Why Did My Gas Fireplace Stop Working?

Why Did My Gas Fireplace Stop Working?

You can get all of the warmth, as well as ambiance from a gas fireplace. It can prevent you from any mess and hassle of wood, but it is not perfect all the time. Indeed, sometimes you may get troubles when using your gas fireplace.

Keep reading this article to learn about some troubleshooting you need to know when using a gas fireplace.

The Gas isn’t On

The first step you need to do is to check if the gas is turned on. Then, make sure you let it run to the fireplace correctly.

This step can help to avoid calling a repair technician. Besides, the gas may not flow to the pilot light because of insects laying nests inside it.

Issues with the Pilot Light

The pilot light in your model is to ignite the flame. If it blows out, your device cannot light. If you want to check this, the vent should be opened. Then, you can see whether there is a burning flame.

If not, you can solve this issue by re-lighting the light. Even when you do it, the problem is still not solved, you may get a more serious issue.

A popular problem is to have air in the pilot tubing. The solution for this issue is to keep the pilot button down.

To get the best result, you need to hold it down for three minutes. This method helps the air bleed out the line.

Issues with the Thermocouple

The thermocouple generates the electricity to ignite the gas if necessary. Your gas fireplace doesn’t work when you don’t screw it properly.

Therefore, it is essential to check to make sure you screw the thermocouple properly. It should also be placed properly.

Lack of Cleaning, Maintenance, and Inspection

Your gas fireplace requires annual inspections, service, as well as routine cleanings. Therefore, you can avoid issues by cleaning and annual inspections with a certified chimney sweep.

Many people choose gas due to its convenience. More importantly, you need to keep your fireplace convenient for use by making an annual service.

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Issues of dander and pet hair

Many owners have pets. Therefore, their hair, dander, and debris may get into your gas fireplace. If you don’t remove them, your gas fireplace may get into trouble with them.

Besides, they are also not good for those who have allergies.

Issues with the Batteries

If the remote of your gas fireplace isn’t working, you may have to change the batteries. Batteries may be located under the fireplace by controls.

Therefore, you need to check the manual to locate the batteries.


The fact is that a gas fireplace is easier to use compared to a wood-burning model. Also, it is more convenient. Gas fireplaces are also more affordable overall.

Indeed, you can save your money by purchasing wood. You can also get less environmental impact. However, they need regular service.

If you don’t get any service, you may face some problems above. We recommend you to get the right service schedule.