8 Best Fireplace Gloves for 2022: A Buyer’s Guide

Have you been afraid to light a fire in the fireplace because you were afraid of getting burned? Then, you’ll need some fireplace gloves, which can conveniently save you from getting burned.

Furthermore, I’ve included a list of the finest fireplace gloves as well as some buying guides to assist you in making your decision.

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What are Fireplace Gloves?


First of all, fireplace gloves are gloves that give a layer of protection from the heat generated by fires. Fireplace gloves provide protection for our hands from burns, and other discomforts associated with gathering and handling firewoods.

Things to Considers When Buying Fireplace Gloves


fireplace glove

The main material is crucial. It influences the amount of heat resistance you will have. Some materials are superior to others, yet they are more expensive. Let’s have a look at these materials and what they have to offer.


When utilized as a material for gloves of any kind, leather performs well. This material is long-lasting and resistant to punctures.

Furthermore, many other types of leather are used, but cowhide reigns supreme. This is simply due to its acceptable heat resistance. The majority of stove gloves are made of leather.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is extremely heat resistant and will not melt. This is generally ideal for industrial settings. They are fairly expensive, especially if the quality is outstanding. They can also resist temperatures beyond 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a plus.


Kevlar is another material that is frequently utilized, either alone or in combination with other fabrics. The material is resistant to heat and does not catch fire as it is cut-resistant and has a firm grip. They are very simple to clean and it is typically used to make stove gloves.


Polybenzimidazole is a reliable fabric with a high melting point and it can withstand extreme temperatures without melting or leaking.  These are commonly intended for professional usage and it is frequently used in firefighting gear and even spacesuits.


Another material used for fireplace gloves is Nomex. However, the material is not as strong as kevlar, but it has good heat, chemical, and radiation resistance. Most of the time, this fabric is combined with other fabrics to make it stronger.

Heat Resistance

Before purchasing a pair of fireplace gloves, it is a good idea to determine what they will be used for. They don’t have to be very hefty if they’re merely for fueling the fire. Lightweight heat-resistant gloves are suited for light-duty tasks.

Experts usually recommend using kevlar gloves since they are heat resistant. Then, if you want to go for cheaper ones, then go for leather gloves, however, it is not as effective as kevlar gloves in terms of heat resistance.


Fireplace gloves are available in both long and short lengths. The shorter ones finish a few millimeters after the wrist, whilst the longer ones might extend all the way to the elbow. Whatever length you want, always make sure the entire gloves are comfortable to wear.

Always choose one-size-fits-all gloves or look for manufacturers that provide a suitable size for your hands, whether they are big or particularly small. When grasping onto something, it is critical that you have a firm grip.

Lastly, if the glove fits properly and allows you to stretch your fingers, you can consider it to be an excellent one.

Additional Features

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the largest impact. They reduce the amount of dissatisfaction you would have if those elements were not present. I recommend looking for gloves with an inside lining as they provide additional comfort and, if necessary, absorb sweat.

Depending on the quality and purpose of the gloves, the inner materials will vary. Some are made of polyester, while others are made of fleece, wool, or a combination of textiles. All that counts is that the glove is comfortable, even when exposed to heat.


Fireplace Gloves may be an expensive purchase that costs up to 100 dollars. However, while there are fireplace glove items available at every price range many people don’t necessarily spend that amount of money on fireplace gloves.

Usually the prices on the market range from 25 dollars to 200 dollars depending on the quality.

8 Best Fireplace Gloves Reviewed

WZQH 16 Inch 932F Leather Forge Gloves

WZQH 16 Inches,932℉,Leather Forge Welding Gloves, Heat/Fire Resistant,Mitts for BBQ,Oven,Grill,Fireplace,Tig,Mig,Baking,Furnace,Stove,Pot Holder,Animal Handling Glove.Black-gray

To begin with, these gloves offer a significant advantage over many rivals due to their aluminum layer. This layer is extremely fire-resistant, so your hands will be covered.

In addition, the exterior layer is cowhide split leather, with a soft cotton lining on the inside to keep your hands comfy. A reinforced leather palm is also included for enhanced palm protection. Kevlar stitching holds all of these layers together.

The size is one-size-fits-all, which has advantages and disadvantages. It may fit for all of the adults in the household, but the children may not utilize it. The 7.5 inches sleeve is exactly as long as you need to cover your wrists and forearm, but it won’t ride up very high to be inconvenient.

Overall, you will notice its three-layer design since it provides more safety for the user’s hands.

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Stovax Black Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

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The Stovax Heat Resistant Leather Gloves are also the ideal accessory for your fireplace. These black fireplace gloves are made of genuine leather to ensure that they can withstand repeated use.

Also, the gloves are 34cm long and provide enough room for your hand motions. They are also ideal for those with bigger hands.

In fact, they are pleasant to wear and can accommodate other tasks like welding if you want. The quality is excellent, and the pricing is much more so.

Overall, they’re really comfy and appear to last a few years. Very well-made and provides more than adequate protection.

No products found.

Ironclad Fireplace Leather Gloves

IronClad MIG Welder Work Glove (Medium)

Unlike the other gloves in this review, these do not feature an aluminum layer. Nonetheless, they feature a good foam insulation layer, making them an ideal solution.

The fact that these gloves come in a variety of sizes is the finest part about them. When you order it online, I recommend using Ironclad’s sizing guide to verify that you got the correct size.

Furthermore, these gloves are made of Elkskin instead of cowhide, which is often softer and more flexible. However, there is still cowhide leather on the palms for reinforcement where you need it the most. As a result, these gloves are very protective but don’t have a full thickness of a cowhide leather glove.

