Top 10 Best Propane Burner Review

Looking for the best propane burner for your camp, hunt, or backyard party soon? We are here to help you get the best deal. Here is a review of the best propane burner in the market today. 

But if you are still in doubt whether you really need one, let us tell you why propane burners are the way to cook outdoors.

Why get the best propane burner for your outdoor adventure?

Yes we agree. Burning firewood is a nice way to cook, especially when you are out in the wilderness. But it is not always allowed and safe. 

If you love nature tripping, you probably are aware of the Leave No Trace Principle. To take good care and to preserve the beauty of the environment, it is best to keep nature as it is and that includes minimizing woodcutting and campfires. Should you light a firewood for heat, use a firepit for safety. Check out our  list and review of the best cast iron firepit

Propane burners are compact, lightweight and easy to carry. They also provide high heat capacity for long hours. They are the most dependable for good cooking far from home. 

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Best Propane Burner in the Market

In this article we will provide you a list and review of the best propane burner.

King Kooker Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker Package

King Kooker Propane Outdoor Fry Boil Package with 2 Pots, silver, one size (12RTFBF3)

The King Kooker Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker has up to 33,000 BTU cooking power. This product comes as a package consisting of the following items: (1) a 12 inches welded outdoor cooker frame; (2) a cast iron burner; (3) a 29 qt. aluminum pot that can cook a 20 pound turkey, basket, lid, turkey rack and lifting hook; (4) a 10 qt. aluminum fry pan, basket and heat resistant handles; (5) a LP hose and regulator with type 1 connection; (6) a battery operated timer; and (7) a deep fry thermometer. 

The product dimensions are 13.38 x 13.38 x 27.5 inches. It weighs 18.55 pounds.

Pros: This product is heavy-duty. The welded cooker frame provides a sturdy support. It has high cooking power perfect for outdoor adventure cooking. You can use this product to deep-fry a 20-pound turkey and boil large quantities of soup, crab, corn, potatoes or cook other recipes using the cookwares, thermometer, and recipe booklet provided in the package. 

Cons: Some complained that the cookwares they received have dents. While most said that theirs were in great condition. Also, a few had trouble with the automatic timer that shuts off the heat every ten minutes or so. 

Bottomline: Eat like a king on your camping or backyard gathering with the King Kooker. This product is portable and easy to assemble. Serve your family and friends with a perfectly fried turkey with boiled crab and corn on our next outdoor party. 

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Camp Chef Explorer Two Burner Stove

Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Stove - Portable Camping Cooking Stove for Outdoor Cooking - 448 Sq In Cooking Area - 14'

The Camp Chef Explorer Two Burner Stove has a rugged construction that is built to last. This product consists of (1) two 30,000 BTUs/ hour cast-aluminum burners; (2) a 3 feet hose and regulator; (3) detachable steel legs; (4) three-sided wind screen; and (5) an appliance-style temperature controls.  This product can provide 15 hours of cooking time using a 20 pound propane tank (not included in the package).

The cooking dimensions of this product are 14 x 32 inches. It weighs 31 pounds. The height is perfect, it stands 29 inches from the ground. 

Pros: This product offers a huge cooking surface with a three-sided wind screen for protection and easy-to-adjust legs for support. The cast-aluminum burner material resists rusts and gives you the durability that lasts for a lifetime. This product is compatible with most 14 inches Camp Chef Accessories like Cast Iron Grill Griddle, Cast Iron Cookware, Artisan Pizza Outdoor Oven, and Deluxe BBQ Grill Box. 

Cons: There are no complaints on this product. It serves its purpose well and delivers more than what you expect. 

Bottomline:  The Camp Chef Two Burner Stove is the equipment you need for versatile outdoor cooking. Be it camping, hunting, scouting or partying. Rest assured that you are also prepared when emergency situations strike. Get your stove working for 15 hours with a 20 pound propane tank (not included). It is powerful, durable and portable. Upgrade this product with other Camp Chef Accessories and bring out the chef in you. Offer more variety recipes that are sure to satisfy and impress your guests.  

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Coleman Gas Camping Stove

Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove, 2 Burner, 4.1 x 21.9 x 13.7 Inches

The Coleman Gas Camping Stove is a classic propane stove with two adjustable burners for precise temperature control. It has a cooking power of up to 20,000 BTUs. This product comes with wind-blocking panels that protects the burners from harsh winds. The regulator has a pressure-control technology to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and to deliver a consistent performance. Lasts up to an hour on a 16.4 oz propane cylinder (not included). This product has a three-year warranty.  

