9 Best Fire Pit Mat Available in Amazon Today + Buying Guide

A fire pit mat is similar to a standard mat, however, it can withstand extreme temperatures. While we go for a fire pit, a fire pit mat is a must-have item to ensure that we appreciate our fire pit safely.

Also, a fire pit mat covers our outside surfaces from heat, flame, and damage when we use our fire pits and grill mats. These mats can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and are heavy-duty defense mats with a bright, easy method to protect our area from excessive heat. It also shields our area from oil, dirt, and spills.

So when we have or want to have a fire pit, we should also consider a fire pit mat. Throughout this article, we will look at some of the top fire pit mat reviews to help us make a selection.

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What Does a Fire Pit Mat Do?

First of all, a fire pit mat is identical to a standard mat, except that it is particularly intended to be very heat resistant. So, a fire pit mat is not only required for protection, but it also helps to keep flying sparks and embers from destroying our floors.

Then, while sitting by the warmth of a fire may surely feel comforting, having to clean away the scorched traces afterward can be disappointing. This is where fire pit mats come in useful since they are heat-resistant and will definitely keep us safe.

What are the Materials Used in Making Fire Pit Mat?

Many fire pit mats are typically composed of fiberglass or fire-retardant material since both materials have heat-resistant properties that assist preserve a surface from high temperatures.

However, if the fire pit does not have any legs but instead rests straight on the floor, we should select stronger padding made of volcanic rock fiber or a thicker metal heat-resistant cover.

Things To Consider Before Buying Fire Pit Mat

There are several styles and types of fire pit mats. There are several forms, patterns, costs, durability, and other factors that might be puzzling for us.

fire pit mat



The mat we intend to buy must be strong enough to resist our fire pit. If the mat is not sturdy, it might be burned or melted by heat or fire, which is inconvenient for us. Furthermore, it might be dangerous to us as well as our home or deck.

Washable and Transportable

The fire pit mat that allows us to comfortably utilize your fire pit must be transportable. We might have to relocate it once we’ve used it. So this is an essential step before we make a choice.

We often have to rinse it again after we use it. As a result, the mat must also be easily cleaned. If the mat meets both criteria, we may choose the mat that best demonstrates our purchasing value.

Collapsible or lightweight

The fire pit mat we wish to buy should be light and collapsible. If we get a light or collapsible fire pit mat, it will be useful to us. You can conveniently store it and transport it when traveling.

It is unimportant whether it is thick or thin. This is determined by the material used in its construction and the design.


When shopping for a fire pit mat, size is a crucial consideration. We’ll discover a variety of shapes and sizes on the market, and we’ll need to select one that suits our fire pit.

Also, the carpet must completely cover the space beneath our pit. A well-sized mat can help us safeguard our surface and feel more relaxed when using our fire pit.

10 Best Fire Pit Mat Reviewed

Newtex FirePad Deck Protector

Newtex FirePad Deck Protector - Perfect for Fire Pits, BBQ, Smokers, Grills - Protects Porch, Patio, Deck, Wood, Grass, Stone, Composite from Burns - Heat Resistant Fire Pit Mat (36')

With the use of quality materials, the Newtex FirePad Deck Protector is certainly one of the finest fire pit mats for us on the market.

Furthermore, this fire pit mat is created with high-temperature aluminized Z-flex material that is industrial-grade. It reflects 95% of heat yet remains cold and harmless to the touch. The base layer of the Z-Block fabric functions as an unbreakable flame barrier, preventing burn marks and heat damage from collecting.

Thus, this fire pit mat has been tested particularly for our household usage, allowing us to position it at least 6 inches underneath the heat source and prevent surface damage.

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HOMENOTE Round Fire Pit Mat

HOMENOTE Round Under Grill Mat & Fire Pit Mat, 36' Deck Patio Protect Mat, Fireproof Grill Pad for Fire Pit, Griddle Cooking Center, Outdoor Flat Top Gas, Propane Burners & Portable Charcoal Grills

Unlike some conventional mats, HOMENOTE assures that their fire pit mat will not shred, curl, or break from exposure to heat.

