Top 10 Fireplace Dampers (2021)

Fireplace dampers are small flaps usually located inside a flue that is manually adjustable to allow in the air or let out the smoke.

Lock-Top 09120 Stainless Steel Lock-Top 13" x 13

It is usually located at the throat of the chimney just above the firebox. There are three main types of dampers:  

  • Fireplace throat dampers
  • Chimney cap dampers
  • Flue dampers

It is advantageous to have a damper for your wood-burning or mid-century fireplaces as it prevents warmth from exiting the room, especially during the winter when it’s very cold. A damper also helps in air conditioning by preventing cooler air from venting the house during the summer.

Some dampers are either closed or adjustable, making it possible to have them partially closed. Fireplace dampers are typically made of either metal or ceramic to enable them to tolerate heat from the fire without getting damage.

Almost every damper comes with instructions to make it pretty easy to learn how to operate it and also reduce accidents when installing it. If you are looking for a fireplace damper, we’ve done the legwork for you. Review our list of the top fireplace dampers.

10 Best Fireplace Dampers

1. Chim A Lator Deluxe Top Sealing Damper

Chim-A-Lator Deluxe Top Sealing Damper 8' x 13' Stainless Steel (Part# 050813)

This damper usually opens 6.5 inches. It has been proven for over 40 years to be the most trouble-free top-sealing damper. The fireplace damper is 100% stainless steel and is presented to the customer fully assembled which enhances fast installation.

The Chim A Lator damper has been tested on chimney fire and showed no effects or damage. In the event of a chimney fire, it doesn’t fall or blocks the flue. The damper has a removable handle that is extended past the opening to allow easy installation.

It is a great energy saver containing a tight seal on top of the chimney that usually keeps off cold air when the fireplace is not in use. Besides, it prevents any drafts coming from smoke moving down due to winds. Chim A Lator fireplace dampers also come with a six-setting regulator that helps to control the amount of draft needed to produce more heat when burning.

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2. Seal Tight Damper

US Fireplace Products - Seal Tight Damper 13' x 13', Air Tight Chimney Damper, Suitable for Wood Burning, Masonry Fireplace Chimneys

This type of damper is usually a low-profile mounted damper which means it is virtually invisible. The damper is constructed using rustproof stainless steel and cast-aluminum. It can serve as a chimney cap and can also be used to replace existing throat dampers that consume much energy.

The Seal Tight Damper comes with a tight-fitting two-part gasket system that prevents heat loss and a higher opening to enhance better drafting. This feature makes it better than other similar dampers.

Another great thing about it is that it comes with a hardware kit, 29 inches cable, and a handle. The hardware kit contains a chain assembly, keyhole bracket, silicone, two nail anchors, an Allen wrench, and a manual for use.

The damper is also fitted with a small hinge to reduce leaks into the fireplace. Once it is installed, its gaskets are not exposed to the outside. Inside the fireplace, there are handle mounts that are easily accessible. Besides, this easy-to-install damper comes in different dimensions.

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3. Lyemance Damper

Lyemance 13' x 13' Energy-Saving Damper

The Lyemance damper is another great product that you can consider. It measures about 13 inches in width x 13 inches in depth. The damper is known to mount easily as a top flue tile with silicone sealant.

Other than a manual, the damper comes with a silicone sealant, and you might also be given a lifetime warranty.

The Lyemance doesn’t need any batteries to function and is usually not used with gas logs. If you are looking for a damper that is easy to one, then this fireplace damper is for you. It can be used either as a top sealed damper, top-mount damper, or as an energy-saving damper.

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4. Round Spider Damper

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The round spider damper comes in different sizes and with typical dimensions of about 8 x 8 x 10 inches. The damper is considered as the ultimate replacement for warped, worn out, or defective factory-built fireplaces.

It opens and closes easily from the inside of the firebox. Also, this fireplace damper is highly valued for its ability to prevent heat losses and also good in air conditioning.

The round spider easily fits around masonry and clay liners with either single or double wall chimney pipe. Besides, it is the ideal damper for restoration projects.

