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ClassicFlame 33II310GRA Review

Winter, a truly sublime and pensive time of the year. It is the season to be warm and cozy and enjoy what nature has to offer. This season is beautiful and brings with it many natural bounties as well in the form of fruits, vegetables, etc.

However, it is also the season to be careful and wrap you up in thick, wooly, attire. That is because this is the season when cold winds blow, and they can greatly affect your wellbeing.

Also, this is the season where you should break out the wood for your fireplace because nothing warms up a room like and crackling and cozy fire. But, there are risks involved with a traditional fireplace as well. These include smoke, fumes, the risk of a fire occurring, etc.

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It is also a very demanding chore since you will have to clean out the soot and ashes after the fire has subsided. This is kind of a hassle and is pretty inconvenient.

That is where the option of an electric fireplace insert comes in. The latter is an alternative heat source that can be fitted into your regular old fireplace area. It generates heat and provides an authentic feeling, minus the drawbacks associated with a traditional fire.

Therein lies its appeal and charm, and you too can benefit from it. We are going to present our review of the ClassicFlame 33II310GRA, one of the best fireplace inserts available on the market. Read on and discover as to why this is the fireplace insert for you:

ClassicFlame 33II310GRA Fireplace Insert

ClassicFlame 36

The ClassicFlame 33II310GRA is an exceptionally well-made and effective fireplace insert that can perform well above your expectations. It is the perfect companion for those long and cold winter nights that threaten to bite with an icy, cold vengeance. This fireplace insert is one of the best on the market and you would do well to install it in your home. You can easily and prominently spruce up a defunct fireplace or traditional one by inserting this product in its stead. Your room will take on a warm, cozy, and fetching ambiance when the ClassicFlame 33II310GRA starts functioning.

This unit is capable of providing supplemental zone heating in a room space that measures about 1000sq.ft when plugged in. The emission of infrared heat maintains the natural humidity in the room’s air, which delivers a comfortable and moist feeling to the room. It also keeps the room’s air from drying out as well.

The ClassicFlame 33II310GRA measures about 33 inches in width and arrives fully assembled outside the box. That is what makes it easier to install in the place you want. It utilizes Safer Plug Technology which allows it to maintain temperatures in the plug employing an inbuilt thermostat. This allows the unit to automatically switch off if the room temperature rises above the safe threshold. This prevents overheating and considerably mitigates the odds of a fire occurring.

You can opt to install your flat-screen TV above this fireplace if you want warmth while watching your favorite shows. You can also use the ClassicFlame 33II310GRA and its different accessories like TV Stands, Flush mount kits, mantels, etc. to enhance the experience. Just remember that each of these accessories is sold separately and isn’t included in the package.


  • This unit features a fan that can generate 5200 BTUs of heat per hour. It is capable of amply heating a room that measures about 1000 sq.
  • The flame effect can be used with or without heat as well
  • Up to 125 flame effect options, 5 flame colors, 5 flame speed settings, and 5 brightness modes can be chosen in this product due to the addition of SpectraFire Plus technology
  • The integrated and adjustable thermostat of this product effectively monitors and regulates the temperature in the room
  • It comes with a Remote control that can be used to adjust all settings from a comfortable distance
  • This insert uses infrared heat that is moist and comfortable and doesn’t dry out the surrounding air either

Things to Consider:

Now, you might be thinking about getting one of these fireplace inserts for your use. We think that the ClassicFlame 33II310GRA is the best option for you in this category.

That is because the following features make it stand out from the rest of the competition. Also, these features might just be the motivation that you are looking for to adopt this product. So, let’s have a look then, shall we:

  • The first thing that you will notice is that this is an easy, simple, and conveniently useable fireplace insert. It comes with a nifty Remote control that can be used to control settings from a distance. The LED touch system is a nice addition as well
  • The flame effects are realistic, and the auto-timer, supplemental heat option, etc. further increase this insert’s appeal
  • This fireplace insert is free from hazards like smoke, soot, and detrimental fumes that accompany a traditional fireplace
  • The flame color and settings can be controlled and changed per the user’s preference
  • The user manual is simple to understand and comes with detailed information about setting up this fireplace insert with efficacy and ease

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does the ClassicFlame 33II310GRA arrive fully assembled?

Yes, this product arrives already assembled, and you don’t have to exert any effort towards this task

Q.2: What are the dimensions of this fireplace?

It measures about 10.4 D x 34.1 W x 26.1H inches

Q.3: What height should a TV be mounted above it?

You should mount one at the height of at least 3 feet above this fireplace insert

Q.4: Does it push heat upwards or outwards in front?

It pushes heat outwards in the frontal area

Q.5: Is it 110 or 120V?

It is 120V powered

Q.6: Does it come with a glass front?

Yes, it does, and the front is tempered glass

Q.7: What is the length of the power cord?

The power cord is about 6 feet long

Is it for you?

We highly recommend this product and consider it the best option for any home or room. That is because of its unmatched performance and marvelous aesthetics. Not only does the ClassicFlame 33II310GRA generate immense heat, but it also excels in the appearance department. The very look of this product is stunningly impressive. You can set it up without hassle in any room you want, no matter how disorganized it may be.

You are sure to receive glowing compliments from visitors when they see this fireplace in your home. Another thing that makes this item so awesome is the safety factor. It won’t overheat, and it won’t emanate fumes either. Also, it is super quiet in functioning, and most of the time, you won’t even realize that it is running at all. So, we think that this is certainly the item for you if you are looking for a fireplace insert that can be used in place of a regular old fireplace.

ClassicFlame 33II310GRA Pros and Cons:

As is the case with everything in this materialistic world, this product too comes with its share of pros and cons. These will allow you to make a more informed and effective decision regarding purchasing or not purchasing. So, here we go; the pros and cons of the ClassicFlame 33II310GRA are mentioned as follows:


  • You can opt to use this insert with flame effects and heat emanation or plain flame effects as well
  • It can easily heat a large room efficiently and thoroughly
  • The customizable 125 flame effect options are spectacular
  • You can install this fireplace insert with immense ease and convenience


There have been complaints about the glass front breaking by the smallest amount of pressure or force, which is kind of a disappointment

In conclusion, we can say that the ClassicFlame 33II310GRA is a wonderful and well-made fireplace insert indeed. It is simple, fully functional and an elegant option in this category and is the best one for your use. Its features, functionality, beautiful appearance, and convenience make it stand out from other market options.

The remote control is a nice touch, and the fact that it is so easy to install makes it an absolute winner, in our opinion. We were blown away by this product, so we recommend it highly to everyone with confidence.