Best Mid Century Fireplaces

During winter, days and nights get so cold that you are desperately looking for some warmth in your house or office. But you can avoid all the hassle by acquiring a fireplace. It always feels great when you are with a loved one enjoying the warmth of a fireplace while having a glass of wine or cup of coffee. A warm room is the necessity of every room during cold seasons.

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting by a toasty fireplace on a chilly, breezy day, with the fascinating view of the flickering flames. The feeling that comes with having a fireplace at home is heavenly. You can’t afford to miss this enjoyable moment in your home. Thus, it’s easy to get a classy mid century fireplace design that will surely warm, style, and color your gorgeous place.

Some model fireplaces have hues and silhouettes, highlighting the midcentury style and vintage that is consistently reemerging in modern design. The fun part of the fireplaces is that every shape is fantastic and extraordinary in its way.

What are Mid century Fireplaces

Fireplaces are the focal points of many homes. There is something homey about the glow of a fireplace fire that fills a living room with warmth. In recent years, midcentury modern style has been growing in popularity. But what exactly is the midcentury modern style? This refers to designs of the 1940s to 1960s.

This era was culturally electric and was characterized by a burst of creative expressions in design, fashion, music, and art. With regard to décor, the world is currently in a revival. People are falling in love with midcentury modern styles and designs. 

Nearly every midcentury home had a single story. Other than that, the interior elevations of many homes had accurate and descent designs. Generally, midcentury homes kept things low. The fireplaces fitted in these homes were simple and of course old fashioned. 

Midcentury modern homes still keep things low, especially the seating options. Many midcentury homeowners prefer to create a single large sunken room. This is by having steps wrapped up all the way around the sunken area.

When it comes to lighting, homeowners use spherical lights supported by metal fixtures. These elements add a stylish dash of panache to the home’s décor and at the same time offering illumination. 

Other than these features, midcentury homes had another recognizable element – a fireplace. Compared to the modern fireplace designs, the midcentury fireplaces look old fashioned and backward. 

Mid century Fireplace Design

The mid-mod freestanding units characterize the midcentury fireplaces. They produce bright hues but their funky shapes including the floating, circular, and conical designs are much more captivating. These units also come with a chimney system. 

The name mostly associated with the models of the midcentury era is Mild Fireplaces. This company began making freestanding wood-burning fireplaces. But later on, there came many other producers of these fireplaces. Some specialized in making metal fireplaces that combined the wrought-iron stove. 

Traditionally, this was used to heat with an open-hearth fireplace that also acted as a source of entertainment, heat, and decoration. Family and friends would gather around these units to gather warmth, especially during winter.

As midcentury fireplaces grew in popularity, producers introduced different colors as a complement to the interior décor trends. Many modern homeowners are drawn by these color finishes. You can get nearly any color you desire. If you want to repaint your fireplace, that is possible but it can be both difficult and pricey. 

Most mid-century fireplaces available today have a baked enamel finish, which is not easily resurfaced or repainted. So, when purchasing an enamel-coated unit, look for one with the color you are happy with.

Top Mid Century Fireplaces

Cone Fireplace

These gorgeous retro-freestanding cone fireplaces are resurfacing back with so many unique features. They were very common in the ’60s and ’70s and have emerged again, and the groovy pieces are also very efficient. They are faster in warming the room compared to traditional brick or stone fireplaces.

They warm the room specifically by radiating the heat in all directions. Malm was the first maker to produce cone fireplaces and is still creating these excellent stoves up to date. You can stick to their retro roots and acquire a brightly colored vintage fireplace.

To get a trending modern appearance, buy a new one in white, black, or stainless steel. Make sure to choose the color that you love right from the beginning to avoid the hassle involved in repainting your heating unit.

Hanging Fireplace

Apart from the cone fireplace, the Hanging Fireplace is also mid-century inspired with an elegant twist. Just like its name suggests, this model literally hangs in your room once it is fixed. 

