Best Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Best Bio Ethanol Fireplaces Reviews and Buying Guide [2020]

One of the recently launched fireplaces that set a new trend on the market is bio ethanol fireplaces. Bio ethanol fireplaces are mostly portable fireplaces that demand quite simple construction and run on the eco-friendly fuel- ethanol.

With regard to their ease and convenience of adapting to the space and conditions of any living space; and enticing decorative schemes, their demand goes up at impressive rates. That’s why you have chosen, just like many others to buy the best bio ethanol fireplace for your house for this winter and the winters to come.

Top 4 Best Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Since best bio ethanol fireplaces come with an array of features and styles, finalizing the right choice for your home could be a mystifying affair. After assessing the reliability of several bio ethanol fireplaces on the market, we recommend you some of the outstanding ones that offer the best combination of features.

Ignis EB1200 Ethanol Fireplace

Ignis EB1200 ethanol fireplace burner insert is creating a new wave on the fireplace market by meeting up the utility-emotional needs of the customers.  Their vision is to incorporate the green aspect in the fireplace by introducing an eco-friendly fireplace burner which does not produce smoke or other dangerous fumes that pose safety risks at home.

The absence of chimney, gas and electricity form the key highlight of the product. It can run for quite a long period as the storage capacity of the burner is 1.5 litres. It offers a burning period of 5 hours with an approximate BTU output of 6000. The burner is equipped to accommodate small fireplaces. The maintenance is so smooth as just wiping with a damp cloth finishes the whole job.

Nu-flame Irradia Tabletop Fireplace

As the name suggests, this product is specifically designed to dwell on a compact tabletop. The product assures 100% safety by using high quality stainless steel linear bumper, tempered glass and ships with snuffer tools. However, when it comes to storage, it does not offer much as it is equipped to hold 0.8 litres of fuel.

The product offers absolute freedom and flexibility to carry indoors as well as outdoors in terms of its light weight and handy nature. You can totally rely on the product in terms of a quality home décor. One of the key attractions of the product is the use of tempered glass for protection. In short, the product serves the double purpose of that of a fireplace and a home accessory.

Moda Flame GF301801 Vigo Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace- Black

Moda Flame GF301801Vigo tabletop ethanol Fireplace has been invading the market over the past few decades. The tempting facet of the product is its exotic design and enchanting black colour. In fact, black colour is a powerful design tool to create trendy and stunning style schemes. It also impart a  classy look to the fireplace.

As the fuel, bio ethanol is made from renewable energy sources, they do not leave a faint doubt of pollution in our minds. Moreover, being a completely plant based fuel, no hazardous fumes or oil based products are added in it. Rather than a standalone fireplace, it can be rightly fit into an existing non-functional masonry fireplace too.

In short, the product offers a smooth way of setting the live fire to any place of your choice.

Elite Flame Lenox Ventless Bio Ethanol Recessed or Wall Mounted Fireplace

Elite Flame Lenox Ventless Bio ethanol recessed or Wall Mounted fireplace is amazingly trending on the market owing to the ease of their operation. The product merely requires the support of a wall to function. It is either hung on the surface of a wall or installed by making a cut rightly into the wall.

The product assures 100 percent durability as it is double layered using 430 stainless steel. It also guarantees clean flames as it uses the fuel bio ethanol. It offers a high burning time of approximately 4 to 6 hours.

Moreover, it offers a high BTU of 18000 per hour with an excellent flame height of 12 to 14 inches. Being completely vent free, the installation process is simple and smooth.

Benefits of Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Gone are those days when we had to wrestle frequently with the mechanism of conventional fireplaces. At present, they not only beat the chilly atmosphere, but also become one of the most charming affairs of home.

In a more environmentally conscious world, the fireplace market gear up for setting green trends. Bio ethanol fireplace is one such imposing example which is designed in an eco-friendly line. Here are a few benefits which gained it the sudden splurge of popularity on the market.

Tired of Smoking chimneys?

Chimney sweeping can completely ruin the idea of a fun-filled weekend. The backbreaking hours of brushing the chimney don’t bother you anymore. Bio ethanol fireplaces are devoid of dangerous fumes and hence there is no need to fix chimneys, pipes or any other connections.

You can afford the benefits of heating arrangement without the inconvenience of a high maintenance. You can save a few bucks as well as your productive time as you need not hire chimney sweepers for the maintenance business.

Ease of Operation

The operation of conventional fireplaces was quite a task. Adjusting the logs frequently and cleaning up the messy fireplace was a strenuous business. The arrival of bio ethanol fireplaces on the market had put an end to the enduring concerns of the customers, specifically the elderly. The scene of ignition goes smoothly at a better pace with the just the pouring of fuel and a lighter.

