Ventless Gas Fireplace Reviews (Pros and Cons)

A gas fireplace is affordable, safe, and energy-efficient. Fireplaces are used to warm houses or rooms during the winter seasons and also for relaxing. Fireplaces give you a delightful experience with your family or friends chatting, playing guitar, or listening to your favorite music and dancing as you enjoy the warmth inside the house. Apart from heating the house, fireplaces also make the house shine and gloomy.

Wood-burning fireplaces were used in the olden days. Most of today’s fireplaces are fueled or powered by natural gas that eliminates ashes and soot leftovers from the wood fire. The traditional gas fireplaces, for example, wood-burning causing need vent to eliminate harmful gases from the room.

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An existing chimney is used to run a new exhaust flue in the homestead that doesn’t have one if possible. The installation of a vent is costly and can distract the whole project permanently. The fireplace can be set in the living room, laundry room, or even bedroom. Fore vent-less gas fireplaces do not need to have venting to operate.

Ventless Fireplaces

A vent-free fireplace has a regulator that produces a mixture of fine gases and air that enables gasses to burn cleanly. It reduces gases associated with traditional gas fireplaces. The federal laws need testing of vent-less fireplaces to ensure they function perfectly as they are supposed to without any complications. They are tested in national laboratories, and they must comply with federal standards before they are sold.

Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Fireplace Insert-32,000 BTU, Remote Control, FDF400RT-ZC, Black

Today, fireplaces models have in-built carbon monoxide detectors and oxygen detection sensors that monitor air quality in the room. Vent-free fireplaces do not have a fresh air intake vent; the room’s oxygen is used for combustion. The oxygen detector will shut off automatically when the oxygen limit goes low. Also, the carbon monoxide detectors will shut down when the limit is exceeded. Experts advise that homeowners should keep the window open when you are operating a fireplace.

Ventless fireplaces were invented to allow homeowners to warm their houses, especially during cold seasons. Vent-free fireplaces are economical because they don’t require or need a chimney to work perfectly. Vent-free fireplaces are designed to fit in different home setups. They are mostly utilized as secondary heat sources. Ventless fireplaces are fueled by natural or bottled gas and gel.

There are three types of vent-free fireplaces – gas fireplaces, gel-free fireplaces, and electric fireplaces.

Vent-free Gas Fireplace

Vent-free fireplaces use propane or natural gas as their fuel. Vent-free fireplaces need a link to the propane deports or natural gas line. When considering a secondary heating source, vent free gas fireplace is the best unit. You can get different designs and styles, but compact units are usually costly.

Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Insert-26,000 BTU, T-Stat Control gas fireplace, Black

Always ensure a professional technician installs your vent-free gas fireplace to avoid problems or property damages. Natural gas places can cause safety problems like physical sickness, property damage, and poisonous gas (carbon monoxide) to the host if not installed properly.

Vent-free Gel Fireplace

The vent-free gel fireplace also has a wide selection of styles and designs. If you are working with a tight budget, you would want to go for less costly vent-free fireplaces. This type of fireplace is one of the best cheap fireplaces. Vent-free gel fireplaces use the gel as their fuel.

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This type of vent-free fireplace can imitate wood burning smell and burning flame sounds. You can buy wall hanging gel fireplace units, which also works as home décor.

Vent-free Electric Fireplace

This type of fireplace does not produce real flames; instead, electricity is used to create heat. A ventless electric fireplace does not provide a visual appearance of the fire. It is mobile and closely packed.

Vent-free electric fireplaces are not expensive compared to gel fireplaces and gas fireplaces. Are you the type of person who gets sacred by the open flames but still you want a secondary source of heat? Then a ventless corner electric fireplace is one of the ideal fireplaces for you.

One of the challenges encountered during the installation of fireplaces is venting the exhaust gases, be it simple smoke from a wood-burning fireplace or the exhaust gases produced during combustion. Venting a fireplace is overwhelming and complicated in the retrofit installation, where it becomes hard to find the chimney route.

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Vented fireplaces are better at retaining heat, unlike wood-burning fireplaces, which lose heat up to the chimney flue, rather than radiating into interior spaces. Modern homes are built in such a way that even a fireplace can create negative air pressure that disables a good exhaust.

