5 Best Fire Pit Insert for 2022: Buying Guide

Are you looking for the greatest fire pit insert for an upcoming backyard party? I am here to assist you in obtaining the best possible deal. Here’s a look at the top fire pit inserts on the market right now.

There are several vital pieces to each fire pit insert, therefore we must be aware of their key characteristics before purchasing one.

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What is Fire Pit Insert?

A fire pit insert is a metal fireproof structure that is typically placed immediately on the ground. It is usually embedded with stones and bricks. It is often formed as a circle or square, with the area within it used to confine the fire.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fire Pit Insert


It is recommended to go for a simple fire pit insert if you have a limited budget. Others might spend a lot of money, especially if they included chairs and other conveniences.

Thus, usually, the budget for a fire pit insert began at $100 and can quickly grow to $1,000 when you chose to add extra amenities surrounding your fire pit insert.

Local Rules in the Area

Before you began constructing a fire pit, have research first on the open-flame rules and regulations in your area.

However, this is significant since city codes usually differ. For example, in some neighborhood, not all fire pits are permitted. So, before you decide to buy one, please make sure to double-check everything.


A fire pit bowl is an excellent option for small yards and is frequently used in portable versions. However, it is recommended to buy rectangular fire pits for bigger areas.

Also, they differ not just in shape but also in design. Experts always choose those that are appropriate for their surroundings.

Fuel Type

Generally, the fuel for a fire pit might be wood or propane. Wood is always a popular choice, especially for people who want authentic outdoor fragrances. Then, when you are using wood, always make certain that you have enough supply of it.

However, wood-burning fire pits are typically less expensive than propane gas as well as other sources of fuel.

Fire Pit Insert Dimension

It is recommended to measure your space first to determine the appropriate size of fire pit insert you will buy.

A fire pit with an internal diameter of 36 to 44 inches is recommended to give enough area and safe spacing between persons surrounding the fire.

Materials Used

You may also select-fire pit materials as they may be made of anything from rock and tiles to stainless steel.

Also, there are fire pit inserts that are simple to clean, rain-resistant, and rust-resistant; they are often made of stainless steel, but they are pricey. Many people also use tiles as décor that are also fireproof.

Then, copper fire pit inserts are also very appealing. They are safe because they are powder-coated, and they look gleaming and lovely in the yard.


You can’t just put a fire pit wherever you want. The place must be carefully picked and it should be located far away from anything that may catch fire.

Then, it is recommended to place the fire pit insert in an open field away from structures, bushes, and other flammable things.

Also, consider the direction of the wind in your area. It is preferable to locate a fire pit near the outdoor kitchen, pool, and decks where people congregate the majority of the time.


Of course, if your fire pit isn’t secure, you won’t be able to completely enjoy it. That is why we must ensure that the site is secure.

To avoid hazards, ensure that it is situated on flat ground. It is also advisable to use screens to cover the fire pit insert.


So, when you finally get your first fire pit insert, you will be able to create the ideal environment for your backyard.

You may like to put on LED lights because you can just plug them into a nearby outlet. You can also surround it with traditional outdoor chairs.

5 Best Fire Pit Insert Reviewed

Sunnydaze Fire Pit Ring

Sunnydaze Steel Above-/In-Ground Fire Pit Ring Insert - 33-Inch Outer Diameter (27-Inch Inner Diameter)

This fire pit insert has an excellent grade not just for its appearance but also for its performance. This fire pit addition will look great in any outdoor space.

Also, you can encircle it with bricks and pavers before setting it in the ground. You can also build a fire within the ring with wood. Another alternative is to keep it just above the ground and surround it with bricks or pavers to keep it in place.

However, either approach creates the appearance of a lovely handcrafted fire pit.

Importantly, it is constructed of heavy-duty 2 millimeters thick steel and painted with heat-resistant black paint for long-term durability.

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Doniks Fire Pit Ring

Doniks Fire Pit Ring 42 inches Outside / 36 inches Inside Diameter Heavy 2mm Metal Steel Ring-DIY fire Pit Ring Above or on The Ground for Outdoor Camping, Backyard (42 x 36 x 10 Inch)

This fire pit insert has a sturdy steel structure that assures it will survive for many years.

For many users, they utilized it as an in-ground fire pit insert or an above-ground fire pit ring. You can easily customize it to meet your needs, and either choice gives you the appearance of a lovely handcrafted fire pit.

Then, bricks are used to round the fire pit insert. It is recommended to put them in the ground and cover the dirt surrounding the fire pit with them.

Also, it features a 42-inch exterior diameter and a 36-inch inner diameter. As a result, it is an excellent choice for people who really like creating a cozy atmosphere.

It is composed of heavy-duty steel metal that is 2mm thick. It is also sprayed with high-temperature paint, ensuring that it will endure the heat of enormous campfires.

