Walker Edison 58” Media Console Electronic Fireplace Review

Fireplaces are hard to do without. The old wood burning furnaces are now switching over to energy efficient, cost effective, affordable modern fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are now in trend is a proof that the enchanting glows of the embers and dancing flames are hearty enough to wish for despite the season and time. Not every house has the space and convenience to place a fireplace along with other décors which are unavoidable in a living room. A multipurpose media console electric fireplace is a great solution to such living rooms as it is at a time a fireplace, a storage place and a TV stand.

Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand , Espresso, 58" Review

There are many media console electric fireplaces available in the market today as it is high in demand these days. Finding the perfect fireplace which is also a wonderful décor that can hold your TV and media components is very important if you are looking for such a fireplace. Walker Edison 58” is one of those fireplaces that would meet your expectation of a great fireplace.

Highlights of   Walker Edison W58FP18ES Media Console Fireplace

This plug in unit that comes with ample storage space is stunning in its looks and performance. Let’s see why this rich, textured finish unit is a must for every home.

Heating Efficiency

This electric fireplace pours out ample heat to keep the chill off even in the coldest of the winter days. It can effortlessly heat up area of 500 sq. feet. It provides you with life like flames to add to the total ambience of the drawing rooms.


Walker Edison 58” features two adjustable shelves at either side of the firebox to store media components and other items. They are perfect for placing DVDs, game consoles, speakers etc. The mantels can accommodate flat panel TV up to 60”.


The product is available in two colors- espresso and black. It leaves you two options to choose the one that perfectly get along with your interior. It has four legs which make it slightly raised from the floor. This will help the unwanted spoil of the floor from the heat. Moreover, the shelves and mantel add to look of the unit.

Cable Management

The unit also features a cable management system which will help you to keep the media console neat and tidy by allowing you to route all the cables related to TV and related TV components through the back of the unit. The console has cable management holes at the back through which you will be able to run the cables and hide them from the front.


Specifications and Features of   Walker Edison 58” Media Console Fireplace

  • includes electric fireplace insert
  • adjustable shelving
  • high-grade MDF and durable laminate
  • support up to 250 lbs.
  • MDF Construction
  • Laminate Coating
  • Electric Powered (Standard Wall Outlet)
  • Good for medium rooms
  • Product Size – 16 x 58 x 25 inches
  • Product Weight – 95 lbs.

Customer Reviews

The people who invested on this quality-build product are unanimous about how great it looks in their drawing room. As per their experience, it takes only about an hour to assemble the unit and as it is a plug-in device, the installation is as simple as that. The heating performance, as stated by most customers, is wonderful and the flames look really good. Some of the users are unhappy with the material of the product which they took for wood on the occasion of the purchase. Over all, the customer reviews are in favor of the product and they are positive regarding the style, utility and heat output.

A media console fireplace is a much needed décor for any modern home and Walker Edison 58” is one the best available in the market. If you are in search for an attractive fireplace cum TV stand for your drawing room or office, Walker Edison is absolutely the best one suitable.