Pleasant Hearth 20” Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log Fireplace Insert Review

No more strenuous hours of chopping the wood, meddling with the gas lines and cleaning up the messy fireplace. Electric fireplace inserts are a righteous choice if you long for an exotic feel at home in a painless way. They translate the raw feeling and ambiance of true wood through the technological capabilities. Electric inserts are in great demand at present as they help to save money on energy bills.

Pleasant Hearth 20” Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log Fireplace InsertPleasant Hearth 20” Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log insert is a fast-selling model that generates sumptuous flame effect and heat. As the name indicates, it produces the crackling sound of authentic wood which is soothing to our ears. The soft crackle of wood and dazzling flames create a magical effect in the room.

Features and Specifications

  • Color: Natural Wood
  • Volt: 120
  • Fuel: electricity
  • Primary Material: Iron, Wood
  • Coverage Area: 400sq feet

Highlights of Pleasant Hearth 20” Electric crackling Natural Wood Log Fireplace Insert

Natural Wood

Nothing soothes your eyes as the sight of a natural wood at home. In fact, this Pleasant Hearth model recreates a miniature nature at home. It may do even more wonders when you are in a black mood by offering a refreshing scene at home. While other inserts rely on artificial wood, Pleasant Hearth makes use of true wood to create an enthralling background for the existing fireplace.

Crackling Sound

The sight of true wood along with the subtle and soft crackling sound creates an enchanting and delightful mood at home. While other inserts succeeds to please the senses of the viewers at the visual level, this Pleasant Hearth product soothes the ears as well and produces a double effect. The crackling noise could be adjusted by bending the metal shield. In fact, it is as refreshing and tranquilizing as the breath-taking sound of a waterfall.

Ease of Maintenance

The thought of the toilsome job of cleaning the ashes, dust and remains of the wood out of the fireplace no more pesters you. This electric fireplace insert leaves no trace of wood at the fireplace, making it a much simpler affair. Zero emissions reduces the physical effort of getting up and opening the windows for the passage of clean air. Furthermore, it reduces the risks of unattended fires in the room.

Customer Reviews

“As it uses natural wood in its manufacturing, the logs are more appealing. The crackling noise are adjustable by bending the metal shield”

“It is well made and looks stunning inside a fireplace. The turn on switch is situated right behind the log set which makes it a little inconvenient”


Pleasant Hearth 20” Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log functions as an efficient heating system as well as an amazing decorative piece. Majority of the customers are satisfied with the product as it is a great deal for the price. It suits best to small-medium size fireplaces. With zero harmful emissions and open flames, Pleasant Hearth inserts ensure thorough safety for the customers. They also serve as a decorative piece for the interior of the home.