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Can Gas Fireplace Burn Wood?

Many people wonder if they can burn wood in their gas fireplaces. However, the answer would not be a direct yes or no. It may depend on many things, like the chimney design.

If you want, you can use your gas fireplace with wood. In this post, we will let you know how to burn a wood stove in a gas fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces are not made with Wood in Mind

In general, gas fireplaces make less amount of heat. Also, they are made with smaller ventilation. Besides, they offer high heat generated.

You need to remove the poisonous gases. In terms of design, these fireplaces have dampers, huge vents, and chimneys.

If you burn wood in your gas fireplace, it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Before you take your wooden pieces to your fireplace, you need to check your fireplace.

We recommend you to ask an expert to do this. He will help you check your chimney, materials, as well as the gas connection of your fireplace.

Avoid Smoke and CO Poisoning by Converting the Fireplace

We can find gas fireplaces made as wooden fireplaces. They come with the proper dimensions and materials. Therefore, they allow you to use them to burn wood in your fireplaces.

Make sure you don’t let the poisonous gases find their way to your living space when you burn wood.

Besides, you can also get the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning related to incomplete combustion of wood.

Gas fireplaces are made with the low heat these models emit in mind. Thus, it will be counterproductive if you choose such a fireplace.

It is essential to get the aid of a fireplace expert. Otherwise, you may face the risky affair of using a gas fireplace for wood burning.

Dangers of Burning Wood in the Wrong Gas Fireplace

Smoke and Poison Gas

If your fireplace venting system cannot deal with burning wood, where will the smoke end up? There will be hazardous as carbon monoxide that is odorless and colorless. Moreover, it is deadly.


The fact is that wood burns much hotter compared to natural gas or propane. Therefore, it can destroy your gas fireplace’s internal working with ease.

House fire

Burning wood in the wrong gas fireplace can spark a serious house fire since the powerful heat radiates into the walls surrounding your model.


The same heat may also transfer along the gas feeder pipe. Therefore, it can cause an explosion. This problem especially happens when there is any connection of traces of gas to the active gas supply.

Can I Burn Wood in a Gas Fireplace?

The answer is NO. If you have a true gas-only model. For this model, its design doesn’t allow you to burn wood in it. For other kinds of gas fireplaces, you still can burn wood as long as you do it under the right conditions.


In conclusion, your nice gas fireplace looks great in your living room. Also, it offers you some gentle warmth. However, you may need more flames, more scent, more heat, and more spectacle. You may also want to save money on gas.

Then, you think about burning wood in a gas fireplace. In this post, we have just let you know if you can burn wood in your gas fireplace. Hope it is useful for you.