Gas Fireplace Maintenance

A fireplace is a structure made of bricks, stones, and metals to contain a fire. Fireplaces are used for relaxing while chatting and warming the room mostly in the winter season. The fire is contained in a fire pit or chimney to allow exhausts to escape.

Apart from fireplaces keeping the house warm, if not handled or maintained well, they can cause harm to people or even kill. Many people don’t have any idea how dangerous fireplaces are when not well built or fixed.

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Any fireplace is a source of dangerous gases like carbon monoxide. This gas is very dangerous and can kill within minutes.  In the olden day’s people were used to wood or traditional fireplaces. But today many homes have embraced gas fireplaces, which are efficient compared to wood fireplaces.

A gas fireplace also has advanced combustion processes that make it a good source of heat. A modern gas fireplace vents its waste gases to the outside through a tube in the wall instead of a chimney.

It contains air-movement channels that increase the warmth in the room. The fireplace has incombustible “logs” covering gas vents, and the fire burns behind glass doors. The advantage of having a gas fireplace is that it helps to warm the rooms, thus lowering your electricity bills.

So, can gas fireplaces burn wood?

Types of Gas Fireplaces

There are two kinds of gas fireplaces to choose from when considering having one in your house.

1. Vented gas fireplace

These fireplaces are vented by pipes that go outside the house directly through the wall. You can have these vents inside your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.

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The vented units are usually sealed off from the heating room, meaning they will draw air only from outside not from inside the room. Then the air will be used for combustion processes, basically for fueling the fire, and will be vented back after it has been used.

The benefit of this method is that none of the harmful or bad smell byproducts like carbon monoxide can enter inside the room apart from the heat. If you are considering solutions to do away with poisonous gasses such as carbon monoxide, a vented gas fireplace is the best option. This is because it vents out all the gasses leaving your room free from any poisonous gas.

2. Ventless Gas Fireplaces

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These types of gas fireplaces burn cleanly and don’t require any kind of vent to let gas outside. Since there is no vent, they use air in the room for the combustion process. This allows heat to get into the room, making them more efficient when it comes to gas fireplaces. They are equipped with safety sensors that shut them off when the level of oxygen gets low.

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That said, let’s now explore ways to maintain your gas fireplace.

How to Maintain a Gas Fireplace

The cracking sounds and the splashing of flame around the fireplace bring about lots of excitement, not to mention the warmth it provides. During winter, everybody wants to gather around a fireplace holding a big mug of coffee or tea to get some warmth. The experience is awesome. However, if you would like to always have a delightful experience with your loved ones, you need to take care of your gas fireplace.

Below are five tips to help you with the maintenance of your gas fireplace.

1. Clean the glass

Many gas fireplaces have removable doors that make them easier to clean. If you have the manual guide, you can start by removing the glass doors and place them on a big plastic bag or old newsprint to protect your tables and floor beneath. Makes sure you use a soft cloth sprayed with household window cleaner and wipe gently.

Use a little amount o fireplace cleanser or ceramic cook-top cleaner to remove stubborn stains or soot spots and rinse with a clean damp cloth. Use dry newspaper or paper towels to dry the glass door thoroughly to prevent sticking and door replacement. Spare at least 45 min to let the window cleanser evaporate before using the fireplace to prevent it from getting into contact with the flames. You can hire a professional to help you if you are not familiar with the cleaning. It will be easy and will save you time.

2. Clean gas logs

Gas logs need thorough cleaning and maintenance. The longer you will be using the fireplace, the more soot that will continue to build up and end up discoloring your vented gas log.  Make sure you remove and take the logs outside the fireplace and use a paintbrush or any soft-bristled brush to brush off the soot.

If you have a manual it will guide you through perfectly. Avoid using dampening or spraying anything on the logs it can damage, discolor and prevent it from working completely.

3. Inspect your fireplace

Inspecting your fireplace at least twice or thrice per year is also another essential gas fireplace maintenance exercise. Vent-free fireplaces don’t have chimneys but this doesn’t mean that it will not be crucial to be checking your fireplace.

The fireplace itself will need to be inspected by a professional or qualified service technician. Checking or inspecting your fireplace will help you acknowledge any problems with the fireplace and also will help you be safe with your family knowing that your fireplace is in well-being.

4. Clean the inner side of your fireplace

Cleaning inside your gas fireplace is very important because it increases the lifespan of your appliance. Switch off and cool your fireplace before you start cleaning. Since heat engineers include cleaning as part of gas fire service, you need to ensure to clean the internal parts of your appliance regularly or even more frequently as you may find it necessary.

Wipe all the dirt and cobwebs. You can also use the wand attachment of your vacuum cleaner, but just be careful not to suck rocks or coal dirt.

5. Check batteries and detectors

Testing your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector is also among the crucial gas fireplace maintenance practice. You need to be checking the batteries and detectors regularly for the safety of your property and your family. Replace smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector batteries, and fireplace remote batteries twice per year. It is very helpful because if you ever considered shutting down your fireplace, the remote batteries would be working perfectly.

Best Gas Fireplace Inserts Products

Gas fireplace inserts are the best if you love sitting by the burning fire and having an amazing experience but don’t like clean-ups.

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This natural gas fireplace Features: 10,000 BTU can heat up to 500 sq. ft. It Operates on Natural Gas Only Zero clearance gas fireplace insert5 hand-painted ceramic fiber logs Classic arched style. Thermostatic Control – Variable heat settings to maintain the desired room feel Beautiful Ceramic Fiber Brick Liner Single-PrecisionSingle-Precision Ported Ventless gas burner Safety. It is also insured by Safety Assurance: O.D.S. (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) included with automatic shut-off

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It will give you the convenience of a gas fireplace insert where your wood-burning fireplace currently sits. This natural gas fireplace insert has a millivolt control type, and also a remote control to adjust your fireplace settings from a distance.

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Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct Vent Fireplace

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The Empire Tahoe Deluxe is a 36-inch direct vent fireplace that operates perfectly using natural gas. It features millivolt ignition control for easy operation. When you want to use generally find the installation to be straight-forward, be sure you understand the installation process well and have the right tools e.g venting pipe, gas hose, and tools for but if you can’t do it you can hire a professional technician for proper installation. It also requires a barrier screen DVFB36SBL or a door set.

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Ashley Hearth Vent-Free Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

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A ventless gas fireplace doesn’t require external venting, which offers an important role no; heat can’t escape outside the chimney or flue. Therefore, vent-less gas fireplace inserts are considered to be the best type of inserts for heating your house. The included mesh screen and ceramic logs complete the look of this ventless gas fireplace insert.

Ashley Hearth Vent-Free Natural Gas Fireplace Insert only uses either propane or natural glass. The heat distribution from the 34,000 BTU heater is powerful enough to warm up a big room. It can be used in a module house, it comes with a 14” gas hookup hose, also has hidden controls for any standard millivolt thermostat.

It is worth noting that the supplier requires the use of your gas line supplier or another NFI-Certified Installer for the installation.

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