So you would want to fix it in a location where it will not cause distractions in your room. Some homeowners prefer to have their fireplaces at a corner. Others have their rooms built with space specifically set for a fireplace.

The unique feature about hanging fireplaces is that they rotate 360 degrees to heat any room area. These compact fireplaces offer a fantastic lookout whether placed in an open space or stuck at the corner of your living room. 

You can choose the color you want to ensure the unit matches perfectly with your décor. These units come in different colors and thus you can’t miss out on your preferred color.

The Wood Stove Fireplace

This is a classic fireplace that dates back to the eighteenth century. It is designed using cast iron that produces its unique style. The Wood Stove fireplaces have been a good source of warmth for decades.

Midcentury modern models are reinvented with a modern angle and are designed to fit perfectly in a rather small space. There are different designs, varying from a rustic cabin to a sleek design. Also, they come in different colors. This variety is meant to satisfy different preferences and tastes.

This Stove model is made in Denmark, and its design and functionality are excellent. Its chimney system is designed to guarantee durability. It is quite easy to set up the fireplace in your desired location.

Also, this wood fireplace contains a rounded door with a provision for firewood storage. The fireplace also has a large glass front. This stove model is very safe to use in your living room as it has a temperature-controlled handle.

Apartment Fireplace

These are the most stunning, beautiful, and eco-friendly fireplace. The Apartment fireplace uses a renewable energy source derived from plants to fuel them. These include denatured ethanol or ethyl alcohol. Another advantage of these midcentury fireplaces is that they keep your room smoke free and do not produce dangerous gases.

For this reason, they do not come with a chimney. Thus, it is pretty easy to install an apartment fireplace. Also, you can transport this fireplace with ease. The unit warms your living room or office quickly.

It can keep burning continuously for up to six hours. These midcentury fireplaces work excellently in compact spaces and apartments. So, if you live in a city and have less space, this is the perfect model to acquire.

The Zircon

This midcentury fireplace has a conical shaped design. Like other mid century models, it comes with a chimney system that takes away all the smoke and fire fumes outside your living room. Once you start this fireplace, it takes just a few minutes to warm your living room. Before you realize it, your entire room will be radiated with warmth. 

This model is available commonly in matte black. It comes with a lift-off screen and two-section pipes that are joined to form a chimney. If you are a fan of old-fashioned models, then Zircon is one of the models you can consider.

Just like other midcentury fireplaces, the Zircon model is pretty simple to set up and operate. You just need to ensure that the unit is firmly fixed at your ideal location before starting it. 

Mid century Fireplace Cleaning

Clearing is largely the main maintenance practice for midcentury fireplaces. This is simply because most of them have a simple design that mainly consists of a chimney system. Manufacturers always advise homeowners to do several things before starting up a midcentury fireplace.

To ensure your midcentury fireplace continues to offer warms and comfort for years, consider these fireplace cleaning practices.

  • Clean the area

Be sure to set aside enough space within your room to ensure safety. In particular, set a 4-foot space around your fireplace. This distance guarantees your safety and the safety of your household items. So, be sure to keep away furniture, kindling, and wood.

  • Check for leaks

Midcentury fireplaces have a chimney system that comes in multiple parts and with different connectors. Make sure there is no damage on any of these chimney parts. Also, ensure that there are no loose connectors.

If you find any wear or damage, make sure to repair it immediately before using your fireplace. Remember any opening in the chimney system will make your room unlivable because of smoke leakage or fire threats. 

  • Remove creosote

As these types of fireplaces are used, moisture, vapors, and tar combine to form creosote. This substance continues to accumulate in the flue depending on how the fireplace is used.  If you use it often, there are high chances that a lot of creosote will accumulate within no time. This process will take longer, for instance, in summer when you don’t use your midcentury fireplace often.

A lot of creosote increases the risk for chimney fires. So, clean your chimney regularly using a chimney sweep – a brush designed for cleaning these heating units. Doing so will prevent future buildups and chimney fire threats.