6 Amazing Gas Fire Bowl To Have in 2022: Buying Guide

Is it a good idea to place a gas fire bowl in your garden?

You probably want a great addition to your garden area. Gas fire bowls offer many designs that effortlessly create a welcoming environment. It will surely be a great addition to your garden, and you won’t regret it once you have one.

However, I’m here to help you find the best gas fire bowl to have this 2022 in this article.

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What is Gas Fire Bowl?

gas fire bowl

The fire bowl, also known as a firepot, is frequently used for ornamental purposes. It can be placed in the ground or tabletop and can create rich, durable flames that simulate genuine wood-burning powered by propane.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gas Fire Bowl

Gas fire bowls are available in a variety of sizes and styles, with some producing more warmth than others. The kind of fire bowl typically required is determined by how you want to use it. Fire bowl designs appeal to a variety of demands, including backyard entertaining and the need for a little outdoor ambiance.


Gas fire bowls come in a variety of forms, each with its own set of pros and disadvantages. Some are more suited to the outside environment than others. Moreover, many gas fire bowls are typically concave bowl-shaped and sit on the grass or on a table.

Heat Efficiency

The heat output of gas fire bowls is measured in BTUs. The greater the BTUs, the greater the heat produced by the fire bowl. It is recommended to find fire bowls with BTU outputs ranging from 15,000 to 100,000 BTUs. Depending on the size, the majority of gas fire bowls average 30,000 to 60,000 BTUs.

Many other elements, such as outside temperature, wind speed, and how close you will sit, will influence how much heat you will feel flowing from the pit. Many users place their gas fire bowl in an area where strong winds cannot reach it so they can get the best heat they really want.

System of Ignition

Manual, spark ignition, and electronic ignition is the three major methods for lighting a gas fire bowl, and each has advantages. Because the type you must choose is governed by local fire rules, contact the local fire dept first before lighting your first campfire.

Manual Ignition

Manual ignition generally needs the use of a lighter or a match to start the gas. Although this approach requires a little more effort, it is one of the most dependable because there is little chance that it can go wrong. You can just simply turn the gas on and use the lighter or a match to start the flame.

Spark Ignition

Spark ignition uses a push-button igniter to create only enough spark to burn the gas. However, the spark ignition may not last for a long time of usage and you might need to change it. Somehow, it will only cost you around 120 to 200 dollars to have the ignitor replaced.

Electronic Ignition

Because this is the most modern ignition system available, all you have to do is flick a switch or press a button on a control, and an electronic ignition system instantly ignites the fire bowl. It is also considerably safer than other types of ignition since it has a flame-sensing pilot mechanism that is only engaged when the fireplace is turned on.

Tank Capacity

Propane is available in 1-gallon tanks, which commonly power smaller fire bowls or portable fire bowls that can be taken to parties and camping vacations. However, if you want it fixed in a place, it is recommended to attach a gas fire bowl to a 20-pound propane tank to avoid having to change it as frequently.

Safety Features

If you are using gas for your fire pit, always keep in mind that there is always a possibility of an explosion due to a gas leak. However, many modern fire pits include a safety valve that disconnects the supply of gas if the fire breaks out.

6 Best Gas Fire Bowl Reviewed

Outland Living 863 Portable Propane Fire Bowl

Portable 21-inch 58,000 BTU Propane Fire Pit with Cover and Carry Kit - For Camping, Patio, Backyard

This wonderful outdoor centerpiece provided a clean realistic propane campfire for your weekend getaway and leisure nights on your lawn. This travel-friendly fire bowl is incredibly lightweight, and it can be put up in minutes without the use of any equipment.

With Helios burner technology, the slimmer profile tends to increase the operational heat radius, resulting in a broader and much more natural flame. This all-weather fire bowl will provide you with a clean, smokeless flame, cozy warmth, and a lovely evening ambiance.

It also has dimensions of 21 inches in length and width, and 9.5 inches in height, as well as a productive capacity of 58,000 BTU per hour.

