Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review

The ease of use and convenience in terms of space, energy and time has lead the people to prefer electric fireplaces more than traditional heating methods and conventional stoves over the years. A good electric fireplace, more than just being an electronic devise you use to warm your home, can add much to the ambiance of it no matter if its turned on or not. With the advancement in technology, there are a number of electric fireplaces in the market that will match the different heating requirements and varying aesthetic needs from one home to another.

If you are looking for a fireplace that will warm you well enough during the cold winters, without taking much of the precious space of your room, then Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace could be the one for you. It is a wall mounted fireplace saving you floor space and leave you many options in styling your interior.

Moda Flame Houston50” Electric Fireplace

Highlights of Moda Flame Houston 50″ Fireplace

 Remote Control

Moda Flame Houston electric comes with an efficient remote control. That makes it easy to operate the heat without having to walk every time to the fireplace if you need to set the temperature bit high or low. Using this remote control you can control not only the heat but also the flames. Isn’t that sounds wonderful?

Pre-set Heating Options

This electronic fireplace features 3 heat settings; low, high and no heat. You can set to low mode if you need the room warmed up slowly. The high setting heats the room faster and it takes more power to operate ie, 1500 watts which is standard. The no heat mode enables you to use the flames without heat. Imagine having the golden glow of the flames to keep you company on a summer evening without giving you the feel of being toasted in an oven.

Automatic shut off

Automatic shut off is an overheating protective mechanism, adding safety and convenience to the fireplace. When the room temperature goes up to an undesired level, the fireplace automatically shuts off.

Specification and features of Moda Flame Houston 50″ Fireplace


  • It is ventless and smokeless
  • Three Heat Settings – high, low, and no heat (only flame effect)
  • Power : 1,500 Watts (400 sq. ft.).
  • Dimensions: 50.4 in. x 5.5 in x 21.65 in
  • Remote control of flame and heat(batteries not included).
  • Timer Settings: Automatic shut off of 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.
  • Best for : Any modern or traditional home.
  • Minimum clearance for TV Placement :  36″ to Television.
  • Power consumption with the flame effect : 2.5W per hour.

Customer Reviews

For many customers, Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace is the perfect fireplace and it is the best mean to relax after coming from office. People are very happy about the product and suggest their peers to have this wonderful electric wall mounted fireplace for thier home.

What’s Your Take on Moda Flame Houston 50″ ?

Your search for a great looking wall mounted fireplace ends with Moda Flame Houston 50W electric fireplace. The unit is efficient to heat a room of 400 sq. ft. well enough. The attractive features makes it unbeatable and the worth the money. It offers remote control that can control both heat and flames separately,timer, automatic shut off to avoid overheating and energy loss etc.  What more would you possibly want from a fireplace other than heat in winter and light all the year around? Yes, Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace lets you have great time all the time.