5 Best See-Through Electric Fireplace in the Market Today: A Buying Guide

Is it a smart idea to have a see-through electric fireplace in your living room? Imagine it: an immediate, warm glow in your living room complemented with an attractive design to create a welcoming and pleasant ambience. With just a little bit of work, an electric fireplace can easily become the centerpiece of any room.

Let me explain to you more about see-through electric fireplaces and why they are one of the most fashionable fireplaces for 2022.

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What is See-Through Electric Fireplace?

A see-through fireplace or a double-sided fireplace is a type of electric fireplace. As their name suggests, electric fireplaces are operated by electricity instead of an external heat source, like fire. Electric fireplaces use another method of internal heat generation, such as a coil that heats air, to generate warmth. Because they don’t use any combustible fuel, electric fireplaces don’t release any smoke.

See-through fireplaces are exactly what they sound like. These wall-mounted electric fireplaces are transparent, allowing you to see through the fireplace from multiple rooms.

Benefits of See-Through Electric Fireplace

Benefits of A See-Through Electric Fireplace

Doesn’t Need Firewood

You won’t have to usefirewood with a see-through electric fireplace. This is not only safer, but also greatly reduces the amount of maintenance necessary because electric fireplaces leaveno residue nor ashes. are no residues and leftover ashes to be cleaned.

Very Safe

An electric fireplace lets you enjoy the appearance and feel of a fireplace without the danger of an actual fire. Open flames are a major hazard not only to young children and pets, but also to the safety of your home.

Note that although electric fireplaces are safer, they still generate heat. Take the same precautions when handling your electric fireplace as you would with a regular fireplace.  

Low Maintenance

Since see-through electric fireplaces aren’t as demanding with regards to ventilation, they save you money in the long run. Unlike regular fireplaces that need vents, electric fireplaces can do without them, saving you both money and time that would be spent on maintenance.

Easy Installation

Compared to a regular fireplace, a see-through electric fireplace is much easier to install and doesn’t require you to modify the construction of your home.

Long Lifespan

Another benefit of see-through electric fireplaces is their long lifespan. This is because see-through electric fireplaces aren’t as susceptible to rust and corrosions conventional heaters and fireplaces are.

Things to Consider When Buying See-Through Electric Fireplace


See-through electric fireplaces come in a variety of sizes. As with any purchase, you should measure twice and cut once. First off, know how much space you can allot to your see-through electric fireplace. Knowing how much space you have to work with will make it a lot easier for you to buy an electric fireplace to suit your home.For example, a 36-to-60-inch electric fireplace is a good fit for most rooms.


While see-through electric fireplaces are slightly more costly than other types of fireplaces, they ultimately save you money on the long run This is because they don’t use any combustible fuel and require less maintenance than regular fireplaces.See-through electric fireplaces can cost from$1200 to $8000, depending on the features provided.

Extra Features

Some see-through electric fireplaces incorporate the latest technology into their architecture. One example of this is the use of vapor and mist to generate warmth in a larger area. Others use sophisticated heating coils to warm either water or air, then eject the heated material via fans. In general, more modern heating methods produce safer, more efficient heat and light – at the cost of a higher price tag.

See-through electric fireplaces also commonly come with multiple lighting options, such as customizable LED lights, transparency options, or even separate heating options for all rooms the device is installed in. Ask yourself whether you really need the bells and whistles of the electric fireplace you plan on investing in.

5 See-Through Electric Fireplace Reviewed

Modern Flames Landscape Pro

Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi 44-Inch Built in/Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - LPM-4416

The Modern Flames Landscape Series Pro MultiView Electric Fireplace is an excellent choice for a quality electric fireplace in any home. With its high-intensity flame choices and ember bed, this adaptable three-sided fireplace device creates a distinct and impressive look for any room. An advanced ceramic heater with a noiseless fan produces up to 10,000 BTU for a cozy waming effect. This see-through electric fireplace also comes with a wireless thermostatic control upgrade. One of the Modern Flames Landscape Pro’s best features is its full-feature remote control, which includes full RGB and brightness adjustment options.

This see-through electric fireplace features accent lights for a customizable look.The flames can be separately controlled or synced for a variety of firebox effects. The Modern Flames Landscape Pro comes with multiple accessories, like clear acrylic rocks, black crystals, and driftwood logs to help you construct the fireplace experience you want

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Napoleon Clearion See-Through Electric Fireplace

Napoleon Clearion 50 inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, NEFBD50HE

With its sophisticated design and technology, the Napoleon Clearion See-Through Electric Fireplace makes a formidable first impression. This electric fireplace produces up to 9,000 BTUs which can comfortably heat an area of up to 800 square feet. Its thermostatic heater can be activated from either side, allowing you to evenly distribute or dispel heat in whichever rooms the electric fireplace is installed in. This makes the Napoleon Clearion See-Through Electric Fireplace a fantastic option for cold, unpredictable winter temperatures. A stylish black border allows the Napoleon Clearion See-Through Electric Fireplace to visually match almost anything.