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Air flowing out of the chimney vent prevents combustion gases from other appliances from exhausting properly. Wood burning fireplaces that have masonry chimneys and vented fireplaces are less prevalent than before. This is because homeowners have discovered that gas fireplaces are safer and offer a better service.

Top 10 Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT

Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30,000 BTU 32-Inch Intermediate Gas vent free stove, Black

This product is in high demand because of its great features and how perfect it works. It weighs 78 pounds, and a thermostat control knob works perfectly to maintain the heat automatically. It also has to overheat sensors made of cold-rolled steel. The pleasant hearth has dual-fuel technology propane (LP) and natural gas (NG).

It has a pleasant sleek design that can fit the room or office’s angle with 32-inch minimal clearance. The Pleasant Hearth can heat up to 30,000 BTU per hour. This enables the house to get and retain more heat, and it’s the ideal gas fireplace to have during the winter season.

This fireplace can heat up to 1000 square feet, which ensures all parts of the room are warmed up. It has a free-standing unit with high BTU output. Pleasant Hearth is a perfect choice for people who love to have some style. It not only provides warmth but also offers a sense of style in your home. This product comes with two burners and it’s easy to assemble. It is also available for those with a tight budget because it has a friendly price and also comes with a two-year warranty.

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Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace

Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Fireplace Insert-32,000 BTU, Remote Control, FDF400RT-ZC, Black

This product is among the best ventless gas fireplace. It has a 32,000 BTU and dual-fuel technology using natural gas and liquid propane and heats your house up to 1500 square feet. It also features a thermostat variable remote control that has the most customized heat settings. If you love too much heat in your home or office, this is ideal because it has a great heat flow that could give you a pleasant warmth.

When it comes to style, Duluth Forge is the most ideal gas fireplace to install in your home. It will bring style and perfection to your home, including 6 realistic hand-painted ceramic fiber logs. This is also good for people who have small rooms, sitting rooms, office or apartment. It also features a dual-ported vent-free gas burner that works perfectly. It is very economical, so you don’t need a chimney or outside duct. It is very ecofriendly and conserves a lot of energy.

One of the great things about Duluth Forge fireplaces is that it is framed without air gaps. It also features stylish door burners that produce flames and makes your house glooming. Lastly, battery-assisted piezo ignition with inbuilt oxygen sensors helps detect the limit of carbon monoxide and oxygen and shuts automatically when the oxygen gets low.

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Duluth Forge FDF400T-ZC Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace

Duluth Forge FDI32R Dual Fuel Ventless Fireplace Insert - 32,000 BTU, Remote Control

This vent free gas fireplace is very stylish. It provides beautiful and glamorous flame patterns with realistic fiber ceramic logs making the home look stunning. This gas fireplace has 32,000 BTU patented with dual fuel technology using natural gas or liquid propane and can heat up to 1500 square feet. Dual Forge features a thermostat control that offers the most customized heat settings.

This the best and most ideal gas fireplace product for those interested in keeping their homes warm. It is also the best if you want to build your custom fireplace for your home. The yellow flames not only make the house glooming, but they also create excitement with their sounds. It is always a great experience to sit by the fire and watch the flames jumping up and down.

Flames also are a great source of heat supplement. It also features 6 realistic hand-painted ceramic painted logs, battery-assisted piezo ignition with inbuilt oxygen, and carbon monoxide detectors to sense when the oxygen is low and shuts down automatically. The golden-brown Furniture Grade Finish with 30% Sheen complements the classic designs, making the house look classy and acting as elegant home décor. The gas fireplace is easy to assemble and good looking.

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Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT 20000 BTU 25.1 Compact Gas Stove

Pleasant Hearth AT-1002 Ascot Fireplace Glass Door, Black, Large

This vent free fireplace insert has 20,000 BTU panted with dual-fuel technology, which uses propane and natural gas. With up to 20,000 BTUs, this product does not require a chimney. Pleasant hearth vfs2 is the best ideal for the choice of style and heating your house. It has a minimum clearance design to allow easy installation anywhere. It also features a thermostat remote control to maintain your heat level automatically.