This very long-lasting fire pit mat is made of fiberglass cloth and is designed particularly to shield our patio or deck from hot embers and fire sparks.

Furthermore, the initial layer of the HOMENOTE floor mat is made from organic silicone coating, which helps to guard against spots, spills, oils, and dirt build-up. Furthermore, fiberglass provides exceptional heat resistance.

Not just that, but the HOMENOTE Round Fire Pit Mat is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, carry, and store for future use. However, we must allow at least six inches of distance between the fire pit mat and the source of heat.

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KINGXBAR Protection Grill & Patio Fire Pit Mat

Fire Pit Mat for Deck Visible at Night, KINGXBAR Protection Grill & Patio Fire Pit Mat Hearth Rug, Fireproof Mat, Deck Protector for Wood Burning Fire Pit, Gas Fire Pit, Charcoal Grill 59'x 59'

The KINGXBAR Fire Pit Mat is a highly dependable and one-of-a-kind alternative for our hunt for a low-cost and long-lasting fire pit mat.

This mat has fire-resistant silicon covering, which means that our surfaces will remain safe regardless of materials. This mat is also intended for usage at night since it is embellished with four luminous stripes to assist enlighten the area.

Furthermore, this fire pit mat is easy to clean and maintain by machine washing, hand cleaning, or even vacuum. The material is strong enough to endure wear and tear, as well as oil and water buildup.

Because of so many rings on the interior of the mat, we may further bind it to the floor. This fire pit pad, however, will not prevent heat from traveling to sensitive surfaces such as grasses or wooden decks.

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Fireproof Pros Heat Resistant Mat

Fireproof Pros 36' Fire Pit Mat for Deck, Patio, Grass and Concrete. Thick Heat Resistant Deflector Fireproof Mat/Ember Mat. Triple Layer Fire Pit Pad, Firepit Protector, BBQ Mat for Large Fire Pit

One of the models’ best features is that it says to be 6 times thicker than the norm. Whereas most fire pit mats appear to be very thin, Fireproof Pros places a premium on durability, and their versions are particularly built to resist even higher temperatures.

Also, their fire pit mat can filter out 95 percent of external heat thanks to its three-layer shielding. The mat’s top layer is comprised of aluminum fiberglass. The bottom silicone-coated layer, on the other hand, combines with the other two layers to create an almost indestructible fire pit mat for us.

Thus, this mat also has non-slip, waterproof, and extremely long-lasting properties. It also comes with a convenient tote bag for easy traveling.

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Ember Fire Pit Mat

Campfire Defender Protect Preserve The Original Ember Mat | 67' x 60' | USA Based | Fire Pit Mat | Grill Mat | Protect Your Deck, Patio, Lawn or Campsite from Popping Embers

Next, the Ember Mat is without a doubt one of the greatest fire pit mats available. It’s specially intended to prevent exploding embers or dripping oil from causing damage to our area, and the mat’s food-grade silicone covering assures that it won’t irritate our guests.

Also, the Ember Mat has high-reflective edging for our nighttime visibility, as well as eight stainless-steel edge hooks to secure the mat to the floor.

Not only that, but it also provides us 10 inches of space in between the base of your fire pit and the mat surface, preventing heat transmission to the ground.

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KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat

KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat (38 x 38 inch), Patio Fire Pit Pad, Fireproof Mat Deck Protector for Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit & BBQ Smoker, Fire-Resistant Grill Mat for Grass Lawn Protection (Gray)

Another surprisingly durable option at consumer-friendly pricing is the KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat.

Amazingly, the multiple levels of fire-resistant materials make up the structure. Also, t This fire pit rug can endure temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and therefore can reflect 95 percent of the heat from the patio, helping to preserve our grass or deck.

Also, the KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat also has a non-slip silicone-covered fiberglass material, which ensures that even our tall fire pits, huge barbecues, and smokers will stay put.

However, we recommend that you place this fire pit mat at least 4 inches away from the heat source. This fire pit mat features twin threads, making it even more sturdy and long-lasting.

