SEI Cartwright Electric Fireplace Review

There are only a few things in the face of the earth that can replace the ambiance and comfortable warmth of hearth fire in the coldness of harsh winter days. But keeping a wood burning fire is certainly a task and it has to be carefully looked after. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have an electric fireplace that is more of a classy old fireplace in its looks and which is good enough to spare you from the tedious tasks of keeping a fire clean, strong and safe? SEI Cartwright is such an electric fireplace.

SEI Cartwright is stunning in its performance and in its vintage looks. There is hardly any other electric fireplace that could match the antique, classy elegance of this one.

SEI Cartwright Electric Fireplace

Highlights of SEI Cartwright Electric Fireplace

Let us have a look why this fireplace is one of the most sought after and highly recommended electric fireplace in the market.

Ease of Use

Cartwright features a remote control facility to operate the unit. By using the remote control you can adjust the thermostat, timer, logs and flames from wherever you are. This unit provides the option to ignite the flames with or without heater adding to the convenience of the user. Another great thing about Cartwright is that it can be used in the corner of rooms as well as flat against the wall.

High Heat Efficiency

The heat output of the unit is 5000 BTU or 1500 watts which is sufficient to warm up a space of 400sq. feet. It has high heating efficiency in terms of heating up smaller rooms which makes it one of the best supplementary heating devise and ideal for zone heating.

Elegant Design

SEI Cartwright is amazingly stunning in its design from top to bottom. There are two sleek columns at either side of the firebox complementing the crown at the top, in embellished earthly tiles. The flames are multi-colored and there are LED bulbs which can be turned on when additional light is needed. It also has classic brick style interior adding to the vintage touch.

Features and Specifications of Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace

  • Remote Control ofr thermostat, timer, logs, and flames separately;
  • Modes of usage : With and without heater
  • Flames : Lifelike multi color flames and burning logs with embers;
  • Interior Design : Classic brick style interior and optional down light illumination;
  • Dimensions of TV supported: Fits a flat panel TV up to 43.5″ W overall;
  • Weight Supported : Up to: 85 lb. (mantel);
  • Overall Dimensions: 45.5″W x 15.5″D x 40.25″H (flat), 45.5″W x 26.5″D x 40.25″H (corner);
  • Finish : Classic espresso finish with earth toned tile
  • Temperature ratings: 62-82 degrees at 4 degree intervals and has supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet

 Customer Reviews

People are awestruck with the fabulous look, heating performance and the ease of use of SEI Cartwright Electric Fireplace. The remote makes it easy to control. The heating performance is top notch that many have found it to perform well even within half the heat level. Very much happy about this fireplace, many are ready to recommend it to their peers citing the reason that this is one of the best electric fireplace they have come across.


Cartwright is capable of keeping you pretty warm as well as to brighten up the ambiance of the surroundings by letting out a hearty glow. The heat output and the light effects can be precisely controlled using the remote device. If you are looking forward to polish the vintage vibe of your house this winter, there is really no better decor than SEI Cartwright which is stunning mix of antique beauty and value.