Can Gas Fireplaces be converted to Wood Burning

Can Gas Fireplaces Be Converted to Wood Burning?

Although you can get the ease of use, convenience, as well as similar aesthetics to the traditional wood-burning one from a gas fireplace, many people still want to convert their gas fireplaces to traditional wood-burning.

The reason is that a gas fireplace cannot give them the full effect they want. However, you have to consider many very important factors when converting your gas fireplace to a wood-burning model.

Keep reading this article to get our tips on converting a gas fireplace to a wood-burning one.

Understand your Situation

If you want to complete your gas fireplace conversion, the first thing you need is to know what you will handle in your current home.

For some people, they may have to take more effort than others.

For instance, some owners have a gas fireplace built in their house. And, these devices are considered gas appliances.

gas fireplace conversion to wood burning fireplace

They don’t come with a chimney and actual flue related to them. Therefore, you have to do a complete fireplace replacement project when converting them into wood-burning ones.

For other owners who have a home with a wood-burning fireplace, they want to install gas to replace it, they will do less work to convert back to their traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Get Approval

After figuring out if you can convert your gas fireplace into a wood-burning one, you have to check with your local municipality.

This step purposes to know if you will have to abide by any permits and building codes.

If you are sure your home allows conversion of a gas to a wood fireplace, it is still essential to check this.

The reason is that this step allows you to get legal trouble on your hands. It is important to understand everything before beginning investing in a home project.

Inspect your Chimney

For homeowners who currently own a chimney related to their gas fireplace, they need to get its inspection before starting anything else.

We cannot deny the importance of a chimney to wood-burning or mid-century fireplaces. Therefore, you cannot ignore this step.

You have to keep the brick and motors, damper, chimney liner, cap, and crown in great condition.

Moreover, it is essential to clean your chimney before finishing converting your gas fireplace to a wood-burning one.

The Converting Process

Once again, make sure your chimney is in a good condition. It also should be ready for a wood-burning one. Then, you can finish out your conversion.

You have to pay extreme attention to skill and detail when converting your gas fireplace to a wood-burning one.

To convert a gas fireplace to wood, we recommend you to leave it to the professionals. Then, you can know the job is done correctly and safely.


When converting your fireplace, you have to make sure a lot of things are working. Moreover, the chimney must be cleaned properly.

You also have to inspect your chimney before converting a gas fireplace to a wood-burning one. Follow our tips above before your fireplace conversion. Hopefully, our tips are helpful to you.