The dual burners provide two rows of flames to allow a full visual of fire flames. Pleasant hearth comes with stylish ceramic logs, and it does not require electricity to operate. It can heat up to 700 square feet, which heats your house for a short time, and you might need to add another one during the winter season. This product is also easy to assemble.

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Duluth Forge Vent-less Free Dual Vent-less Gas Fireplace Insert

Duluth Forge FDSR25SG Shelves for Vent less Gas Stove Black, Small

This is among the best modern fireplaces that can heat your house with 26,000 output. This product has dual-fuel technology that uses natural gas and propane, which heat 1350 square feet in a given area. As a result, it can be dependable for various days. The thermostat control offers customized settings that are better ideal for heat flow, giving your homestead enough warmth or heat. It also features a sleek, stylish presence that is fascinating whenever hanging around with your family or friends.

The battery assisted piezo ignition has built-in oxygen sensors that shuts down immediately if carbon monoxide or lack of oxygen is detected. It has five stylish logs made with a ceramic fiber material to make them durable. The vent free gas fireplace insert is economical as it has 99% inexpensive adaptability with its ported vent free burners. This Product is proudly assembled in America. Professional American technicians manufacture the parts, assemble, and test the products from high-quality materials and parts.

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Duluth Forge Vent-less linear Wall Gas Fireplace

Duluth Forge Ventless Linear Wall Gas Fireplace - 26,000 BTU, T-STAT, Model DF300L

This fireplace is also on the top list of the market’s best gas fireplaces. It features 26,000 BTU output and dual-fuel technology using natural gas or liquid propane. This product can heat up to 1400 square feet in a given area. As a result, it is a good source of heating your house. It also features battery-assisted Piezo ignition with an in-built pilot oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) that shuts down automatically if carbon monoxide or lack of oxygen is detected.

It has a thermostat that automatically cycles the burner on and off to maintain a preferred room temperature. This is the best Ideal for a higher heat flow that could warm the atmosphere in your room. It is very stylish, with its slim design giving the house a beautiful look. Having a vent-free gas fireplace makes it economical and efficient. Therefore there is no need for a chimney. When using this fireplace, you are 100% that you are conserving the environment.

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Bluegrass Living B100TN Ventfree Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Bluegrass Living B100TN Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace Insert, 10,000 BTU, T-Stat Control, Black

This is the best ventless gas fireplace insert that is perfect for your living room, kitchen, or your den. This insert can fit in any part of your house to illuminate your space with the classic elegance of a fireplace. It can generate up to 10,000 BTUs of cost-effective heat to keep your room warm.

Zero clearance fireplace inserts are built to allow for installation very close to combustible material, allowing for custom built-in installations that require less space for installation, do not need a hearth, and are less expensive install. This natural gas fireplace Features: 10,000 BTU can heat up to 500 square feet. It operates on natural gas only. Zero clearance gas fireplace insert and has five hand-painted ceramic fiber logs Classic arched style.

It also comes with a one-year warranty. Thermostatic control heat settings help to maintain the desired room temperature. This product also comes with a beautiful ceramic fiber brick liner, ventless gas burner, and safety sensors that guarantee that you and your house are safe. For instance, the sensor turns off the fireplace automatically once oxygen levels go low.

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Peterson Real Fyre 24″ G45 Triple Burner

Peterson Real Fyre 24" G45 Triple Burner System (NG) Natural Gas (Burner-System Only Logs Not Included)

This model is a high-quality burner to use a log. The heavy-duty construction encourages the burner system, and the innovative design provides realistic yellow flames dancing up and down as the combustion continues. The G45 series burner provides a better choice to fill your place house and an amazing experience as you enjoy. This product only uses natural gas, and it is straightforward to assemble.

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Duluth Forge FDF300R Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace

Duluth Forge Vent Free Fireplace Insert

This product heats output on 26,0000 BTU. It features dual-fuel technology using natural gas or propane. It can heat up to 1300 square feet in a specified area. If you have a big house or apartment, you will have to find another alternative to warm your house since this alone is not enough.

