5 Best In-Wall Gas Fireplace in 2021 with Buying Guide

Do you want to add beauty and fashion to your house with the best in-wall gas fireplace? I am here to assist you in obtaining the best choice.

If you already have an actual fireplace in your house, an in-wall gas fireplace would be your best option.

Furthermore, In-Wall Gas Fireplaces may burn with an efficiency of up to 97 percent, as it is directing extra heat to my preferred room. An in-wall gas fireplace is a great way to provide the heat you will need while also adding a splash of color and style to your house.

Before I get to the list of the best in-wall gas fireplaces, let’s look at a few aspects that will ultimately affect your purchase decision.

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What are the Things to Consider Before Buying an In-Wall Gas Fireplace?

Is it Vented or Ventless?

In-Wall Gas fireplaces are often available with one of two ventilation options: vented or ventless.

Vented units are meant to function similarly to wooden fireplaces in that they must be built with a chimney or flue that vents harmful gases to the outside atmosphere.

However, an actual fire is still created by a gas burner in ventless units, but they are not needed to have a functional chimney. They burn considerably cleaner and more completely than a vented gas burner, and the flames are regulated to be lower and less aesthetically pleasing.

Location of the Fireplace

It might be difficult to find a suitable location for a gas fireplace heater. From a safety aspect, keep in mind that gas fireplaces have a far higher heating power than electric units, thus they should not be put near anything that may catch fire.

Heating Capability

When shopping for a gas fireplace, we know that the heating capability is measured in BTUs. BTU is an abbreviation for British Thermal Units, and it is a measurement of how much energy is required to heat it up.

Because of the actual combustion process, gas stoves create far more heat than a conventional electric fireplace set. For example, many gas units have capacities of up to 20,000 BTUs, whilst electric units are typically limited to roughly 5,000 BTUs owing to how they are intended to be used safely.


Gas fireplaces, either vented or ventless, are thought to be far more effective than wood-burning units. While heat may escape up the chimney from a vented burner, the ratio is significantly lower than with a wood fire. They burn cleaner and consume a lot less energy.


The designs and manufacturing capabilities of gas fireplaces have advanced to the point where it can be difficult to tell how I’m not gazing at a real wood fire.

The irregularity of the flame pattern and getting a whiff of wood smoke scent are two of the things that make a wood fire appealing, but gas fireplace devices are considerably easier to operate and maintain in the long run.

Room Size

Unlike electric fireplaces, where the size of the room might limit heating capability, a gas fireplace is generally my best choice when it comes to heating capabilities. The BTU rates are significantly higher, allowing for a larger area to be heated.

Ceiling Height and Flooring

Regardless of the sort of heating unit I choose, the height of the ceiling has a significant impact on how well it heats the space. Heat rises, and having high ceilings will allow the warmth generated by the gas fireplace to climb to the top. Ceiling fans can assist to divert air, but they can also chill the air as it flows about.

The flooring’s condition must also be evaluated. Gas fireplaces, if not put on a stable and suitable surface, may pose serious safety problems due to the presence of a live-fire within.


Just like electric fireplace heaters have a variety of safety measures built-in, most gas fireplaces do as well. Because of the nature of the combustion process, extra caution must be exercised when using it.

5 Best In-Wall Gas Fireplace Reviewed

Majestic Mercury 32-inch Direct Vent Fireplace

Majestic Mercury 32' Top/Rear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace w/Standing Pilot - NG

The Majestic Mercury direct-vent fireplace is a stylish, contemporary fireplace. With this small fireplace, you can simply transform the style of my indoor space.

It also serves as an excellent source of heat at home. This fireplace will keep you warm and active on chilly days without affecting the environment.

Many users do really appreciate its whole remote control system. Using the remote, you can check the temperature, flame volume, and turn the device on or off.

Also, there is an additional fan on top of the fireplace that directs heat straight into the bedroom for further comfort, and the fan’s speed is also programmable by remote.

This 32-inch tiny fireplace has a BTU output of up to 19000 per hour. Users can completely rely on the latest Intellifire ignition mechanism for ignition. You are just one touch away from lighting your fireplace with this innovative intermittent pilot ignition technology. As a result, the ignition is constantly monitored by this mechanism.

Overall, I can say that this fireplace offers a safe and secure operation while saving a significant amount of energy each month.

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American Hearth Boulevard Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace

AMERICAN HEARTH Boulevard Direct Vent Linear Contemporary 72' Fireplace - Natural Gas

Nothing can beat this 72-inch big boulevard fireplace for keeping an enormous living room warm and vibrant. This fireplace has a direct vent, which keeps the air around me fresh, breathing, and clean. This large in-wall gas fireplace also adds a royal feel to any decor.

You can receive a large amount of heat production from this direct vent fireplace, ranging from 40000 to 52500 BTUs per hour. The fireplace is powered by natural gas, which is a cheap, clean, and safe fuel.

Furthermore, in this fireplace, an intensive electronic intermittent ignition system has been implemented, which will save you more energy and makes the ignition more secure. This technique also keeps the fireplace running in the event of a power loss or frigid weather.

This fireplace is one-sided and wall-mounted. Whenever you wish to improve the appearance of the fireplace, you can always change a large selection of glass liners, log sets, and broken glass on hand.

