Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Reviews – Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces 2019

Fireplaces are doing great job making winter a marvelous season by keeping our house and us warm. One couldn’t imagine doing without them on serious winter. Besides, dancing golden flames and glowing embers lend us a magical ambiance that lifts our souls from winter blues. Even some people adore the flickering sound of wood and the smell of smoke. But the people who have had a wood burning furnace will definitely tell you it is not as romantic as it seems to be to keep wood fire clean and hot, and burning. There is some serious work involved in keeping a fire; from the very chimney inspection you will have to make before you go for the first fire of the season to splitting the woods or cleaning the ash every day.  And the costs, starting from installation to purchasing wood and its transportation, may go much higher than expected. Best Wall mounted fireplace for Home

Electric fireplaces are now a favorite among the households. These fireplaces can provide warmth and ambiance just the same like a real wood burning fireplace. Even then, the possible confusions and doubts you may have when choosing a fireplace has to be sorted out. With the progress in technology, it’s now possible to have the warmth and the ambiance of fire in a much easier and less expensive way.

Today fireplaces are inevitable household appliances; something of a decor and style statement. So the appearance is important as much as the performance. The fireplace of your option should not only just heat up the place well. But also it has to complement the interiors of your house well enough. And also other things like space availability, utility, safety etc. needs to be considered. There are a variety of electric fireplaces made to go with different types of houses and have different features that suit different preferences. If you have a small house or if you want you want to keep the furniture to a minimum or if you are on rent, a wall mounted fireplaces will be great choice.

Wall mounted fireplaces are, as it is in the name, can be hanged on the wall. This type of fireplace will resemble much of an adorned painting displaying burning life-like fires and embers. Wall mounted fireplaces are easy to install and they requires no assembly. Here are certain things to help you make up your mind and purchase the best wall mounted electric fireplace suited for you

Types of Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Basically, there are two kinds of wall mounted fireplaces available in the market. The surface mount models which hang on to any kind of wall and looks similar to a framed painting or photograph on the wall. The other one is flush or recessed mount models which are directly installed into the wall.  Flush mounted fireplaces looks more professional and has a high-end finishing look about it. But they may be comparatively expensive and may require serious installation. Fireplaces which have vents located on the top cannot be recessed into the wall.  There are a few fireplaces which can be both hanged and recessed. Some of the wall mounted fireplaces comes with a pedestal base so that they can be placed on tabletops or on the floor if you wish so.

What are the Advantages of Wall Mounted Fireplaces?

There are quite a lot of advantages to wall mounted electric fireplaces when compared to other types of electric and non-electric fireplaces. These fireplaces are now much sought after as people find it to be more convenient and beneficial than the rest. As it is available in a variety of designs and style, it is possible to find the best one that go absolutely well with your house. They are the real space savers; as it goes up in the wall it doesn’t occupy any of your floor space. You know how a roomful of decors can suck out the interior ambiance. It is rather easy to install these fireplaces and you can do it yourself taking a bit of your time. There is no maintenance required other than dusting off once in a while.

One of the most important merits of the wall mounted fireplaces is the safety it ensures to your family, home and the earth. As they are placed on the wall it is away from the reach of the children and pets. Besides, the glass front of the most units is cool to touch which makes it extra safe. It is smokeless and there are absolutely no emissions of any kind that dangers the health of your family members or the atmosphere.  They are astoundingly eco-friendly and green.

Like most of the electric fireplaces, wall mounted fireplace are easy to use. Most of them have remote control options which will allow you to manage the unit easy. You can switch it on and off, change the level of heat or flames etc. without having to get up and walk to the unit every now and then. It also has the dim glow of the embers or the ambiance of the fire all around the year as these fireplaces allows you to operate the flame independent of the heat. You can even turn off the flames at times when it is not desired and can adjust the brightness of the flames as you wish.

These wall mounting fireplaces are durable, economical and stylish when compared to other fireplaces. Absolutely there are no reasons why you shouldn’t have one.

How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

There are quite a good number of wall mounted fireplaces that are selling off nicely in the market and it makes finding the best one a task for you. It is not just the price and performance you should consider before you sign up for a fireplace. Here is all you need to know to decide which one will be the best for you.


Flat screen, curved tinted mirror glass panel, widescreen, beveled edged mirror etc. are the popular styles in which wall mounted fireplaces come. Although most of them are in rectangular in shape, a few are available in oval shape as well. Make sure the style you choose doesn’t clash with the rest of the wall hangings or style statements in the room.

It is important to consider how the fireplace of your choice will go with the rest of the furniture and the overall style of your interior. For instance, if you plan to put your fireplace in the same room as your television, choosing a fireplace in the same color of the television will have an aesthetic appeal about it. Black, white, silver, wood etc. are the most popular surround colors in which majority of the fireplaces are available.


