Southern Enterprises Elkmont Electric Fireplace Review

Does it worry you that most of your time during the winter days are gone with the wind in tending clean hot fires and cleaning up afterwards?  Or are you in a dilemma about choosing a fireplace for zone heating at your home? Cool down. There are quite a number of electric fireplaces that are cost effective, supplementary heaters that comes with modern convenience and the goodness of the dancing flames.  Many varieties are available depending on look, design, size, features and heat output on varying prices. Well, if you are looking for a one that is capable of warming you well enough even in the coldest of nights and at the same time has the charm of a traditional fireplace, Southern Enterprises Elkmont Electric Fireplace is definitely the one for you.

What make this electric fireplace stand out from the rest is its stunning classy looks in the contemporary design. The flames are more realistic than that of any other electric fireplaces and have even the flickering and crackling sound to add to its effect. Now you know why SEI Elkmont is there in the list of best rated fireplaces in the market.

 Elkmont Electric Fireplace

Highlights of SEI Elkmont Electric Fireplace

These are a few reasons why SEI Elkmont is popular among the electric fireplaces and why people who use it are ready to recommend it to others without any hesitation.


Elkmont promises a heat output of 5000 BTU per hour. This is sufficient to heat up a room as large as 1500 sq. feet. What is more interesting is that it takes only less than 24 minutes to warm up 1500 sq, ft. of space.

Strong Mantel

This fireplace comes with a strong mantel that can hold weights up to 85 lbs. The mantel can be used as television stand or a book shelf.  You can even display coffee mugs or ceramic jars or anything that you please to add to the ambiance of it.

Remote control

Remote control that comes with this unit makes it easy to operate and saves you time and energy. The remote apart from helping you control heat, makes it possible to control the brightness of flames as well. And all this within the ease of a click from wherever you are in the room.

Specification and features of Elkmont Electric Fireplace

  • Remote control adjusts thermostat, timer, logs, and flames separately.
  • Option for using with or without  heater is available.
  • Once the electric fireplace is powered off, logs and flames slowly turn down
  • Design : Classic brick style interior coupled with optional down light illumination
  • LED Bulbs give you energy efficient and long lasting illumination options.
  • Maximume height of TV that can be kept on it:   43.5″ W overall;
  • Supporting weight: 85 lb. (mantel);
  • Overall: 45.5″ W x 14.5″ D x 40″ H
  • Temperature ratings: 62-82 degrees at 4 degree intervals
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Self-regulating heater turns off when temperature is met. It also has Child safety lock accessible from remote control. Another notable features is glass remains cool to the touch.

Southern Enterprises Elkmont Electric Fireplace Customer Reviews

The electric fireplace works really wonderfully for almost all the customers who have bought the project. The performance, elegant style, ease of maintenance and assembling makes people delighted about this fireplace. There are many fireplaces of similar looks. However, the LED lights of this one take it to a whole new level.

Review Conclusion

SEI Elkmont is available in two different colors; stunning wood grain and dark earth toned. It is easy to use and 100% energy efficient. Its vintage looks can lend a substantial ambiance to the room where it is placed and can keep you warm and cozy all throughout this winter and the winters to come. No doubt, there are no better options for a fireplace, if you want to cherish the golden glow of the hearth and crackling sound of the timbers in more convenient way. Yeah, SEI Elkmont Salem is all yours.