The product dimensions are 4 x 21.9 x 13.7 inches. It weighs 0.71 pounds. 

Pros: The Coleman Gas Camping Stove is lightweight and portable. It delivers high cooking power. The adjustable burners let you control the temperature. This product is designed for harsh weather conditions and long-lasting heat supply. You also get a three-year warranty for this product.

Cons: Some complain that they expected more quality material construction. 

Bottomline: Definitely one of the crowd favorites when it comes to portable propane gas burner. With the Coleman Classic Propane Gas Stove, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner on a camping trip is easy. The two burners allow you to cook, grill and boil. The design takes care of the wind and pressure from the surroundings. It packs up easily as you go. 

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Concord Deluxe Banjo Single Propane Burner

Concord Deluxe Banjo Single Propane Burner, 200,000 BTU Portable Outdoor Stove for Camping Cooking/Home Brewing/Making Sauces, 16” Square

The Concord Deluxe Banjo is a single propane burner with an open design. It is made of cast iron with a heavy-duty coating. This burner has up to 200,000 BTUs. It includes a high pressure CSA Certified 20 PSI regulator, hose, and connector. The legs of the stand are detachable that allows easy storage when not in use.

Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 inches. It weighs 32 pounds.

Pros: This product has a sturdy construction. It is made from cast iron with a weather-proof coating. Capable of supporting up to 400 pounds or 200 quarts pot filled liquid.  The high heat power cooks and boils fast. It is a portable stove that is easy to carry and to store. 

Cons: There are no cons for this product. The customers were mostly satisfied. 

Bottomline: This burner is built like a tank. If you are looking for a product that you can take on a lifetime adventure trip, then the Concord Deluxe Banjo is for you. It is perfect for camp cooking, canning, home brewing, making sauces and a lot more.

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GasOne B-3600H Propane Burner With Cover

GasOne Propane Burner with Cover 200, 000-BTU Brewing Burner with Adjustable Height 0-20Psi High Pressure Camp Stove

The GasOne B-3600H Model comes as a propane burner and cover bundle. This propane burner features a cast iron built, up to 200,000 BTUs heat output, adjustable heat control knob, removable and adjustable legs, controllable air valve, high pressure regulator and heat resistant steel-braided hose to connect to the propane tank. 

The product dimensions are 5.75 x 15.75 x 16.00 inches. It weighs 24 pounds.

Pros: This product has high-heat output with an adjustable heat-control knob. The cover serves as protection against rain, snow and other external elements. Each individual component is heavy-duty. 

Cons: The high heat capacity chips off the black paint. 

Bottomline: If you are looking for a propane burner that is durable for outdoor activities and for emergency purposes, then the GasOne B-3600H is a great choice. The product is simple, functional and convenient to use. This is one of the best-selling products on Amazon. 

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GasOne B-5155 Propane Burner With Steamer Pot

GasOne Propane Burner with Steamer Pot - Turkey Fry & Tamale - with High Pressure Propane Regulator and Hose

The GasOne B-5155 Model is a bundle of a single propane burner, 24 qt. aluminum steamer pot, heat resistant steel braided hose and adjustable regulator with O-ring for leak free experience. 

The product dimensions are 14.73 x 14.73 x 12.2 inches. It weighs 14.87 pounds. 

Pros: This product has a sturdy built frame with a compact design. It is convenient to carry, use and store. Has high heat output and steamer pot cookware that is ideal for crabs, crawfish, tamales and cajun boiling. 

Cons: There are no cons for this product.

Bottomline: If you are hosting a party for a big family or a group of friends outdoors, this product can help you cook large quantities of food. It is very sturdy, durable, and convenient. 

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GasOne B-5000+50450 Burner With Cover 

GasOne B-5000+50450 Burner & Cover 2 Burner Gas Stove Outdoor Propane, 30.75 x 15.75 x 18.5 inches, Old Style Black QCC

The GasOne B-5000 + 50450 Burner and Cover is equipped with a double burner and a durable patio cover. Each burner has an individual heat dial that can shoot up to 75,000 BTUs heat power. This product comes with detachable legs, high pressure steel braided hose and adjustable regulator. 

The product dimensions are 30.75 x 15.75 x 18.5 inches. It weighs 30.5 pounds. 

Pros: This product has a sturdy rugged build that is designed to last. It has a high and adjustable heat capacity. Thanks to its detachable legs, this burner is easy to carry and to compartmentalize. You are guaranteed to have a safe-cooking with the quality hose and regulator. The heavy-duty cover protects the burners from harsh weather. 