Go Green and clean

Since the consumers have become increasingly environmentally sensitive, bio ethanol fireplaces appeal to many. They guarantee clean flames with zero ashes and soot. Moreover, since the fuel is made out of sustainable sources like plants, it could be regarded as a better alternative in comparison to wood and gas fireplaces. The green facet of the product reshaped the marketing trends of fireplaces.

Design Your Way of Living

Bio ethanol fireplaces can quite fulfil the interior requirements of a home. Bio ethanol fireplaces come in wide range of forms, shapes and styles so as to conform to the furniture and other interior conditions of the room and provide a homogenous effect. Contemporary models like front facing, corner specific, tunnel-shaped, space creator model, stand alone and curved patterns are now available on the market.

Impressive Running Cost

Bio ethanol fireplaces are chimneyless fireplaces which do not burn a hole in your pocket. Furthermore, they can run around 4 to 5 hours with 1 litre of fuel. Since they fall under the category of low maintenance fireplaces, they sound to be a very fortunate arrangement at home. You can save the bucks of hiring chimney cleaners as they can be cleaned with the wipe of a damp cloth in a minute.

Absolute Flexibility

Bio ethanol fireplaces offer absolute freedom and flexibility as they could be carried around with much ease. As the conventional fireplaces are designed to function inside the home, bio ethanol fireplaces could be used inside as well as outside home. They are so handy and light-weighted that you can pack the bags and throw the fireplace into the trunk of a car and make amazing night trips.

Bio Ethanol vs Other Fireplaces

Bio Ethanol vs Wood Burning

The bio ethanol fireplaces are one of the innovative fireplaces that address the domestic difficulties of maintaining a fireplace in urban environments. Although wood burning fireplaces offer the authentic visual charm and heat at home, its maintenance is not as easy as we fantasize. There are a range of tiring affairs that start from collecting the wood to clearing out the soot, ash and dust from the mess. Despite the inconvenience, they also generate debris that cause pollution. On the other side, bio ethanol fireplaces are specially designed for producing clean flames and prove to a time-saving asset.

Bio Ethanol vs Electric Fireplace

Both bio ethanol fireplaces and electric fireplaces sound to be far more convenient than wood burning fireplaces. In fact, the best electric fireplace would be your ideal choice for many reasons. Although both of them don’t require venting and offer low maintenance, they take their own turns when it comes to functionality. Electric fireplaces cannot run at times of power outages and thus cannot be treated as a completely reliable product. Moreover, if you are in love with the aesthetics of sitting near the fireplace and enjoying the naked flames, then, electric fireplaces is not a wise choice. On the other hand, bio ethanol fireplaces assure 100 percent reliability and authentic flame effect.

Bio Ethanol vs In-built Fireplace

While in-built fireplaces sound to be immoderate when it comes to installation costs, bio ethanol fireplaces prove to be pocket-friendly with vent-free technology and simple installation. Moreover, in-built fireplaces are fixed fireplaces which could be modified only by deconstructing the specific portion of the building. Bio ethanol fireplaces are portable fireplaces which could be installed at any place of your preference. Thus, if you wish to rearrange your furniture and accessories for the makeover of your home on a frequent basis, bio ethanol fireplaces sounds to be a better choice.

How to Find the Best Bio Ethanol Fireplace?

With the arrival of bio ethanol fireplaces, the fireplace market world is witnessing an upward trend in the sale. However, as they come in stunning models, designs and styles, picking the right choice for your home could be a daunting task for the customers. Here are a few tips to point you towards the right direction.

Choosing the Right Fuel for Your Fireplace

Bio ethanol fireplaces are equipped with burners that can accommodate specific fire design solutions like liquid bio ethanol and bio ethanol gel. If you wish to control the flames on a frequent basis, liquid bio ethanol sounds to be a better option; if you do not want to adjust the flames regularly, then opt for gel based ethanol fuel.

Fuels like gasoline and kerosene can produce harmful fumes that contribute to pollution. Bio ethanol solutions are made out of renewable plant sources that produce clean flames. Also different burners have different capacity when it comes to storage of fuels.

Therefore, before you make a dash into the fuel shop, make sure that you go for an eco-friendly fuel which is specifically designed for a bio ethanol fireplace.

Add Vigour to Your Home

Bio ethanol fireplaces are so detailed that they are designed for specific parts of your home such as corners, walls, free-space, roof-hanging and so on. Choose the best place to keep the trendy fireplace if home décor is your cup of tea.

With its naked flames, it creates an enchanting atmosphere and adds a distinctive look to your home. It creates a liveliness in your room and sets the mood for a homely gathering or peaceful contemplation. Bio ethanol fireplaces are a perfect asset for small apartments.