This fire pit ring is screwed together, making it simple to construct and unlikely to slip off during usage.

Also, this sturdy campfire ring is portable, making it ideal for your backyard parties with family and friends.

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VBENLEM Fire Pit Ring

VBENLEM Fire Pit Ring 45-Inch Outer/39-Inch Inner Diameter, 3.0mm Thick Heavy Duty Solid Steel, Fire Pit Liner DIY Campfire Ring Above or In-Ground for Outdoor Black

This firepit insert may be used as an in-ground or above-ground fire pit liner for a campfire. You can flexibly design it to meet your demands.

Because it is lightweight and portable, you can construct and dismantle its simple design in a matter of minutes. It’s perfect for any backyard camping and barbeque party.

Then, it is made of long-lasting 3 mm Q235 steel, which boosts sturdiness and assures a metal ring fire pit insert for long-term use. It can also endure temperatures up from 600 to 800 degrees Celsius. Lastly, it is painted with high-temperature paint for improved quality and corrosion resistance.

Its big diameter allows it to retain more charcoal and wood, which is ideal for producing a dazzling, consistent blaze.

Importantly, it comes in four-piece kits and is simple to assemble with the included screws. In fact, it allows users to spend more time enjoying a wonderful fire in their backyard space because it connects firmly and does not slide off during usage.

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VEVOR Fire Pit Ring

VEVOR Fire Pit Ring, 36-Inch Outer/30-Inch Inner Diameter Fire Pit Insert,1.5 mm Thickness Fire Ring, DIY Steel Ring with Tongs In-Ground Fire Pit Liner for Outdoor, Patio, Backyard

First of all, this fire pit insert is ideal for do-it-yourself installation. The fire pit liner is more robust and sturdy since it is made of heavy-duty steel with a coated surface.

Also, it is 30 × 30 inches and can add a nice feel to your yard. Furthermore, this fire pit ring is screwed together, making it simple to install and remove.

It can contain more charcoal and wood, which solved the problem of having to add charcoal frequently and aided in the growth of the fire.

In fact, this firepit insert is very easy to install on your own. When you will need to fit it, just simply secure the connecting component with eight screws before inserting the fire pit insert.

It also includes extra-long tongs, which will allow you to add wood to the fire without injuring your hands. Therefore, this fire pit insert will be frequently utilized and is simple to transport and store.

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RYFT Fire Pit Ring

RYFT Fire Pit Ring 45-Inch Outer/39-Inch Inner Diameter Fire Pit Insert 3.0 mm Thick Heavy Duty Solid Steel Fire Pit Liner DIY Campfire Ring Above or In-Ground for Outdoor

This fire pit insert is made of thicker steel with a high-temperature-resistant paint finish. It can survive extremely high temperatures and harsh weather without being damaged or rusting.

Also, it comes with a four-piece kit with screws, and it can be put together in minutes. You can use your DIY talents to create a fire pit insert out of bricks and stones, which can become a lovely feature in a yard or garden.

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How to Clean a Fire Pit Insert?

fire pit insert

Gather the Ashes

Remove all of the ashes and garbage in a safe manner.

Create a Cleaning Solution

Put one spoonful of dishwashing liquid in a plastic pail of warm water.

Surfaces should be cleaned

Cleanse the interior and outside of your fire pit insert with a sponge or soft cloth dipped in the cleaning solution. Therefore, you can use the same method to clean the lid of your fire pit insert.

Thoroughly rinse and dry

Rinse your fire pit insert with a garden hose or a pail of clean water. Finally, use old towels to dry the fire pit insert to prevent rust from accumulating.


I’ve provided you with some pointers on how to select a fire pit insert and what to look for when purchasing one. However, you must not lose sight of safety at all times.

Importantly, the fire pit area will be where you spend the nicest summer moments with your loved ones. With the aid of a durable and eye-catching fire pit insert, you can turn it into a safe, long-lasting place.

FAQs About Fire Pit Insert

Is it possible for outdoor fire pits to become wet?

Yes. However, moisture accumulation within a propane fire pit insert might interfere with the gas burners, preventing lighting and rusting of the equipment. To avoid these problems, certain precautions must be taken.

What is the best way to keep a fire pit insert dry?

During rainstorms, just putting the pit inside a garage, underneath a deck makes it cozy and dry. Before storing the fire pit in a covered place, make sure it is completely cool.

Where should a fire pit insert be placed?

Setting your fire pit on concrete or patio slabs is a wonderful option. Concrete will not catch fire and is hefty and solid enough to offer stability.

Is it necessary to cover a fire pit?

A fire pit must have a protective cover. By avoiding corrosion and discoloration, a protective cover will extend the life of your firepit.

How much of the area is required around a fire pit insert?

About 7 feet in length. When designing your outdoor living area, you’ll want to make absolutely sure there was enough space around your fire pit for everybody to feel comfortable.