Most of the wall mounted fireplaces are supplementary heat resources and heats up to 400 sq. foot. Take this into consideration when you are investing on fireplace. To ensure you do not bear with under heated rooms, you have to take into consideration the heating capacity of the fireplace and the size of the room and see it goes well before you buy one. .

Flames and Lights

The main attraction of the wall mounted fireplace is its firebox which will showcase exquisite lifelike fires to multi-color flickering flames. A variety of options are available based on the effect and style of the fire bed and the flames; ranging from flames which are close enough to that of real wood fire to much fancy colorful and 3D flames are available. Back lights and sidelights which can set in different colors and even in color cycling to enhance the total visual effect are another specialty of wall mounted fireplaces. There are variety of style and design available to match all of your aesthetic needs.

Heating Capacity

Like most of the electric fireplaces, wall mounted fireplaces also work on standard 120V outlet. The ones that work based on fan forced directional air system heats up about an area around 400 sq. feet. If you need to heat up a larger area, you can sign up for the ones with a larger BTU. The higher the BTU mentioned by the manufacturer the more the heat output will be. Majority of the electric fireplaces features three heat settings namely: low, high and no heat modes. No heat mode enables you to use the fireplace to use for the flame effect alone.


Cool to touch surface, automatic shut off, adjustable thermostat, timer etc. are features that can actually make the experience of using a fireplace comfortable and safe. If you have small children or pets, the fireplaces offering cool to touch surfaces are more convenient, as they keep the danger of getting burned out of the way.

Choose the Best One That Fits your Need

People often make the mistake of going for the best product in the market and end up realizing that it wasn’t anyway the best for them within the first few days’ use. Although certain products may actually look good and get you compliments, you will not feel good finally when it is the time pay your electricity bills. Considering the various factors mentioned above like style, size, heating capacity etc. will help you understand what exactly you need and what you should be looking for in the market. The additional features may not be available in every wall mounted electric fireplace unit.  By determining what you want and what is unnecessary for you will definitely save you money. The secret about buying the best one is all about finding the best that meets all your needs.

How to Use Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Safely?

All electric fireplaces are known for offering the safest fire. There is nothing to point out electric fireplaces are in anyway dangerous or even harmful. They are flueless and there is no smoke or soot or any other kind of harmful emission to be taken care of. There is absolutely no danger of chimney fires or fire hazards.  And it is always good to take a little precaution and to learn how to use it safe.

  • Wall mounted electric fireplace works on electricity. They work on standard electricity outlet. If in case you don’t have a socket near to where you plan to put the fireplace, be careful not to use an extension. This can cause fire. It is advised you should either move the fireplace to where its wire reaches the socket or get an electrician to move the socket near to the fireplace.
  • Every electric fireplace has vents that are built to pull in the room air and discharge the warm air. The place where vents are located changes from one place to another with different fireplaces. Do not flush mount fireplaces which have vents located on sides. Fireplaces which are meant to be recessed to the wall will usually have vents located on the front. Be careful to leave enough clearance around the unit.
  • It is better to turn the unit off and unplug it from the electric socket when it is not in use as it is with all other electric appliance. This will help you to keep tab on your electricity bills and save energy without being wasted.
  • The wires and cords may get damaged over the time. Checking on the wires and power cord every once in a while is a sure way to ensure safety and proper working of the unit.
  • Do not use these fireplaces outdoor or places where it is damp. They are meant to be indoor fireplaces.
  • When you are leaving the fireplace on for a long time or overnight make sure you use thermostat to set a reasonable temperature.

Top 7 and Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces 2017

Does it give you headache when you search online for the best wall mounted console fireplaces available? Do you find those customer reviews at the bottom of the Amazon and other sites a bit confusing? Don’t worry, here we have it all figured out for you. We have summed up the top seven wall mounted electric fireplaces. We have considered the many variables like price, features, design, customer reviews and ratings etc.

ClassicFlames Felicity 47” Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

ClassicFlame 47II100GRG Felicity 47" Wall Mounted Infrared Quartz Fireplace, Black Glass FrameFelicity 47” is one of the best wall mounted electric fireplace which is also cost effective and absolutely wonderful. The unit is outstanding in its heating performance. It is known for heating up an area of 1000 sq. foot with a BTU of 52,00. It is contemporary in its design and has modern sidelights making it attractive. Multiple flame effects and lighting mode make it even more attractive. Remote control makes it easy to use and convenient. This unit can be both mounted on the wall normally and can be flush mounted. And you can also place it anywhere using a custom display stand. In short, Felicity 47” wall mounted electric fireplace will make a valuable addition to any home despite the seasons and time.

