How to Clean Marble Fireplace Mantel

How to Clean Marble Fireplace Mantel

Many people may not know how to clean and maintain their fireplaces. You may not know that smoke film may lead to discoloration and corrosion. Therefore, if you don’t regularly clean it, the grimy, dirty, and smelly film will cover your marble fireplace mantel and surround.

In this article, we will let you know the way to clean your marble fireplace mantel efficiently.

Ways to Clean a Marble Fireplace Mantel

Smoke may penetrate the surface of a marble. Also, it is corrosive because of its acidic properties. Therefore, you need to take more effort to remove it compared to normal maintenance.

Here are some ways to handle that dirty marble mantel:

  • You can begin using a mild PH-balanced dishwasher to clean it with warm, soapy water. If this way still cannot remove the dirt, consider the following step.
  • You need to use a natural bristle brush or a plastic one to scrub the marble’s surface. Then, use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water with a ratio of 1:4. The Hydrogen peroxide is very weak. Therefore, it is nearly a PH-balanced dishwashing liquid. Next, carefully rinse the marble fireplace mantel. Last, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe it.
  • If you still see yellowing or staining residue, consider using mineral spirits. Remember to use it with distilled water, as well as spray on the surface. The mixture will help to break up oily stains.
  • Besides, you can also consider the Trisodium Phosphate option. It is an excellent powdered cleaner for removing hard-to-clean dirt. You can use it to remove soot, smell, as well as smoke residues. You need to use a mixture of 1/4 cup of the product in 1 gallon of water. Remember to wear gloves when doing this.

Steps To Clean Marble Fireplace Mantel

cleaning marble fireplace

Start with water

When cleaning the marble fireplace mantel, you cannot use certain cleaners on it since your marble is a porous substance.

If you clean your mantel regularly, you can clean it by just using water and a rag.

It will not damage your marble. It is essential to wipe down it when you’re done. This way to prevent any streaks.

Mix in detergent

If you cannot completely clean the marble fireplace mantel with water, you can mix it in some detergent.

Remember to use a mixture of warm water and some dishwashing detergent.

Next, apply the mixture to the marble with a rag. It can help you remove any soil or dirt on the marble.

Commercial cleaners

If there are some tough soils and stains on the marble mantel, you can use a commercial cleanser.

However, the cleanser you use must be made of marble. You should be capable of applying it with a rag.

Next, wipe it off.


It is essential to clean a marble fireplace to protect your investment. This task will give you a beautiful natural stone. The smoke film may corrode the finish of the marble. It can cause the need for resealing, repolishing, or resurfacing. We recommend you incorporate the cleaning of a fireplace mantel more frequently.

Hopefully, our tips above can make your task easier.

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