Aside from that, this fireplace has a multicolor LED light on the bottom. You will normally use the provided remote control to operate the many functionalities of this fireplace.

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Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct-Vent Fireplace

Deluxe 36' Direct-Vent NG Millivolt Fireplace

In terms of modern features and a comfortable experience, this direct-vent fireplace is an excellent choice. You will mainly utilize its slope glaze burner that can generate up to 25000BTUs with 83 percent competence for the optimum output.

The model is totally heater-rated and runs on natural gas. You can operate the fireplace using a remote, which is quite convenient for anyone. Furthermore, no electricity is necessary. The fireplace also has slat louvers for more effective venting.

I recommend its style because it has the most recent hem-bent seams technology for the most durable fit. You won’t have to use screw bolts or screws to install this fireplace.

When it comes to size and appearance, this fireplace is a 36-inch premium direct vent fireplace. It also includes a huge heat-resistant tempered glass view pane.

Overall, this fireplace can enhance your free time by making it more peaceful and convenient.

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Superior DV 45-inch Linear Fireplace

45'' Linear DV Clean Faced Fireplace with Electronic Ignition - NG

The Superior DV 45-inch direct-vent fireplace is a modern in-wall gas fireplace. The trendy style and special features of this fireplace guarantee us complete comfort and convenience.

Aside from providing heat, this small fireplace can surely improve the appearance of you home and provide a transitional atmosphere.

Furthermore, you can use both natural gas and LPG to power this direct vent fireplace. The highest BTUs per hour for natural gas and LPG are 18000 and 16000.

In addition, a separate electric ignition system has been built in this fireplace, along with a robust battery backup, so you will be able to continue to use it even when there is a power outage.

This fireplace, on the other hand, includes the option of a blower and a remote control system. The kit includes venting wires and accessories.

On the fireplace itself, you will noticed a long-lasting powder coat finish with a lot of texture. The black-painted inside side of the fireplace adds a lot to the overall aesthetic.

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Superior DRT3500 Direct-Vent Fireplace

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For me, a sensible in-wall gas fireplace pick is the Superior direct-vent fireplace. This direct-vent fireplace’s construction and remarkable features complement its stylish appearance.

Overall, this fireplace gives users good warmth and a really comfortable atmosphere.

This fireplace has been paired with a top/rear flue layout, allowing for a beautiful appearance as well as maximum heat generation within the space.

The ignition is made simple by a quick ignition technology with separate battery backup. This fireplace features a factory-installed bower with six different speed parameters, in addition to the ability to adjust the heating level.

You won’t require much room to build this fireplace because it has a shallow depth of 17 inches. The fireplace also has a lighting system with six distinct settings. It allows me to amplify my mood and certain desires.

Packed with the fireplace, you can also get a high-end wood set, a functional remote control, ceramics glass, and a protective cover.

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How to Install In-Wall Gas Fireplace

In-Wall Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Working with gas components might be hazardous. At first, you must read the gas fireplace’s handbook and be careful to review all manufacturer’s directions by paying careful attention to safety concerns.

Turn off the gas and begin disassembling.

Turn off the pilot light and the fuel valves and allow the fireplace to cool fully before cleaning.

Then, following the manufacturer’s directions, remove the glass panel to get access to the fireplace’s chamber. Placing the glass on a soft surface is a good idea.

Remove the ornamental logs and set them on the drop cloth or towel, if applicable.

Finally, I suggest taking a picture of the fireplace before disassembling it to assist me in recalling where to put it all back together.

Clean the fireplace interior.

Sweep any debris or dust from within the fireplace, being cautious not to damage the grates, ornamental rocks, or even other pieces. If the stones or rocks inside the gas fireplace are small enough to get sucked up by the vacuum, carefully remove them before vacuuming.

Clean the gas fireplace glass.

Chemical residue can cause white and fog-like deposits on the glass of a gas fireplace. To clean, use a glass cleaner specifically designed for fireplaces and buff with paper towels or a soft cleaning cloth. Replace the glass on the fireplace.


An in-wall gas fireplace, which is attractive, fashionable, and energy-efficient, might be the ideal choice for establishing an effective zone heating plan for your house. For many homeowners, the mix of features makes these units the best option.

FAQs About In-Wall Gas Fireplace

Is it safe to sleep with an in-wall gas fireplace on?

No. When you sleep in a room with a typical coal or gas fire, a log burner, a stove, or a rear burner that is left on overnight, you run the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Because the early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are not detectable, it is critical that you protect yourself.

How long does an in-wall gas fireplace last?

The average lifespan of an in-wall gas fireplace varies, but most in-wall gas fireplaces have to be changed between 15 and 25 years.

What is the average amount of gas used by a gas fireplace each hour?

$0.40/hr. The average cost of fuel was roughly $11 per thousand cubic feet. That implies a 38,000 BTU gas fireplace costs about $0.40 per hour to run.

Are in-wall gas fireplaces safe to use?

Although gas fireplaces are significantly safer than wood-burning fireplaces, owners should still take simple measures.

What color should the flame of an in-wall gas fireplace be?

Blue. An in-wall gas fireplace should have blue flames, maybe with very faint yellow or orange points. The flames should always be steady and constant.