If you choose the right shape, size and style for the interior of your home, they live up to your expectations in an amazing way. A better space planning of your home can help you decide the right fireplace that conforms to the general character of your room.

Does the Burner Matter?

One of the flaws that the customers tend to make while purchasing the bio ethanol fireplace is a clean forget of the burner. The burner plays a vital role in the functioning of a bio ethanol fireplace. Quality burner is a requisite when it comes to ethanol fireplaces.

Cheap burners tend to pose greater risks to home. Moreover, after running for a long period, they can cause damage to the compartment to which they are slotted in.  Or the excessive heating could bend the surrounding parts of the burner.

The filling of the fuel inside the burner should also be given considerable attention as the spilling of the fuel can also result in fire accidents. Another aspect to be noted is the design of the burner. Make sure that the burner helps you to shut off the flames efficiently when it comes to extinguishing the fire.

Indoor as well as Outdoor Application

Since bio ethanol fireplaces are mostly portable fireplaces, they can be used interior as well as exterior of home. If you love the fantasy of a barbeque night or outdoor get together in the evening, free standing bio ethanol fireplaces sound to be the most sensible option.

The add liveliness and vigour to the place. Enjoy the absolute freedom granted by these fireplaces by carrying them around your home. Some of them are so compact and flexible that you can just toss them into your car and carry them for trips.

Increasing Demand for Bio-fires

Over the past few decades, bio-products have been making a big buzz on the fireplace market. Since bio ethanol is processed from renewable energy sources, they offer zero pollution. Conventional fireplaces show a downward market trend these days as they tend to produce dangerous fumes and gases and pose pollution risks to home.

They meet every demand for green household care products. Therefore, if you wish to go in the line of the current market trend, then bio ethanol fireplaces occupy the top-selling zone of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Are bio ethanol fireplaces durable?

The durability of bio ethanol fireplaces is based on the quality of the burner. If you purchase a cheap quality burner, then it is likely to damage its surrounding part in the long run.

Are bio ethanol fireplaces safe?

They are designed to function safely and steadily. As far as the storage of the fuel and filling of the burner are taken care of, there is no risk for fire accidents.

Does a bio ethanol fireplace render impressive heating output?

Answer: Bio ethanol fireplaces do not offer heating output as excellent as wood burning fireplaces. They can only deliver heat up to the immediate surroundings.

Are Bio Ethanol Fireplaces Safe?

These fireplaces are designed to be safe and secure. Following the user’s manual and guidelines will ensure better safety. Normal safety measures should be taken by the users when the open flames or combustible liquids are in close proximity.

Keep the surrounding of the fireplace free from chemicals or readily combustible materials as they are capable of causing potential fire accidents. Never leave the open fire unattended for a long time and always keep a fire guard at home as a precaution.

When it comes to fuel, make sure that you only use the fuels designed for your fireplace. With the aid of a funnel, bio fuels should be filled up to 15 centimeters of the tray in order to ensure proper and clean burning.

One should not fill the fuel or move the fireplace when the fireplace is hot or on ignition. Reasonable care should be given to the storage and handling of the fuel. Natural ventilation is mandatory as the fireplace uses oxygen in the room for ignition.

Fuels Used for Bio ethanol Fireplaces

The type of energy need is an important consideration when you rush to the fireplace market. Due to the unavailability and inaccessibility of conventional fuels, the customers have started switching to modern fuels like bio ethanol. Bio ethanol fireplaces opens up mostly two choices – Liquid Bio Ethanol and Bio Ethanol Gel.

Liquid Bio Ethanol

Liquid bio ethanol primarily comprises of ethyl alcohol which is a thin and clear bio fuel that produces clean flames.  It renders an impressive amount of heat around 2.5kW per hour and a burning duration of 5 hours. It mimics true burning wood flames in yellow and blue colour that can be controlled.

Bio Ethanol Gel

Bio ethanol gels are thicker in comparison to liquid bio ethanol and usually comes in a container that fits inside the fireplace. It is more pocket friendly than liquid bio ethanol. However, the flame effect is a little lower when compared to liquid one. Although the flame effects of both fuels are quite similar, gel based fuel cannot be regulated properly.


Bio ethanol fireplaces prove to meet the most pressing demands of the customers in an outstanding way. They have been a mainstay on the fireplace market in regard to their eco-friendly aspect. Moreover, with stunning designs, styles and models, they render the desired homogenous effect to the space.

You can totally relish your homely moments with the mesmerising effect of bio ethanol fireplaces. They allow the current of your creative ideas to gush into the decorative scheme of your desired space and construct a more aesthetically pleasing environment.