On top of that, there’s a rather lengthy cuff for forearm protection, which comes in when you are dealing with igniting and hand full flames.

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SpitJack Stove Gloves

SpitJack Heat Resistant Fire Protection Fireplace Gloves for Grill, Welding, BBQ Cooking, Wood Stove, Oven, and Kitchen

These SpitJack Stove Gloves will keep your hands safe from flames while still keeping them comfy. They are both fashionable and are constructed entirely of pliable leather.

The leather adds toughness, while the fleece lining keeps users’ hands warm. The 36-centimeter-long gloves are suitable for any task that necessitates heat resistance.

Also, these gloves are suitable for both men and women, which is handy. The gloves come with a hanging loop, which may be used to hang the gloves once you’ve worn them.

Lastly, the SpitJack Stove Gloves are reasonably priced and provide enough protection. The seams look to be well-made, and the cloth used appears to be of high quality.

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US Forge 400 Gloves

Drake Off Road Tools 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather, Blue - 14'

These gloves are constructed of real cowhide leather and will most likely be stiff. Unfortunately, this implies that these gloves are less comfortable than equivalents made of elk or goat leather.

Because these gloves are one size fits all and have a shorter cuff, you will be concerned about sparks when a users’ hands are close to a fire.

Overall, experts classify them as throwaway gloves because they’re inexpensive enough not to break the bank.

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De Vielle Heritage Leather Stove Gloves

AQwzh De Vielle Heritage Leder Herd Handschuhe, Metall, schwarz (X-Large)

The De Vielle Heritage Leather Stove Gloves are a high-quality pair of gloves made by the De Vielle Company. These heavy-duty black heat-resistant gloves are constructed of leather. They will survive longer than the ordinary ones that people frequently purchase at low prices.

Moreover, they’re made to accommodate both male and female hands, however, they can be a touch too big for females with little hands. It’s a one-size-fits-all type of glove.

Also, the De Vielle Heritage Leather Stove Gloves will properly shield your hands from the heat. You can utilize them for heat-related procedures around the house and it all depends on what you will require them for.

The price is reasonable, and the quality is much better. Women with little hands might find them perhaps too big.

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RAPICCA Leather Gloves

RAPICCA Welding Gloves Fire Heat Resistant: Blue 16IN 932℉ - Fireproof Leather For Stick Mig Flux-Core Welder Forge Blacksmith Fireplace Wood Stove Fire Pit Furnace Handling Dry ice - One Size

When you need premium protection, these gloves were one of the finest as they have two layers of reinforced Kevlar padding.

Undoubtedly, RAPICCA created a fantastic set of gloves that are ideal not just for welders but also for those who cook or work with wood in stoves. They offer a lot of protection and durability because of their four layers, and the 16-inch length can surely protect your arms and hands.

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G & F Long Premium Leather Gloves

G & F 8115 Heat Resistant Leather Gloves, 15-Inch Extra Long Cuff, Premium Cowhide Grain Leather, Barbecue, Fireplace, Grill and BBQ Gloves

With a 14.5-inch sleeve, these high-quality leather gloves are constructed of leather and cotton and can protect your forearms. The strong leather outer shell provides complete protection, while the inside cotton layer is soft and comfortable to wear for anyone’s hands.

Also, these gloves will serve you well whether you need them to handle hot surfaces in your fireplace or to grip onto a rough surface.

Since many people are clearing out a fireplace or barbecuing on a daily basis, these gloves come very handily. Furthermore, the long sleeves and strong leather can protect users’ arms from both heat and punctures.

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Tips When Using Fireplace Gloves


  1. It is always a good idea to take temperature readings from the stove while it is on high heat. This will provide you with an understanding of the type of gloves you should get to meet the temperatures emitted.
  2. Always check how long it takes for a material to break down at high temperatures. This will tell you how much time you have first before inner stuff is revealed.
  3. It is important to ensure that the material utilized is cut-resistant. This is only in case the glove becomes snagged and shreds.
  4. Clean the fabrics in accordance with their kind. Washing pure leather gloves are not recommended.
  5. Check on a regular basis to ensure that all of the stitches are still in good condition.


When presented with too many options at once, many individuals become anxious. To assist you, I explained the factors you must consider so that you could understand what many people searching for in a pair of fireplace gloves.

With this information, I am confident that you will be able to obtain the greatest fireplace gloves money can buy. Lastly, there are stove gloves that cannot withstand high temperatures for an extended period of time. Be cautious when using such gloves, and avoid using less expensive gloves because the danger is not worth it.

FAQs About Fireplace Gloves

Are Fireplace Gloves Fire-Resistant?

Fireplace gloves are not intended to be a substitute for firefighter gloves, which provide even greater protection in the case of an emergency.

Is it safe to pick up a burning log while wearing fireplace gloves?

No. Fireplace gloves are not intended to be used with hot wood. Fireplace gloves are solely intended to keep your hands safe from heat when handling tiny objects such as wood and matches.

How Do I Keep My Gloves Clean?

Fireplace gloves are one of the items that may be left unclean without consequence because they will not be used outside of a workplace or near a heat source. Those regions are frequently unclean in any case, and they will most likely become dirtier before you can fully clean them.

What exactly does the term “heat resistant” mean?

It is resistant to being scorched or melted by heat.

How hot can fireplace gloves withstand?

For brief periods of time, fireplace gloves can endure temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Fireplace gloves, on the other hand, can endure temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit for extended hold durations.