Touchstone 50” Onyx Wall Mounted Electric fireplace

Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric FireplaceAvailable in black, white and mirror, this top rated wall mounted fireplace can heat up an area of 400 sq. foot. much easily and effectively. The cool to touch surface and the automatic shut off make it safe and helps to keep away from overheated, stuffy rooms. The unit produces natural, quiet and efficient heat and quality flames. Remote control provided for operating this unit easily and quickly. You can perform a couple of functions including controlling the heat and the brightness of the flames without leaving your couch.  Investing on this fireplace is a great way to embrace this winter season.

Best Choice Products Large 1500W Heat Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Best Choice Products Large 1500W Heat Wall Mounted FireplaceBest Choice Products Large 1500W Heat is a fireplace that will meet all your expectations of a good fireplace. It’s a two in one fireplace. You can use it as wall mounted or freestanding unit at the same time. It can provide ravishing 3D flames and enchanting flame effects. It is energy efficient and totally environment friendly. It’s cool to touch surface make it a safe fireplace for people who have children and pets.. If media console electric fireplace is a much needed appliance for any modern home, there is hardly any other name that can constitute Walker Edison 58.

Moda Flame Houston 50” Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Moda Flame Houston50” Electric FireplaceThis stunning wall mounted electric fireplace is a quality build, durable fireplace. It can efficiently heat up to 400 sq. foot well enough for a supplementary heating source. It comes with three preset heating options; high, low and no heat. Features like timer, automatic shutoff, remote control etc. make it an outstanding fireplace. Moreover this unit is sure to provide you with life-like quality fire and spice up the ambience of your home whenever needed.

PuraFlame Galena Black 36” Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

PuraFlame Galena Black 36” Wall Mounted FireplacePuraFlame Galena Black 36” is a elegant and energy saving wall mounted fireplace in polished black. This classy unit is designed to mount to the wall as well as to set freestanding. It is a portable fireplace; you can carry it around and place in any room where there is a heat emergency. The LCD remote control provided with the unit is a great asset. It enables you to quickly change the heat settings and to adjust the brightness of the flame easily. Automatic shut off and timer helps you to maintain an optimal heat always. The unit features a set very attractive advanced flames and backlights which could magically transform any interior.  Galena Black 36” is definitely your thing if you looking for some serious high-end style fireplace to spice up your interior.

Moda Flame Chelsea 35” Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Moda Flame Chelsea 35” Wall Mounted FireplaceModa Flame Chelsea 35” wall mounted fireplace is a 100% energy efficient and cost effective fireplace. Hence making it one of the most sought after wall mounted fireplaces. It is quick to heat up an area of 400 sq. feet. There are two heat settings in which it can be operated; a low heat setting of 2560 BTUs and a maximum of 5200 BTU. The remote control makes the operation of the unit and a handful of other functions easy. Chelsea 35” is not only brilliant in providing ample heat to keep the chill off on the cold winter days but also it is capable of providing you with authentic flame effect. . In total, this media console fireplace being more than a brilliant fireplace. It is also an amazing style statement that can change the whole look of indoors with good vibes.

Touchstone 80004 Sideline Wall Mounted Fireplace

Touchstone 50" Onyx Electric Wall Mounted FireplaceNoted for its sophistication, design and heating performance, Touchstone 80004 Sideline is one of the most recommended electric fireplaces in the market. The unit is capable of heating up an area of 400 sq. foot in less time than any other fireplace.  It comes with two heat setting which allows you to choose between low heat and high temperature quickly and effectively. The fireplace has most attractive flames. The flame settings allow you to choose from the dim glow of the embers to the mature lifelike fire whenever needed. The remote control that comes along this unit makes its operation as easy and effortless as possible. In short, it’s a treasure to own.

Did You Get Wall Mounted Fireplace of your Interest?

Wall mounted fireplaces are at the very same time a potential aid to survive the cold winter. Similarly they are also a stylish statement to enhance the ambience of any interior considerably. They are a perfect solution to problems concerning the modern life and modern houses. These fireplaces do not occupy any of the floor space. Moreover they do not involve any time consuming tasks or require any maintenance. They can provide you with heat and life-like flames when needed and all the space you need despite the seasons and time. Wall mounted fireplaces will give a magical lift to any interior and will make its ambience worth enjoying. Moreover, you can operate the heat as well as the flames with ease and convenience by using the remote control.

In short, wall mounted electric fireplace are absolutely a great option. This applies if you are planning to buy one or you are looking for something better to switch over to this winter. They can be of greater advantages than other type of fireplace or any other kind of electric fireplace as well.  So, this winter you can sit back, relax and have fun all comfy, cozy by signing up for a wall mounted electrnic fireplace.