding offers better stability and support in comparison to a wall mounted fireplace.

Freestanding vs Media Console

Media console fireplaces are designed for utility cum entertainment purpose as they can accommodate television and other related media. However, since they run mostly on electricity they tend to draw maximum power for heating. If there are other home appliances drawing power from the same outlet, there are chances of overload which enhances the possibility of a fuse blow. On the other hand, freestanding fireplaces work independently so that the chances of excess current issues are low.

Freestanding vs In-built

While in-built fireplaces are constructed directly on the wall of a room, freestanding fireplaces function independently in the room thereby offering maximum flexibility. You can place them anywhere in your home with low cost installation. Installing built-in fireplaces for an existing house could be very expensive as it demands a reconstruction of the respective part of the house.

All these advantages of the freestanding fireplace make them meet every demand for beauty and utility. They turn to be a dignified possession as they have the potential to dictate the character of furniture and other arrangements at home. High heating efficiency, flexibility in moving around and aesthetic quality make it a brilliantly crafted asset for home. However, a little inquiry regarding the specifications and features of the product helps you to pick the best choice for your home.

Will Your Current Place Accept a Freestanding Fireplace?

Freestanding fireplaces are a great aesthetic addition to home. Although the installation sounds simple, certain aspects demand considerable attention while you make a switch to freestanding models. While installing a freestanding fireplace, you need to fix it 8 inches to 3 feet away from the wall. Moreover, since this kind of fireplace generates lots of heat, you need to check whether the flooring material is acceptable or not. Floor materials like brick, cement slabs, tiles and so on can accommodate a freestanding fireplace. In addition, before dashing to the shop, you need to check the size of the platform where you intend to keep the fireplace. The dimensions of the base should be larger than that of the fireplace.

How to Find the Best Freestanding Fireplace?

With diversified range of styles, patterns and sizes; and great online and offline opportunities, picking the best freestanding fireplace is not a simple business. Before we jump into making choices from the numerous varieties of fireplaces on the market, we need to consider some important aspects. Here are a few tips to direct you to choose the best product for your home.

Types of Freestanding Fireplaces

Wood Burning Freestanding Fireplaces

If you have a fair amount of access to woods in your surroundings, then wood burning freestanding fireplaces prove to be a sensible investment. Wood burning models have a long chimney pipe attached to them in order to carry off the smoke and ashes. They have an air tight door system that offer a clean burning of the wood. If you long to have the image of a cup of coffee and reading a book near an authentic wood burning fireplace, you can adhere to this model with no trace of a doubt.

Electric Freestanding Fireplaces

Electric freestanding fireplaces have been a trend setter on the market with their quality of convenience. With false logs, they recreate the mood and ambiance of authentic burning wood. They offer complete flexibility in moving around as there are no pipes attached to them. One need not go through the backbreaking hours of chopping wood, cleaning the messy fireplace and so on. They require zero venting and the maintenance of the device is relatively easier. With the adjustable heater, you can enjoy the service of the alluring device all the year round.

Gas Burning Freestanding Fireplaces

If heating efficiency is the prime deciding factor for your shopping, then you can adhere to gas burning freestanding fireplaces with no tint of doubt. They offer excellent heating coverage and even distribution of heat throughout the room. Gas burning models also offer visually pleasing authentic log and flame effects. Easy and comfortable operation is another great feature. Thanks to the hand-held remote control system. However, gas burning models are not as budget friendly as the other inserts. Users who can afford a little bit of luxury can stick to this choice.

Infrared Heating Freestanding Fireplaces

A fair number of freestanding fireplaces adopt infrared zone heating technology to keep the room warm adequately and evenly. Infrared radiation is an innovative and fascinating heating arrangement as well as an added advantage as it also helps to sustain humidity and moisture in the room. While the wood burning fireplaces take a long time to make the room heated up, infrared fireplaces offer instant and steady heat. They tend to be more environment friendly as they are devoid of smoke, ashes and other harmful combustion gases. Minimal maintenance is also one of the highlights of infrared freestanding fireplaces.

Choosing the Right Pattern for Your Home

Freestanding fireplaces come in varied range of patterns, shapes, sizes and shapes on the market. Some are designed in a compact way so as to fit rightly into the corner of a room whereas some are ideal to be installed at the center of the room so that they can become the focal point of the decorative disposition of the room. Moreover, you can choose the perfect sized freestanding fireplace for the platform where you intend to fix it from numerous choices. Some of the hanging models of freestanding fireplaces are exclusively designed for the interior decor of luxurious apartments. Cone fireplaces which were trending on the market in 70s and 80s have already made a comeback on the market with iconic and classy designs.

Perfect Choice for Your Home Interior

You can adorn your living space with a classy freestanding fireplace and evoke visual interest in the viewers. Freestanding fireplaces are not only statements of promise for warmth, but also much of an artistic piece. With contemporary designs and patterns, they are a perfect choice for a sleek modern home interior. Some of them come with magnificent arch doors, carvings and enriched decorative details that make them a classy architectural feature worth boasting.