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Meitola Fire Pit Mat

Fire Pit Mat—Stove fire mat,Retardant | Heat Resistant,Ember Mat and Grill mat,Absorbent Material, Protect Your Deck, Terrace, Lawn or Campground from Embers,Waterproof Backing,Washable (36'×36')

Next is another fantastic alternative for our hunt for a high-quality fire pit mat is the Meitola Fire Pit Mat. This fire pit mat is not only constructed of the best quality, but it also has a fantastic non-slip and waterproof bottom fabric to keep it from sliding about.

The cushion is comprised of absorbent material that can swiftly absorb liquids while preventing major harm from extreme heat.

Not just that, but this mat is also incredibly simple to clean and install, as all we have to do is position it in the correct spot and cut it to the exact size required. Giving us complete control over the amount of space we need to cover.

Furthermore, the cushions are produced from eco-friendly felt materials, so we can rest easy knowing that your purchase is completely safe.

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Deckfinder Fire Pit Mat

The Deckfinder Fire Pit Mat is without a doubt one of the most dependable and effective options available.

Furthermore, this fire pit has outstanding heat resistance, is able to sustain temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, and reflects up to 95% of radiant heat, keeping it cool to the touch.

Lastly, Deckfender provides a lovely touch with their handy fire poker, which keeps us safe from the flame, ember, and sparks. Overall, a well-designed fire pit mat comes fully equipped with all of the required characteristics to provide us with a fun yet safe atmosphere.

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MDGC Fire Pit Mat

For its 4-layers of protective textiles and exceptionally easy-to-clean materials, the MGDC Fire Pit Mat is definitely one of the best fire pit mats available.

Also, this fire pit mat is comprised of dual-layer strong fiberglass fabric and dual-sided aluminum foil. Aluminized Fabric Technology in the Ember Mat surface layer deflects up to 95 percent of radiant heat up and away from our grass, deck, or patio.

Plus, we won’t have to double-check whether it’s the proper side because it has the glass fiber aluminum material on both ends, which protects us from burns and heat damage. The MGDC Fire Pit Mat must be set at least six inches away from the heat source.

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How to Maintain Fire Pit Mat?


It’s simple to clean our fire pit mat. Simply lay it out outside and spray it off to remove any trash or grass stains from your fire pit area. When cleaning the mat, avoid using strong chemicals.

Keep in mind that we want it to be durable and long-lasting. Chemical cleaners, on the other hand, may harm the fabric or produce discoloration over time.

Furthermore, another option for cleaning our fire pit mat is to wash it in cold water on a moderate cycle in the washing machine. Allow the mats to air dry after cleaning, and they should appear brand new.

Safety Tips For Using A Fire Pit Mat

Always keep a fire extinguisher handy. We must keep the area surrounding our pit free of combustible things like leaves and dust.

Don’t ever use gasoline or even other flammables, and keep our children away from the fire pit at all times to avoid being burned by embers that hurl out during the burning process.


Finally, we have all of the details and a review of a few of the best fire pit mats. So, if we intend to have a fire pit mat, it will be able to enhance the pleasure of our fire pit.

This will keep us and our surfaces safe, so don’t waste any time and get one of the following mats.

The costs of the mats vary, and we may choose our own fire pit mat based on our budget.

FAQs About Fire Pit Mat

Is it possible to put a grill mat below a fire pit?

Yes, a grill mat may be placed behind our fire pit to cover our deck. A grill mat and a fire pit mat are the same things.

What size fire pit mat should we get?

Our deck base or grass will be safer if we cover a larger area. Anything larger than 36 inches should suffice. Please keep in mind that a fire pit mat does not ensure that we will not start a fire.

Is it possible to use a fire pit on grass?

Yes, you may use a fire pit on grass. Furthermore, a gentle mist of water around the edge of the fire pit will assist the grass recover more quickly after use by reducing heat strain.

What can we place below my fire pit rug to ensure that our grass is protected?

A practical and cost-effective solution is patio stones or brick tiles.

What do we require to surround a fire pit?

Gravel should be used to surround it. Gravel is an excellent choice for a natural fire pit set. It’s a terrific material to use around our fire pit because it won’t show any charring or ash stains if the fire is going strong. Just make sure there’s no gravel in the fire pit.