VonHaus 1500W Portable Electric Stove Heater Fireplace Review

The tiring task of chopping the logs, keeping the fire and taking care of the mess after can be put away this winter and you can have quite a classy fire at your home by investing on an electric fireplace for good. Yes, the goodness of log fires are now captured in a wide variety of electric fireplaces that are now available in the market. Electric fireplaces are a way ahead of conventional heating methods in performance, safety and convenience.   The idea of a small size portable electric stove heater that you could take from one room to another, sounds interesting to you? Then you might check out VonHaus 1500W Portable Electric Stove Heater Fireplace which is absolutely reliable, economical and most importantly safe.

VonHaus 1500W Portable Electric Fireplace

Highlights of VonHaus 500W Electric Fireplace

Following are a few reason why people find this little fireplace charming and worth their money.

Small in size

VonHaus 500W is only 21.3 x 16.4 x 11.1 inches in size and only 18 lbs. Because it is compact in size and light weight, it is easy to carry around and ideal for zone heating. You only have to pick it up and plug in to wherever you need to heat.  In spite its size this stove kicks out sufficient heat to warm you well enough on chilly winter days.

Safety Cut Off

The fireplace goes automatically off when the room is warmed up to the temperature it is set to heat. This feature makes it possible to avoid overheating of the rooms and the consequences of overheating like malfunctioning of the unit, fire hazards etc.

Classy Design

Vonhaus 500W is designed to look like an old stove and has a classic retro look about it. And the flames it provides are brilliant and vivid like that of a log fire. It has a glass door showcasing the wonderful dancing flames adding to the aesthetic appeal it creates.

Adjustable Heat

This fireplace allows you to operate it at two heat levels; 750W and 1500W. You can use it accordingly to the heat out required to make the room feel warm and cozy. VonHaus also allows you to operate the heat and the flames independently. That is,if you need only the dusky glow of the fire for a night, you can turn off the heat as you wish.

Features and Specifications of VonHaus 1500W Fireplace

  • One of the best Electric fireplace with elegant freestanding design and classic black finish – great for the home, garage or workplace
  • Realistic vivid log flame effect with variable flame brightness – This allows you to use the fireplace with heat or independently for stunning visual impact
  • 2 heat settings with adjustable thermostat control for optimum comfort
  • Safety thermal cut off device which stops the appliance over-heating
  • Power: 750/1500W, Product Size: 21.3 x 16.4 x 11.1 inches
  • Product Weight – 18 lbs

VonHaus 1500W Portable Electric Stove Heater Fireplace Customer Reviews

As per the reviews found online, customers are very delighted about the performance of the portable electric fireplace. The well made and decorative fireplace is very good for small rooms. Customers say that the real warmth of this fireplace is from within five foot area in front of it.

VonHaus 1500W Fireplace Review Conclusion

In total, this small fireplace is a free standing design absolutely worth its price. It is appreciated for its realistic flames and log burning effect by those who have used it. Being relatively small and light, it is easy to move around and helps in zone heating. If you are looking for a supplementary heat source for the winter days and a fine piece of decor that will jazz up the ambiance of any night by lending the golden glow of the flames, VonHaus 1500W is absolutely in your league.