Best gel fireplaces

5 Best Gel Fireplaces 2020 Reviews

A gel fuel fireplace is a new revolutionary eco-friendly heating device with special gel fuel. The device replaces woods with real gel fuel without a need of vent as it doesn’t emit any smoke. No more hassle with the chimney or gas hookups and cleaning with such nuisance free device.

The model is the latest option available in the market with easy installation in any home. Some gel fireplaces also give an option to customize the flame size and warmth produced with multiple cans of fuel. It will get rid of the complete nuisances like smoke, ash or soot caused by burning wood.

The device can be easily installed by anyone without the help of a professional. The device is available  in different designs and models. As per the convenience and space, one can choose from the available models.

Top 5 Best Gel Fireplaces Reviews

With several choices of Gel Fuel Fireplaces it always creates confusion to choose the perfect one. From all the reviews all over the world some models have proved to be the best choice among the lot. Here we give the top 7 gel fireplaces available in the market.

1. SEI Black Arch Top Wall Mount Gel Fuel Fireplace

The model is for indoor and outdoor purpose with black arch-top, which can be mounted on the wall. The specifications of the device are 27 inches wide with 6 inches deep and 2575 inches high.

With a single can of fuel, the flame lasts for three hours with 3,000 BTUs. The device can hold three cans of fuel. The model is installed with fiberglass against the wall and can be placed indoor and outdoor as per the requirement.

A durable metal is used for manufacture and no assembling is required for the device. The black and gold matte finished with copper edged fireplace add elegance to the home and workplace.

2. Real Flame 3750 Churchill Ventless Gel Fireplace

The corner designed model is a fireplace in veneered MDF construction with mantel, firebox, hand-painted cast concrete log, and screen. The model also has a storage space which could be used as a shelf or a T.V stand.

The gel-fuel of the model is sold separately and can burn the flame up to three hours with 9000-btu’s per hour. Power outages won’t be affecting the functioning of the device. The model is a multipurpose device which goes very well in the corner part of the room.

3. Real Flame Chateau White Mantel Corner Gel Fireplace

The model is designed for the corner area of the room with a screen kit, hand painted cast concrete log , firebox and a mantel. The device is  ISTA 3A certified and uses only real gel flame of 13 oz. gel fuel cans emitting up to 9,000 BTUs .

The model got a guarantee of 90 days and is made up of solid wood, veneered MDF and powder-coated steel. The model is 40.9 inches wide with 25.3 inches deep and  37.6 inches high and requires assembly. The flame burns up to three hours with one can of fuel gel.

4. Southern Enterprises Loft Portable Indoor / Outdoor Fireplace

It is one of the most stylish models available in the market. The device is made up of 8mm tempered glass panels and brushed nickel base. The model is made in a portable way suited for both indoors and outdoors.

The model gives an output of 3,000 BTU with a capacity to hold 3 cans of fuel. When the device is not used decorative candles can be placed by replacing the gel cans of fuel. The measurements of the model are 32 inches wide with 9.25 inches deep and 24 inches high. Assembling is required for the model. The elegant model adds a romantic touch to the place where it is placed.

5. Ashley 67″ TV Stand

A model which is more than just a fireplace device which is best suited for small apartments and housed with less space. The multipurpose device includes two side cabinets with an adjustable shelf.

The model is with drop down center glass door with hand painted cast-concrete log, screen kit, firebox and wooden mantel. The model has the capacity to hold a 100 lbs weighing T.V and is made up of solid wood, veneered MDF and powder-coated steel.

The shelves can be used to store books or other items. The model has a 13.5 inches width and 12 inches deep cabinet with a center shelf of 27 inches width and 12.5 inches deep.

The overall measurement of the model is 67 inches width with18 inches deep and 30.5 inches high. The model is ISTA 3A certified with a warranty of 90 days. The flame of the model burns up to three hours with 9,000 BTUs.

Advantages of Gel Standing Fireplace

Several types of fireplaces are available currently in the market. And each kind of  fireplace is unique in its way.  A gel standing fireplace has several advantages adding to it to choose to keep it in your home. It will be the most convenient fireplace for your requirements. So let’s go through the advantages of the device.

Say goodbye to vents:

With this device, it is not necessary to have a vent as it doesn’t require any flue. So the device has the advantage of being ventless. The toil with burning wood and smoke is no longer an issue with such a fireplace. Fixing a chimney and its cleaning struggle turns out to be a history with the device.

No more over heating:

The flame size and the heat produced can be easily kept under control. The device makes it possible to customize the flame and warmth. There is no question of overheating with this gel technology. The device produces only  a little heat of around  2-3 KV.

An economical buy:

When compared to ethanol fireplace, gel standing fireplace is economical. The rate of the device is comparatively cheaper than the ethanol device. So for the economical and eco-friendly lifestyle the device suits to be the best choice to go for.

Easy to handle:

The model is manufactured in a very handy way. There is no complicated mechanism for the fireplace. There is no need for depending any professional for the installation. Even the damper is not needed to control the airflow of the fire produced.

Real and Safer flames:

The device is capable of producing real flames and when compared with ethanol fires the gel fires are safer. Most of the ethanol fires have much risk and are dangerous. But there is no such issue with the gel flames. So a safer flame can be enjoyed with the device.


The gel fireplaces are more than just heating devices. It adds elegance to the living room as such. With the addition of such sophisticated devices, you add beauty and dignity to your homes. Even inhaling the flames burned in gel fuel doesn’t cause any health hazard, which makes it a better fireplace choice.

Even the installation rate of the device is not so costly so it makes a budget purchasing choice too. When compared to the wood burning stove, or a wood burning fireplace the maintenance and installation rate is too low. So in all point of view, a gel fuel fireplace is the better fireplace choice in your convenience.