The remote control has customized heating settings with the ideal purpose of heat flow. It also has stylish painted realistic logs made from ceramic material. It has a battery with inbuilt oxygen and carbon monoxide detectors the shuts down when there is a lack of oxygen.

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Duluth Forges FDSR2S-GT Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Stove

Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Vent Free Gas Stove - Model FDSR25, 26,000 BTU, Matte Finish, Remote Control

This Duluth model uses dual-fuel technology and has 26,000 BTU heating your house at 1200 square feet per given area. The remote is dependable because of its thermostat remote control. The remote control units allow setting the desired heat temperature.

Also, it is s free-standing fireplace will be installed at any angle of the house. It has 6 stylish hand realistic legs painted from ceramic fiber materials. It also has battery-assisted piezo ignition with in-built pilot oxygen sensors That shuts down immediately when it detects a lack of oxygen.

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Pleasant Hearth 46 Full-size natural Gas Vent Free Fireplace

Pleasant Hearth 46 Full Size Natural Gas Vent Free Fireplace System 32,000 BTU, Rich Tobacco

This fireplace product has a very high demand in today’s market. It produces a lot of heat to warm the house or office perfectly. With the high flow, it can heat up to 1,100 square feet. It also features a hand-held thermostat remote control that works on a programmable thermostat where the temperature is read to the actual remote-control location.

Pleasant Hearth 46 has dual burners that provide two rows of heat a clear vision to see the yellow flames dancing inside. The stylish dark brown wood architecture makes the house look classy and also acts as home décor. This gadget uses natural gas only.

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Pros and Cons of Gas Ventless Fireplaces


  • Vent-free fireplaces do not need any existing vent or chimney. As a result, one can be installed anywhere inside your house.
  • Vent-free gas fireplaces are very efficient, at least 99.9%, since they warm the house perfectly. This will enable you to enjoy the warm house and also save you some energy bills.
  • These propane or natural gas burning products are very effective in heating your homestead. The popularity of ventless fireplaces can be installed in rooms where wood-burning fireplaces would never be an option.
  • Vent-free fireplaces are cheaper because you will not need to hire a contractor to install them for you, and the units are also cheaper to install than traditional fireplaces with chimneys. The oxygen depletion sensor pilot assembly is designed to detect the oxygen levels when they go low it shuts down completely, making it safe for the host.
  • They are the best for environment conservation since no trees are cut down to make fire logs, thus discouraging deforestation.
  • Vent-free gas fireplaces come in different shapes and sizes, and it was straightforward to choose a suitable match with your existing home décor.
  • The vent-free natural gas prices range from $300 to $2500 and evermore. Making it easy to get one depending on your budget. Actually, they are not very expensive.
  • Traditional wood-wood burning fireplaces produce many ashes and other dirt collected on top of furnishing, which will need to be cleaned, but vent-less gas fireplaces do not.


  • Even though the in-built oxygen detector sensor (ODS) pilot system works well, it is not guaranteed that dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide cannot occur.
  • Some fireplaces have caused accidents and damages such that some countries have banned their installation.
  • Vent-less gas fireplaces produce bad odor during combustion, and this smell can affect people with allergies and sensitive noses. It can even make them experience suffocation. Vent-less gas fireplaces can be upgraded or customized in any way. Also, cheap vent-less fireplaces can’t be repaired.

Vent-less gas fireplaces are very helpful during winter. It doesn’t sound good when it’s winter season, and you don’t have a fireplace in your home. The house would be freezing, which is also bad for your health because you get colds or pneumonia. Sometimes invite your friends over for some chatting and playing some music as you enjoy the fire.

Trying gas fireplace inserts during the cold season can be very expensive since the demand is very high. Therefore make sure you get and fix your fireplace when it’s the right time when the prices are friendly. If you have a big house, you will need to get a gas ventless gas fireplace that is 30,000 BTU to give your house enough heat. Vent-free fireplaces are very cheap, so it depends on your budget or the amount you wish to spend on one. These gas fireplaces are easy to assemble, work perfectly, and are stylish, giving your house a glamourous look.

Ensure to always leave your window open when your fireplace is burning to avoid suffocating or getting physical harm from the dangerous gases. And use vent-free gas fireplaces to help conserve the environment.

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