Moreover, it is a CSA-approved fire bowl that may be used even while most campfire restrictions are in effect. But, just to be sure, it is recommended to double-check the current fire regulations in your region.

Also, it includes a cover and carries a pack as well as a pre-attached ten-foot line to keep a regular 20-pound propane tank cylinder properly hidden. It also includes a fully customizable regulator with a chromium-based valve knob for adjusting the flame height.

Then, it also includes a 4.4-pound genuine lava rock set to improve the flickering look. It is made of high-quality steel and has a durable enamel finish for an assured lifetime. The Outland Living 863 Portable Propane Fire Bowl will allow you to create the ideal atmosphere for sharing tales and good times.

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Bond Manufacturing Aurora Gas Fire Bowl

Bond Manufacturing 67836 54,000 BTU Aurora Camping, Backyard, Tailgating, Hunting and Patio. Locking Lid & Carry Handle Portable Steel Propane Gas Fire Pit Outdoor Firebowl, 18.5', Bronze

The Aurora Gas fire bowl is made primarily of sturdy steel for long-lasting use and has a lovely antique copper metal finish. The stainless steel control center and burner include an auto-ignition dial that allows users to regulate the flame at any moment.

Furthermore, this lovely fire bowl runs on liquid propane gas, which will help you to avoid the mess caused by ashes and soot. In fact, you can get a quick enjoyment since this fire bowl is hygienic and no harmful smoke is produced.

According to many users, they can transfer and set up their Aurora Gas fire bowl quickly and easily since it’s tool-free. Its portable design is also a wonderful alternative to other heavier fire bowls.

Importantly, it has an easy-to-carry locking handle and an auto-ignition mechanism for fast usage whenever and wherever you will need it.

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Camplux Outdoor Gas Fire Bowl

Camplux Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit, Outdoor Gas Fire Bowl with Cover, Carry Kit and Natural Lava Rocks, Auto-Ignition 19 Inch Diameter

Camplux propane fire bowls provide a clean, smokeless, and authentic campfire experience. In contrast, you will no longer have to prepare and transport expensive firewood, and there is no need to build a fire.

Then, Camplux portable fire bowls are created in a compact, lightweight, and space-saving design. You can load it in the back of your car and drive it wherever you will like. It measures only 19.29 inches in length and width, and 11.42 inches in height.

In fact, because there is no sparking propane fire, it is better suited to campsites and woodland locations.

This portable gas fire bowl with a traditional matte black burner and 52,000 BTU heat output will give warmth and atmosphere to your backyard. It means that you can spend quality time with your family in comfort and luxury.

Moreover, this propane fire bowl comes with a CSA-certified 10-foot gas regulator that users can easily put up in minutes with no equipment necessary. It is also made of high-quality steel and has an enamel pattern for long-term use. You will really like its genuine lava rocks since they gave a realistic flickering appearance.

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Vizayo Tabletop Fire Bowl

Vizayo Tabletop Fire Pit - Indoor Outdoor Ventless Table Top Fire Pit Bowl - Use with Gel Fuel Cans, Bioethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol - Small Fireplace for Balcony, Pool, Patio, Coffee Table - Grey

This tabletop gas fire bowl runs on safe bioethanol fuel, so you don’t have to worry about hazardous emissions. This oval modern design with rounded corners cement frame is 11 inches in length, 10.2 inches in width, and 5.3 inches in height.

Also, this exquisite little gas fire bowl complements any setting with its utility and one-of-a-kind elegance.

With a modern design and a 360-degree view of flames, this tabletop fire bowl is an ideal way to finish a great garden experience while still enjoying the view from any angle.

This ethanol burner table fireplace, with its unique design, is a stunning addition to the outside environment. The earthy table fire bowl provides the feel of an open flame without the mess.

This gas fire bowl looks great outside, but many users really use it indoors but in a well-ventilated area.

Furthermore, this fire bowl is intended for easy operation and does not need extensive maintenance. This smokeless desktop fireplace is powered by a sophisticated bio-ethanol burning technology.

