5 Best Rectangle Fire Pit To Buy in 2022 : A Buying Guide

A rectangle fire pit table adds a lot of character to any outdoor environment. It can add light, comfort, and a social sphere to your backyard. It also improves a home’s appearance and entertainment value.

However, with so many different types of fire tables to pick from, it can also be difficult to choose the correct one. When selecting your first rectangle fire pit, there are a few factors to consider.

You’ll read further about rectangle fire pits and read reviews on the best 5 rectangle fire pits on the market in this article.

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What is Rectangle Fire Pit

Rectangle Fire Pits are one of the most popular kinds of fire pits. These versions are often square or rectangular in shape, with a table height appropriate for seating around the fire pit. These variants are ideal for small groups of up to six to eight individuals.

Things to Consider When Buying a Rectangle Fire Pit

Generally, it’s simple to purchase a fire pit if you just based on its appearance. It’s evident that how it appears is crucial; after all, you have had to deal with it every time you want to use it.

Everyone knows that beautiful looks are only partially effective, and there are definitely a few more factors to consider before purchasing.

Output of Heat

Most people buy a fire pit for the heat and aesthetics it provides, which is why you need to know how much heat to expect from a rectangular fire pit.

A rectangle fire pit’s BTU output typically ranges from 30,000 to 100,000. As a result, the bigger the BTU, the more heat you will get from the fire.


Obviously, people will always be going to get a rectangle fire pit to experience the breathtaking visual impact of genuine flames and that is when location comes into play.

For example, if you live in a hotter state, you’ll really have to purchase a heater with a smaller burner and fewer BTUs to get the full flame experience.

It makes no sense to buy a burner with a 70000 BTU output and then reduce the flame size to 30000 BTUs to avoid overheating your guests. If you reside in a colder climate, it’s a simple option to go for a larger one.


The pit you choose should have some sort of filling material. There is, however, a huge selection of after-market fire pit burner fills to pick from.

Because propane gas burns cleanly, the filler material will retain its color and sheen nicely. Glass is the most typical material, but there are other possibilities, such as lava rocks and pebbles.

5 Best Rectangle Fire Pit Reviewed

Best Choice Products 57in Propane Gas Fire Pit

Best Choice Products 52in 50,000 BTU Outdoor Wicker Patio Propane Gas Fire Pit Table w/Aluminum Tabletop, Glass Wind Guard, Clear Glass Rocks, Cover, Slide Out Tank Holder, and Lid - Gray

This rectangular fire pit is a sleek-looking rectangular fire pit that produces a lot of heat because of its aluminum structure. Featuring a huge stainless burner that produces 50,000 BTUs of heat, which will keep everyone in the room warm all night.

Moreover, the fire table measures 57 inches long, 22 inches broad, and 24.75 inches tall. The 20-pound propane tank easily fits within, as do the controls, which are located on the exterior. You can cover the burner with the matching lid and turn the item into a beautiful table.

Then, it includes a set of glass beads and a vinyl covering to protect it from the weather, and it is recommended to get a glass wind protector as well, which is not included.

Also, you will be delighted with the craftsmanship and functionality of this item; it feels and looks much more costly than it is since it is an attractively built fire table at a very reasonable price.

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NAPOLEON Victorian Rectangle Patioflame

Napoleon Victorian Rectangle Patioflame Gas Fire Pit Table

Napoleon’s Victorian fire table is as lovely as you would expect, with a one-of-a-kind and incredibly stunning lattice top.

Furthermore, it can withstand usage and weather thanks to a welded aluminum frame and a sturdy cast aluminum top, and the rich copper finish will give you a unique and stylish appearance. It is 50 inches long, 32 inches broad, and 25 inches tall, making it a useful size that will fit in many areas.

If necessary, the décor can be converted into a full table and you can do it by covering it with the matching lid. The maximum heat output of the fire table is 40,000 BTUs, creating a lovely warm space around it whether users are seated or standing.

Also, it does come with a range of magnificent black fire glass that enhances the fire table beautifully. The Victorian fire table, which is both high-quality and distinctively exquisite, will provide you with a sense of traditional richness and comfort without breaking the budget.

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Real Flame Baltic Rectangle Propane Fire Table

Real Flame Baltic Rectangle Propane Fire Table, Glacier Gray

Baltic by Real Flame is a modern rectangle fire pit that would look great on your modern patio. While the structure is quite robust and sturdy, some maintenance is still necessary since it has a fiber-concrete body.

The burner is large and pretty powerful, producing 50,000 BTUs that you could readily feel and enjoy around the fire table. Because the fire table lacks a traditional hollow base, the propane tank must be installed outdoors.

It’s simple to set up, and the control systems are simple and effective. The Baltic is stunning in its simplicity, and it is the perfect fit for an adequately decorated patio.

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Balsam Montego Linear Gas Fire Pit Table

Outdoor GreatRoom Co Propane Fire Pit Table - Balsam Montego Gas Fire Pits for Outside Patio - 60 Inch Rectangular Glass Top Firepit Fire Table with Matching Tabletop Cover, Wicker Base, 80,000 BTU

The Montego is one of the best fire tables many users had the enjoyment of using. With its excellent design, a wonderful combination of materials, and high-quality workmanship, it outperforms many expectations and provides enormous value.