Cons: Some customers complained that some parts of the burner arrived broken. But most got theirs in great condition.

Bottomline: If you are looking for a two burner stove, this model suits you. This product offers a stable, durable and functional propane burner and cover.

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GasOne B-3000H-1 Propane Burner

Gas One Portable Propane 100, 000-BTU High Pressure Single Burner Camp Stove & Steel Braided Regulator with Adjustable Legs Perfect For Brewing, Boiling Sap & Maple Syrup Prep, Model:

The GasOne B-3000H-1 Model is a portable high pressure single burner. It can power up to 100,000 BTUs. This is made of cast-iron. It comes with a steel braided regulator and adjustable legs. It is ideal for brewing, boiling sap and maple syrup preparation. 

The product dimensions are 6.2 x 6.2 x 11.22 inches. It weighs 17.9 pounds. 

Pros: This product features high heat capacity, easy heat adjustment, ergonomic height, durable construction, rugged design, and safety measures. It is one of the most budget-friendly propane burner in this review. 

Cons: Very few complained that the bolts and screws for the legs were broken. 

Bottomline: If you are looking for a high performing product but you are on a budget, the GasOne B-3000H-1 is a good choice. One of the Amazon favorites for a single cooking appliance.

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GasOne B-5300 One High-Pressure Outdoor Propane Burner Gas Cooker 

GasOne B-5300 One High-Pressure Outdoor Propane Burner Gas Cooker Weld, Black

The GasOne B-5300 Propane Burner is a high-pressure outdoor single propane burner cooker. It is made from a metal frame and cast iron burner with heavy-duty coating. This product can exert up to 65,000 BTUs. It comes with a heat resistant steel braided hose, adjustable regulator with O-ring for leakage free cooking. 

The product dimensions are 12.5 x 12.5 x 14.25 inches. It weighs 11 pounds. 

Pros: This product has high heat capacity. It is sturdy and durable. This is portable and lightweight. 

Cons: Very few complained on minor issues like missing screws. There are nothing much to be said about this product. 

Bottomline: You cannot go wrong with this simple and basic GasOne B-5300 Model. It is perfect for heavy pot cooking outdoors for it rises low from the ground. This is extremely lightweight and compact. It is easy to carry, use and store. This product is budget-friendly too! 

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GasOne B-5450 Square Propane Burner

GasOne 200K BTU Propane Burner – Heavy-Duty Propane Stove – Outdoor Burner with Adjustable 0-20Psi Regulator and Steel Braided Hose – Ideal for Home Brewing, Turkey Fry

The GasOne B-5450 Model is a square heavy-duty propane burner. It is made from metal frame and cast iron burners. This product produces up to 200,000 BTUs heat power. It comes with a steel braided hose and an adjustable regulator with O-ring for safety cooking. 

The product dimensions are 15.5 x 15.5 x 12 inches. It weighs 2.2 pounds. 

Pros: This product has a sturdy welded frame, and high heat capacity. It very portable and safe to use. This is also budget-friendly!

Cons: Some costumers expected better construction quality. But for the price, most were happy with the product.

Bottomline: If you are looking for light weight, portable and heavy-duty burner for your outdoor trips or for emergency use, this product is highly reliable and affordable!

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FAQs on Best Propane Burner

What are the advantages of propane burners?

Propane burner is best for outdoor cooking. It uses inexpensive, efficient and compact fuel. They are safe to operate. It also allows you to control the heat temperature while cooking.

What is the difference between low-pressure and high-pressure propane burners?

The difference between the low and high pressure propane burners lies in the amount of gas intake they regulate. The former regulates 6 ounces per square inch while the latter regulates 1 to 60 pounds per square inch. High pressure propane burners are best for outdoor weather conditions like wind, rain and snow. 

What can you do with a propane burner?

You can boil, fry, brew, grill and do so much more with a propane burner. 

Can you use propane burners indoors?

While you can keep and store propane burners indoors, it is not advisable to use it inside your house.

How to clean a propane burner?

Close the regulator and detach the hose. Wipe off the oil and dirt. Wash with dish washing liquid or baking soda and water. Rinse well and dry. Cover and keep in a secure place.

Memorable Outdoor Adventures Comes With Great Food

It is time to make your outdoor gathering extra special and memorable. What better way to hype the experience than to serve the best food to family and friends. Invest in a good propane burner to create  sure to create tasty dishes wherever you go!