SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace Review

A fireplace is essential to brave harsh winters. It’s something that will occupy some space of your house all throughout the seasons whether it is in use or not. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be of some purpose to you all around the year other than being let alone to catch dust for the rest of the year when it is not winter? True those electric fireplaces are a great solution. It can provide you with wonderful flames anytime of the year with or without heat, to add extra dollop of luxury to special occasions and plain nights alike. But a media console electric fireplace can be of more utility and purpose than that considering its multiple functions and year around performance. SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace is one such great buy.

A media console electric fireplace, as the name suggest, comes with mantels than can accommodate a television and shelves for related media components and other items. It is, in short, a media center with a fireplace. Or in other words it is entertainment and warmth in one package. SEI Narita is an affordable, easy to use media console electric fireplace that is more than just a fireplace.

 SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace Review

Highlights of SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace

SEI Narita is a 100% energy efficient, cost effective fireplace that is considered as one among the best media console electric fireplaces available in the market. Here are some reasons why it tops the list of best media console electric fireplaces;

Heating Efficiency

SEI Narita is a wonderful fireplace that can heat up an area of 1,500 sq. foot in less than 24 minutes. You will able to keep your entire home warm using this fireplace. The adjustable thermostat and remote control make the heating affair an easy-peacy job.

Strong Mantels

The top panel of the SEI Narita is designed to place a 46- 50 inch flat screen television.  The mantel is so strong and sturdy; it can hold up to 85 pounds.


Another highlighting feature of this fireplace is its compartments. The media center has two adjustable shelves with glass doors. The space is a great bonus as it can be used to store a lot of items. Top shelf is designed to hold media components adding to the functionality of the unit.

Features and Specifications of SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace

  • Remote control Features : thermostat, timer, logs, Flame adjustment; Child Lock
  • Flames : Lifelike multicolor flames & burning logs with embers; Dynamic embers effect pulsates dimmer to brighter for an authentic look;
  • Interior Style : Classic brick style interior and optional down light illumination;
  • TV Dimension : up to 46″W overall; Weight Supports up to: 85 lb. (mantel), 15 lb. (per shelf);
  • Overall Dimension: 48″ W x 16.25″ D x 32.5″ H;
  • Media Shelves  and configurations : 2 media shelves, 2 cabinets, and 2 adjustable shelves
  • Temperature ratings: 62-82 degrees at 4 degree intervals; Supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet

Customer Reviews

This fireplace is one of the top rated among media console fireplaces in most of the online shopping sites. Narita has 4.5 star ratings on Amazon and 62% of the customers rated it with 5 stars which indicate a good level of user satisfaction.

Most of the customer reviews says it takes time to assemble the unit, and although it is not difficult for one person to assemble it all by himself, it is better to get help from somebody. Overall the reviewers are greatly satisfied with the look and style of the unit and the heating capacity as well. But some of them found their flame doesn’t look like actual fire and are unhappy with the firebox. Most of the users are ready to recommend this product to other people and are really happy with their purchase and experience.


There is hardly any other fireplace that can match this unit in its heating performance, looks and functionality. In total, SEI Narita media console electric fireplace can be a valuable addition to any home despite seasons and time.