Plus, the top is 21 inches wide by 50 inches long and 30 inches tall, giving users a sleek and attractive framework. It completely outperforms the competition in terms of graphics.

Also, the huge burner produces an extraordinarily powerful 88,000 BTUs, guaranteeing that you can feel the heat it produces. The craftsmanship is obvious to the touch as well, and the sight provided by the flames while flashing on the magnificent glass top is unrivaled.

Therefore, the build quality is excellent, as are the materials were chosen to assure that this fire pit will survive a lifetime of usage.

Also, it comes with a set of fire glass and a classic black glass burner cover, that you can use to make it into a whole table.

It’s will be an outstanding pick in every manner, providing a great experience at an affordable price and easily outperforming competitors that are three times the price of the Montego.  It’s one of the best fire tables in the market today and you’ll definitely agree once you get it.

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Outland Living Propane Fire Pit Table

Outland Living 401 Series - 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table, Espresso Brown/Rectangle

The Outland Living Propane Fire Pit serves as a smokeless fire pit and it mixes elegance and functionality. It adds a sense of beauty to every room it is placed in.

All through the day, the glass will reflect the sun’s magnificent beams. This reflection, mixed with the swirling patterns of the flame, will definitely create an amazing experience in your garden.

Additionally, this rectangle fire fit is built of UV material, which is excellent for outdoor use due to its water-resistant properties. This was the first thing you will notice when you checked this rectangle fire pit.

Also, the Outland Living propane fire pit table has a safe, a CSA-Approved Tag, and a massive 35K BTU firepower. These are the elements that make it unsurpassed in terms of safety and high-end functionality.

At 35,000 BTUs, the pit may also generate a pleasant and courteously illuminated environment. The metal is resistant to heat, which accounts for the frame’s long-term endurance. It also has an inbuilt igniter which allows users to just press a button and start it.

Moreover, it is a medium-sized patio heater that is suitable for all sorts of residences. This gas fire pit measures 32 inches tall, 32 inches wide, and 44 inches long. Because the design is square, it fits wonderfully in many spaces.

Many users have commended its heating capabilities and minimal fuel use. Even at its maximum setting, the fire pit consumes minimal fuel, and the tank can operate for more than 20 hours, implying that one tank may be used for an entire season.

Lastly, the Outland fire pit table might be a terrific purchase for you since it is a great and beautiful rectangle fire pit when resting outside.

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Rectangle Fire Pit Safety Tips

Keep a fire extinguisher accessible at all times.

Using water to extinguish a rectangle fire pit can cause serious damage and crack in the unit’s ceramic pieces. In an emergency, use a dry chemical fire extinguisher.

Also, knowing how to use an outdoor fire extinguisher properly is a crucial aspect of owning one. Many fire extinguishers have a useable range of six to ten feet and must be inspected annually to ensure they are properly working.

Before each use, carefully inspect the firepit.

Despite the fact that the rectangle fire pit does not emit embers or ash, you should maintain it clean and inspect it before each usage.

Also, keep it covered to make it clear of debris or other flammable objects such as falling leaves. Your rectangle fire pit must be also protected from adverse weather by a cover.

You should also never leave the gas tank switched on when you are not using it.

To guarantee safety, just always turn off the gas connection to your campfire while it is not in use. This also prevents the chance of a gas leak and ensures that the pit is never unintentionally ignited.

Don’t leave it unattended.

One of the numerous advantages of a gas fire pit is the ease with which it may be lit or extinguished only with the push of a button. Before leaving the space, you should always put out the fire and switch off the gas line, and never leave your rectangle fire pit unattended for any length of time.

Establish a ten-foot ring at all times.

A rectangular fire pit must be set back at least ten feet from every structure or flammable object in your backyard. After putting up your firepit and it’s ready to use, you need to keep this perimeter in place to protect the safety of your area.

Any tree branches around your fire pit must be trimmed back. In addition, keep any combustible outdoor things at least 10 feet away from the rectangle fire pit at all times.


We all know that a rectangle fire pit is absolutely safe and can be a great outside gathering area for your family and friends. They may be used safely on wood and garden, and they give warmth without the harsh heat and sparks of a typical wood-burning fire pit.

A bit of expert advice, just simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you’ll be able to fully enjoy years of safe use from your rectangle fire pit.

FAQs About Rectangle Fire Pit

Do outdoor fire pits keep you warm?

Outdoor firepits will not only make you feel comfortable as the sun goes down, but they also serve as a beautiful centerpiece and create a comfy environment.

Do fire tables emit heat?

Gas fire pits create heat fast and are simple to start. They can also be switched off immediately. You don’t have to wait for all the other embers to disappear.

Is a Rectangle Fire Pit Safe to Have on a Wood Deck?

On a composite or wood deck, most rectangle fire pits are safe to use. Because there are no sparks produced from a gas fire pit, the risk of unintended igniting is substantially smaller than with a wood fire.

Can fire pits be placed out in the open?

This question has a simple answer: yes. Although wood-burning fire pits need regular upkeep, from clearing out the ashes to protecting the pit from rain, a gas fire pit is the ideal, smokeless choice for convenience and ease of care.

What is the most appropriate height for a firepit?

At least 12 to 14 inches in height. This is a couple of inches lower than the normal seat height for patio furniture. If you would like to be ready to sit on the pit’s edge, go a little taller, 18 to 20 inches would suffice.