Three privacy settings allow you to modify this fireplace’s transparency options, allowing you to comfortably install this electric fireplace in any room. Fully adjustable brightness settings let you customize your fireplace experience in any room at any time of the day.

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AFireWater Premium Water Vapor Fireplace

AFireWater Premium Water Vapor Fireplace - Remote Control Flame - 30 Realistic Flame Colors - iOS/Android APP Enabled. UL Listed - AWP-20-50 20' Unit/AWP-40-100 40' Unit/AWP-60-150 60' Unit (60 inch)

The AFIREWATER Premium Water Vapor Fireplace is among the most sophisticated see-through electric fireplace on the market. Its cutting-edge technology offers the look and feel of a real fireplace without the risks of a live flame in your house.

By vaporizing regular tap water and using it to produce heated mist, the AFIREWATER Premium Water Vapor Fireplace offers a safe yet visually stunning flame effect. This electric see-through fireplace comes with both a remote control and an app, both of which let you control the fireplace with ease. The AFIREWATER Premium Water Vapor Fireplace can also be plumbed into your house’s pipes, allowing full automation.

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Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro

Dimplex Opti-myst 40' Pro 1000 Built-in Electric Cassette (Model: CDFI1000-PRO), 4981 BTU, 120 Volt, 1460 Watt, Black

This electric fireplace may be fitted as a single-sided device or transformed to a see-through design. By using its internal engine to vaporize water and then reflecting LED light off it, the Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro creates a beautiful illusion of flame that can easily be mistaken for the real thing.

An easily-filled water reservoir allows for up to 12 hours of continuous operation before the fireplace needs to be refilled. Modular attachments let you use other Dimplex products to achieve the look you want. This electric fireplace is well-suited for anyone that wants the aesthetic of having a fireplace without all the muss and fuss of a regular fireplace

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Napoleon Allure

Napoleon Allure 32 inch Vertical Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, NEFVC32H

The Napoleon Allure See-Through Electric Fireplace is notable for ts 5000 BTU heat output, which lets it swiftly heat areas of up to 400 square feet. The Napoleon Allure See-Through Electric Fireplace comes with a hanging bracket that lets you install it quickly and easily. High-intensity LED lighting lets you enjoy this fireplace at any time of the day.

Customizable flame colors for both the ember bed and lighting let you easily match the fireplace with your décor. Reflective panels bounce the flames’ exquisite hues and set any kind of mood you want. Best of all, the Napoleon Allure See-Through Electric Fireplace operates noiselessly, allowing you to enjoy its beauty in perfect slence.

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See-Through Electric Fireplace Expert’s Safety Tips

Aside from frequent maintenance work, here are some safety recommendations to maintain your see-through electric fireplace and house safe from harm.

Electrical Hazards Must Be Avoided

Check for any potential electrical hazards surrounding your electric fireplace and its cable, such as water sources. Keep water sources distant from your fireplace.

Secure Your Outlets

Check that the electrical socket for your fireplace can handle the electrical demand.  For best results, have a dedicated socket for your see-through electric fireplace.

Keep Flammable Objects Away

While electric fireplaces aren’t as risky as regular fireplaces, they still generate heat. Keep flammable objects far away from the electric fireplace.

Perform Regular Maintenance

See-through electric fireplaces aren’t as demanding as regular fireplaces when it comes to maintenance – but they still have to be maintained. To reduce fire threats and ensure that your electric fireplace works properly, be sure to dust off the inside and exterior on a regular basis.


Both aesthetically pleasing and functional as heaters, see-through electric fireplaces are a two-in-one package. By writing down and underlining what you really need out of a see-through electric fireplace, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a product on the market that will satisfy your needs.

FAQs About See-Through Electric Fireplace

Is it more costly to buy a see-through electric fireplace?

Yes, see-through electric fireplaces cost more than standard electric fireplaces. This cost is offset by their cheaper and easier maintenance. As see-through electric fireplaces are transparent, you’re also effectively buying a single fireplace for multiple rooms.

Is it possible to have a see-through electric fireplace that is also efficient?

A see-through electric fireplace’s heating efficiency is determined both by its features and the size of the room. For optimal heating, place the see-through electric fireplace in smaller rooms. Other electric fireplaces either have no heating elements or have very weak heating components. Inspect the electric fireplace you plan to get before committing to it.

Do See-Through Electric Fireplaces Serve as Efficient Heaters?

A see-through electric fireplace’s heating efficiency is determined both by its features and the size of the room. For optimal heating, place the see-through electric fireplace in smaller rooms. Other electric fireplaces either have no heating elements or have very weak heating components. Inspect the electric fireplace you plan to get before committing to it.

Do I Have To Vent My See-Through Electric Fireplace?

No. Because see-through electric fireplaces produce no pollutants, they do not need to be vented.

How Much Space Should Be Left Around My See-Through Electric Fireplace?

There should be at least three feet of empty space around the see-through electric fireplace.

How Do See-Through Electric Fireplaces Hold Up To The Visual Aesthetic of A Regular Fireplace?

Modern electric fireplaces mimic the sight and feel of a genuine fire. The flame effects, technology, and materials are all carefully constructed to create a realistic fireplace experience