Take note, it should be lit using a long-reach lighter for safety reasons. You don’t need to use gel fuel cans since they won’t fit into the fireplace’s center hole.

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LEISURELIFE Propane Gas Fire Pit for Outdoor Camping Portable Fire Bowl for Outside with Carry Handle Including CSA Regulating Valve &10' Gas Hose (Installed) 18.5' Diameter 58000 BTU/HR Black

Because it is a great substitute for fire bowls that utilize wood as fuel, the LEISURELIFE Gas Fire Bowl will surely enable you to spend greater time with your family and friends.

You can install this device with ease as it also has a lifting handle and a production capacity of 58,000 BTU per hour. There are no ashes on the ground since you can just wrap it up and then take it home upon usage.

This CSA-certified gas fire bowl is safe to use, but it is recommended to check your local campfire regulations. This non-sparking portable gas fire bowl will provide you with a safer, more convenient fire choice.

Also, it includes three bags of lightweight natural lava rocks. You must clean it before using it to avoid dusting. It has a 10-foot gas pipe, which will allow you to maintain your fire bowl and gas tank separate and safe.

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Kante Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Bowl

Kante 25' Diameter Round Concrete/Metal Outdoor Propane Gas Smokeless Bowl Patio Heater, Fire Pit Table 50,000 BTU & Weather Resistant Cover, Natural Concrete

First and foremost, this piece undoubtedly provides a warm and safe fire for visitors and family.

This CSA-approved fire bowl can produce up to 50,000 BTUs by using liquid propane fuel for steady and clean-burning, resulting in no ash or smoke to preserve users’ health and the environment.

Moreover, this weather-resistant outdoor gas fire bowl table has a simple and attractive bowl form. It’s also built of long-lasting magnesium oxide with a concrete-style finish, so it’ll survive for a long time and look lovely in a garden setting.

This fire bowl table is 25 inches long and 13 inches wide, with a height of 13.4 inches. It also does not require any assembly; all you have to do is attach it to the gas tank and operate it.

However, it is not recommended to use it indoors or in any confined space.

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Safety Tips for Using a Gas Fire Bowl

When you have a burning flame, you must understand there is a level of danger present. Nonetheless, you can decrease these hazards by obeying all of the manufacturer’s safety recommendations and consulting with local fire department before placing a gas fire bowl.

Keep the following suggestions in mind:

  1. Obey all of the manufacturer’s safety precautions. Keep kids away from a fire bowl while it is burning and for a short time afterward until it has cooled.
  2. Keep a garden hose or a fire extinguisher nearby in case something combustible is placed too near to the gas fire bowl and catches fire.


A propane fire bowl is surely a terrific addition to your backyard, whether you’re entertaining or just resting at home. Gas fire bowls, unlike wood-burning flames, are easy to ignite, burn cleanly, and do not create potentially deadly sparks.

However, if you reside in a city, it is recommended to make sure and check your city ordinances to confirm that gas fire bowls are permitted in your neighborhood.

FAQs About Gas Fire Bowl

What is the operation of a gas fire bowl?

Unlike a wood-burning fire bowl, which can hurl sparks or embers into the air and ignite neighboring surfaces, a gas-powered fire bowl can be used on a wooden deck if a metal heat screen is used.

How long can a fire bowl be used?

The normal gas fire bowl has a lifespan of three to six hours. A tank can last up to 9 hours depending on the BTU value of your fire bowl.

How far away from the house must the gas fire bowl be?

Ten feet Never position a pit nearer than ten feet from any kind of combustible before striking the match. Don’t set the pit on grass or a wood deck unless the owner’s handbook states it’s allowed.

Why are fire bowls so pricey?

The price of gas fire bowls is mostly due to the industrial foundation and beautification that goes into its creation.

Is it harmful to toast marshmallows over an open flame?

Yes. The problem is that we shouldn’t be frying those marshmallows or hotdogs. No one should cook in a gas fireplace since the poisons are chemically hazardous and can be consumed.