How to Remove a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

How to Remove a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

You may have to remove your fireplace insert to update the look of your fireplace. Also, it is an essential step for getting it up to code before selling your house.

A fireplace has the purpose of helping a traditional masonry fireplace heat more efficiently. You can also remove a fireplace insert yourself. Keep reading this article to learn how to do it.

How to Remove a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

All the trims around the device need to be removed

You have to remove the brick, drywall, rockwork, or framing around your wood-burning fireplace. You even need the help of a hammer or mallet for this.

Remove any nails

The fact is that your insert may be surrounded by something, such as flat pieces of metal or flashing. They are used to hold the insert in place.

Then, you need to use the hooked end of your hammer to grab each nail’s head.

Disassemble any vents, pipes, and other pieces

We recommend you take off as many inserts as possible. Dissemble all the things that you can dismantle before you move the insert.

Moreover, find screws that you can use a wrench to take off. To discard the insert, use a hammer to break them off.

Use a crowbar to pry the insert of place

A fireplace insert may weigh 250 lb. You can use a crowbar to loosen it from its surroundings.

It is a good idea to ask someone to help move the insert to avoid injuring your back.

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Put thick carpet in front of the hearth

Lay down a piece of spare carpet, thick rug, or another cushion before removing your insert.

You can slide the insert across the floor with ease thanks to a thick piece of carpet.

Moreover, you haven’t to worry about damaging your floor.

You need a carpet that is longer and wider 1.5m compared to the insert.

This feature is to allows you to grab the edges more easily. Also, it should have a thickness of at least 2.5 cm.

Wiggle it down on your carpet

If you are not familiar with heavy lifting, you should ask someone to help you to avoid getting injured.

Use a push-pull method to work your insert out of the place. Then, the insert will drop into the piece of your carpet.

Slide the carpet across the floor to move the insert

This way is ideal for a hardwood floor. However, it is still a good idea to ask someone for help.

Indeed, you may need to lift it over a raised bed. If you keep the fireplace on the second floor, you should ask professional movers to help.

Close off the vent if it’s not in use

You can do this by using screws to attach sheet metal cuts or a piece of plywood to your vent’s size to seal it.

Besides, you can also buy a chimney cap. Then, keep it on the chimney top.

Vacuum any ash and dust from the area

It may be messy when you are moving your fireplace insert. Therefore, it is best to clean the area after you finish the project.

You can thoroughly vacuum the area for this purpose.


If you want to clean your fireplace as well as the chimney, you need to remove a wood-burning fireplace insert. This task is simpler compared to removing a gas one.

Most of them are heavy. Also, they are secured to the enclosure with bolts and screws. You can hire a professional remover to remove it.

You can also do it yourself. Follow our steps above. They will help your task become easier.