Pros and Cons of Freestanding Fireplaces


  • They are impressively flexible and easy to carry around to fix at a desired space.
  • Unlike the conventional fireplaces, they are not so space-consuming.
  • They come in astonishing models.
  • With the quintessential designs, they turn out to be a sleek possession for modern home decor.
  • They are so budget friendly in comparison to wood burning and gas fireplaces.


  • They cannot offer complete authenticity as they employ false logs and flames to recreate the ambiance of true burning wood.
  • They cannot generate heat as efficient as a traditional wood burning fireplace.

Top 5 Best Freestanding Fireplaces

With so many peak sellers with amazing features trending on the market, narrowing down your fireplace choices could be a perplexing process. To get away with the dilemma, we have chosen the best five freestanding fireplaces that show an upward market trend for you. The following table may help to make a quick glance through the products.


Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace in Burnish Oak Finish W/Remote

Life Smart Infrared Quartz FireplaceLifesmart fireplaces are one of the outstanding freestanding fireplaces trending on the market right now. Unlike the conventional model fireplaces, it renders the most enticing effect by producing two levels of realistic glow. It offers excellent heating coverage up to 1000 square feet with a BTU of 1500 per hour. Moreover, the fireplace provides zone heating using infrared rays thereby offering a smoke-free and combustion-free atmosphere. It offers a calm and quiet service without producing unpleasant noises. Quakers dark oak brown color and adorable decorative details like arch door are visually charming and makes it a valued possession for home worth displaying.

e-Flame USA Hamilton Freestanding Electric Fireplace

e-Flame USA Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace Reviewe-Flame freestanding electric fireplaces stand out as the peak sellers trending on the market. This model easily catches our eyes with its ravishing royal and unique appearance and features. It offers a calm and quiet service with the help of a fan-forced heater which improves the even distribution of heat throughout the room. The heater is adjustable that even you can put the device on no-heat mode so as to cherish its service for all the four seasons. It offers a heating coverage up to 400 square feet sufficient enough to warm a medium sized room. In short, this compact product renders the pleasing possibilities for the user in a great way.

Duraflame DFI-550-0 Mason Freestanding Infrared Quartz Fireplace

Duraflame DFI-550-0 Mason Freestanding Infrared Quartz Fireplace ReviewDuraflame freestanding fireplace sounds to be a treasured possession for winter with its unique specifications and features. It offers an impressive heating coverage up to 1000 square feet ; this is an ample amount to keep the entire room warmish during the season. It provides an amazing heating arrangement by providing a BTU of 5200 per hour. Infrared is the best choice for zone heating as they have the capacity to retain humidity and moisture in the room. Its flame technology is astounding that you can adjust the flames and brightness in accordance with your aesthetic tastes and choices. The real wood handle adds to the majestic appearance of the fireplace. The product serves various aesthetic ends of the users and can be cherished for all the seasons.

Gibson Living GL5135LE Soho 35 Inch Curved Black Log Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Gibson Living GL5135LE Soho 35 Inch Curved Black Log Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace ReviewIf you are tired of the turmoil and expense of gas and wood model fireplaces, then this Gibson Living model might sound to be an obvious choice to you. Since it is a wall mounted electric fireplace, it is designed to conform to the decorative schemes in the room. The product is so user friendly that it requires no fuel, chimney, mantel and insert space. It offers an astounding heating arrangement of 5200 BTUs per hour. One highlighting feature of the product is that it does not require an insert space unlike other fireplaces that take up plenty of space in the room. It is inclusive of a wall mounting hardware with a hand-held remote control facility. Being a compact device, it can be rightly mounted beneath a television set as well. With the adjustable flame effect, the product turns out to be a great asset for home.

Warm House TZRF-10345 Zurich Tabletop retro Electric Fireplace

Warm House TZRF-10345 Zurich Tabletop Retro Electric Fireplace ReviewIf you are looking for multipurpose electric freestanding fireplaces, then Warm House fireplace seems to be a wise choice. It serves the purpose of both fireplace as well as a tabletop/desktop. The amazing fireplace also offers a maximum heating efficiency of around 3400 BTUs per hour with a super bright splendid flame technology. It has an auto shut-off mechanism that ensures double safety from overheating. It is so user friendly that it runs on a simple plug in mechanism devoid of hardware. Moreover, it operates on with or without heating mechanism and serves other utilitarian purposes the year round.


From being a matter of mere necessity, fireplaces have transformed into iconic assets for a modern home interior. Today they serve the emotional as well as utilitarian ends of the customer in a tremendous way. Freestanding fireplaces are a recent innovation as well as a blessing in a busy age where convenience becomes the sole matter of the day. They are capable of functioning effectively and independently without the support of a wall. They come in extensive range of patterns and designs to bring in the homogeneity of effect in the living space. Overall, with the touch of individuality, they sound to be an esteemed possession for home which is worth flaunting forever. I hope with the reviews and guides to buy the best freestanding fireplaces, you’ve got the one for your home.