Touchstone 50″ Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review

Isn’t it tedious most of your time during the winter days are occupied in tending clean hot fires and cleaning up afterwards?  Or are you in a dilemma about choosing a fireplace for zone heating at your home? Cool down. There are quite a number of electric fireplaces that are cost effective, supplementary heaters that comes with modern convenience and the goodness of the dancing flames.  Many varieties are available depending on look, design, size, features and heat output on varying prices. Well, if you are looking for a one that is capable of warming you well enough even in the coldest of nights and at the same doesn’t take  up your floor space, Touchstone 50″ Onyx wall mounting fireplace is definitely the one for you.

Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
What makes this electric fireplace different from the rest is its stunning classy look in the contemporary design. The flames are more realistic than that of any other electric fireplaces and it can keep you warm and toasty all winter.

Highlights of    Touchstone 50″ Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

Touchstone50’ Onyx is of great value and style. It is available in Black, White and Mirror- which gives you a considerable choice to be choosy about your interior aesthetics. Let us see what else makes Onyx special.

Heating Capacity

This fireplace is able to heat up an area of 400sq.ft nicely and easily with a BTU of 5118, which is a nice job.  This is ample heat to keep warm even on a hard winter day. It works on two heat settings; low (750 Watts) and high (1500 Watts).


Onyx comes with an automatic heat shutoff. In case if you forget to turn it, it will be automatically shut off and there will be no overheating. The front glass does not get hot so it is completely safe for kids and pets to be around. The fireplace is certified by the CSA group which is an industry standard rating, safety and approval board.


The remote control is provided for operating the unit with ease. You can turn it on/ off and adjust the other settings using the remote from anywhere across the room. The flame level can be adjusted from ember to burning logs using the controls. Apart from that, this unit has manual located on the lower left side of the unit. It has a in-built timer that controls the automatic shut off.

Specification and Features of Touchstone 50″ Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

    • 5100 BTU heater/1500 Watts
    • Electric 110/120 Volts
    • 11 amps and up
    • 6-foot electric cord
    • LED lights
    • Onyx (black) or ivory finish
    • Metal and glass material
    • High- and low-heat settings
    • Full-featured remote control
    •  Heats a 400-square-foot room
    • 5 flame settings
    • Remote control or the side of the unit for settings

Customer Reviews

This fireplace is one of the top rated among the wall hanging electric fireplaces in most of the online shopping sites. Onyx has 4.5 star ratings in Amazon and that indicate a good level of user satisfaction.

This unit, as stated by the customers, is easy to install and most of them did it themselves. The flames and the flame effect of this fireplace have won much hearts. Over all, the reviewers are greatly satisfied with the look and style of the unit and the heating capacity as well. Most of the users are ready to recommend this product to other people and are really happy with their purchase and experience.


There is hardly any other fireplace that can match this unit in its heating performance, looks and functionality. In total, Touchstone 50″’ Onyx wall mounting electric fireplace can be a valuable addition to any home despite seasons and time.