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5. Lock Top Damper

Priority 8' X 13' Lock-tight Top Sealing Damper Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

The lock top damper is made of cast aluminum and stainless steel and a special silicone rubber gasket that makes it long lasting. This is the solution you need if you are looking for incomparable results in aspects such as time-saving, money, and also energy conservation.

It is designed to prevent bad weather, pests, loud noises from the outside due to its top sealing cap. This fireplace damper is a great alternative for many homeowners due to its low-cost. Besides, it is a good replacement for rusted and energy losing dampers.

This damper opens easily from inside the firebox and seals tightly anytime it is closed, thereby eliminating any drafts. If you purchase this damper, you will not only get a chimney fire safety device but also a lifetime warranty and.

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6. Vortex Atmosphere Backdraft Damper

Vortex Atmosphere VTBDD8 Backdraft Damper, 8'

This is one of the most simplified devices when it comes to installation. The fireplace damper easily fits into the ducts. It contains a shaft for each of its flaps. These flaps close onto an installed perimeter gasket.

These dampers are some of the best air seals. They prevent airflow in the opposite direction. The backdraft damper features a spring assist that helps in opening or closing the damper blades.

Also, the damper has a series of holes to increase or decrease the tension. The device has an adjustable counterbalance weight that helps to reduce the pressure required to open the damper.

Backdraft dampers come either as industrial backdraft dampers or relief dampers. The industrial type is typically used in outlets made with blowers to isolate and allow air flow in one direction. The relief dampers are generally used to alleviate pressure in duct systems and that helps to reduce equipment damage.

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7. The Forever Damper

The Forever Cap CCSS813O 8 x 13-Inch Stainless Steel 5/8-Inch Spark Arrestor Mesh Chimney Cap

The forever cap is a custom cap, professional model, and heavy-duty damper made of 100% stainless steel. It has a flange that is wide enough for easy installation. It fits in about 90 percent of all chimneys. In addition, it costs 60% less compared to the price you pay when you order other chimney caps.

The Cap protects the entire chimney crown and flue from depreciating in value. It contains a removable hood that facilitates easy cleaning. The Forever Cap usually comes with a standard 10-inch screen. To help prevents creosote buildup, it contains a superior animal-proof oval hole mesh.

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8. Chimney Top Vent Damper

Dracarys Grill Chimney Top Vent Cap Ceramic Damper Top Big Green Color Egg Accessories,Big Grill Green Egg Parts Replacement for Medium,Large and XLarge Big Green Charcoal Grill Egg

The Chimney Top Vent Damper is known for its uniqueness as it comes with a soft, malleable rubber seal which is usually attached to the frame. The rubber seal compresses and fits to the lid when closed. This damper that measures 6.7 × 3.9 inches may also act as a chimney cap. 

This type of damper seals the inside of your chimney from debris, rain, and snow. At the same time, it encloses the air, thus providing good air conditioning. This damper is easy to open and close and creates an air-tight seal at the top of the chimney due to its cast aluminum lid and strong spring. Besides, it is quick and easy to install and has no fusible link.

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9. Cast Iron Damper

Imperial BM0050-A 5' CI Damper, No Size, No Color

Spin dampers are specially modeled for stoves and usually work well with older stoves that lack adequate air inlet controls. They are usually installed in black flue pipes. A Cast Iron Damper drastically cuts down on heating costs, thus keeping your fireplace or stove functioning properly.

These fireplace dampers are generally used to regulate air by twisting the handle to open and close the device. They come with a manual for use and warranty as well as different styles and shapes to suit a variety of tastes.

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10. Suncourt Adjustable Motorized Damper

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This type of damper comes in two types: open and closed. The closed Suncourt Adjustable damper helps to prevent moisture build-up and keeps the freshness of your home intact.

Closed dampers are motorized, meaning that they can be designed to open and close partially or completely depending on the use. Also, closed dampers create comfort based on the choice of controls.

The open Suncourt Adjustable damper comes with an adjustable design and if you are lucky, you could get up to three years of warranty. The damper is pretty easy to install and can be merged with existing zone controller systems.

This damper is also known to function as a standalone device when working with a transformer. The damper also contains a total zone control where one can tailor airflow and temperature.

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