The 5 Best Media Console Electric Fireplaces 2021

Electric fireplace has now become, as it is an inevitable household appliance, something of a decor and style statement. So the looks are important as the performance. The fireplace of your option should not only just warm the place well. But it should also have to complement the interiors of your house well enough.

Also, there are other things like space availability, utility, etc. that need to be considered. There are a variety of electric fireplaces available that go with different types of houses and have different features that suit different preferences. If you have a small house or if you want to keep the furniture to a minimum or if you are on rent, media console fireplaces will be a great choice.

What are Media Console Electric Fireplaces?

JAMFLY Electric Fireplace TV Stand Wood Mantel for TV Up to 55

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Media console fireplaces are, as it is in the name, entertainment centers fireplaces. These types of fireplaces will have the space to store television and other related media. They look much like a fine piece of décor holding television and a fireplace insert.

These media console fireplaces are easy to install and they are of higher utility and functionality compared to other fireplaces. Here are certain things to help you make up your mind and purchase the best media console electric fireplaces suited for you.

Top Five Best Media Console Electric Fireplaces

SEI Narita Media Console Electric Fireplace

SEI Furniture Narita Media Console Electric Storage Fireplace, Glazed Pine

SEI Narita is one of the best media console electric fireplaces that are 100% energy-efficient, cost-effective, and absolutely wonderful. The unit is outstanding in its heating performance and is known for heating up an area of 1000 sq. feet in less than 24 minutes.

It can hold a 46 to 50-inch flat-screen television and has absolutely sturdy mantles. Adjustable thermostat, remote control, etc. makes it easy to use and convenient. It has two adjustable shelves with glass doors and a top shelf for the media components which makes it attractive and desirable all the more.

In short, SEI Narita media console electric fireplace will make a valuable addition to any home despite the seasons and time.

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Walker Edison 58 Media Console Electric Fireplace

Walker Edison Glenwood Rustic Farmhouse Glass Door Highboy Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inches, 58 Inch, Grey Wash

Walker Edison 58 is a fireplace that will meet all your expectations of a fireplace. This plug-in unit comes with ample storage space and is stunning in its looks and performance. The product is available in two colors; espresso and black and has two adjustable shelves for storage purposes.

It is designed to accommodate a flat-screen TV up to 60 inches. The fireplace can heat up an area of 500 sq. feet effortlessly. If a media console electric fireplace is a much-needed appliance for any modern home, there is hardly any other name that can constitute Walker Edison 58.

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Southern Enterprises Claremont Media Console Electric Fireplace

Walker Edison Modern Wood and Metal Fireplace TV Stand for TV's up to 64' Flat Screen Living Room Storage Shelves Entertainment Center, 58 Inch, White

This stunning media console electric fireplace is a quality build, durable fireplace. It can heat up to 1500 sq. foot in less than half an hour 12.5 amperes. Designed to accommodate flat-screen TV, it has two adjustable shelves to add to its functionality.

An adjustable thermostat enables you set the perfect temperature for your room and the remote control which comes with it. The lively multi-colored flames Claremont provides are sure to spice up the ambiance of your indoors. In short, this fireplace is a treasure worth having.

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Real Flame Fresno Media Console Electric Fireplace

Real Flame Fresno 72' TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Dark Walnut, Entertainment center with Electric Fireplace, Living Room TV Stand with Fireplace, fits up to 70' TV

Real Flame Fresno media console fireplace is easy to assemble, hassle-free electric fireplace with a BTU of 4500. It is quick to heat up an area of 400 sq. feet. This unit features ample space for storage. The remote control makes the operation of the unit and a handful of other functions easy.

Real Flame is not only brilliant in providing ample heat to keep the chill off on the cold winter days. But it is also capable of providing you with an authentic flame effect. The unit is able to hold a flat-panel TV that weighs up to 100 pounds or less.

In total, this media console fireplace being more than a brilliant fireplace, it is also an amazing piece of furniture. This will become a well manageable entertainment center that would transform the whole look of indoors.

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ENSTVER Media Console Electric Fireplace

ENSTVER TV Stand for TVs up to 55' with Electric Fireplace Included,Media Storage Television Console for Living Room (White Oak)

ENSTVER TV Stand Fireplace is a traditional-style media console that will add a classic touch to your home interiors.  This classy unit in the burnished pecan finish is capable of heating up an area of 400 sq. feet effortlessly. The 18inch electric fireplace provides you with vivid lifelike flames and logs.

The remote control that comes with it makes it operation quick and easy. It can hold a 55″ inch flat screen television and has sufficient storage space for related media contents. ENSTVER TV Stand Fireplace is definitely your thing if you looking for a traditional style fireplace that will make possible the warmth and entertainment at once.

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How to Choose the Best Media Console Electric Fireplace?

There are quite a good number of media console fireplaces that are in demand in the market which makes it finding the best one a job for you. It is not just price and performance you should consider before you make the dash to the shop. Here are a few things to help you decide which one will be the best for you.


Basically, media console fireplace comes in three styles; traditional, modern, contemporary, and corner units.  Traditional style media console looks much closer to the classic fireplace of the old times and has mantels that can hold flat-screen TV and storage space for related media components. They come in different colors, materials, and sizes. Contemporary ones are more stylish and trendy.

Meble Furniture Eva-KWH Electric Fireplace Modern 71" TV Stand

Most models are made using metal, stainless steel, a combination of wood and glass. Mantels are often made using glass. Corner electric fireplaces are designed to be placed right into the corner of the room. They are potential space savers and suitable for offices and waiting rooms as well.

Although you may have a preference for contemporary over traditional or traditional over corner units, wait a minute, take your time and see which goes right with the rest of the décors and the total ambiance of the room.


To consider the size is very important when it comes to buying the media console’s fireplaces. You will have to consider the size at various levels. That is to say, the size of the fireplace you buy should be the right size for your room and television as well.

It’s better you opt for a fireplace that has mantels with a width of 2 or 3 inches more than the width of your TV.   So that it stays safe and does not get bumped or knocked over accidentally.

To ensure your media console fireplace is right size for your room, you have to take into consideration the heating capacity and the size of the room and see it goes well.

Also, because these fireplaces serve as more than a mere fireplace, it needs to be put in right place in the room where it will able to function as entertainment center storage space without hindering the heating function.

Storage shelves

One of the most important benefits of a media console fireplace is it features shelves for storage. It makes it easy to store your entire media-related component like cable box, DVDs, CDs, gaming consoles, speakers, etc. neat and well arranged in one place.

Walker Edison Georgetown Modern Farmhouse Double Barn Door Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inches, 58 Inch, Rustic Oak

The shelves can be even for keeping books or other decorative items as you wish. Contemporary units provide more space for storage and adjustable shelves. Traditional ones come with ample storage space for specific needs. This one aspect of media console fireplaces will surprisingly save you a lot of space and can change the look of your entertainment zone magically.


Media console fireplaces feature firebox that will provide you with exquisite lifelike fires to multicolor flickering flames. The traditional fireplaces have a firebox which holds a standard log set while the contemporary ones have glass ember beds for effect and style.

Some fireboxes are lined with faux bricks which gives it a classy look. There are a variety of styles and design available to match all of your aesthetic needs.

Heating Capacity

Like most electric fireplaces, media console fireplaces also work on standard 120V outlets. The ones that let out heat using a fan-forced directional air system is able to heat up an area around 400 sq. foot. If you need to heat up a larger area, you can go for infrared ones, which will heat up an area of 1000 sq. feet.

The higher the BTU mentioned by the manufacturer the more the heat output will be. The majority of the electric fireplaces feature three heat settings namely: low, high, and no heat modes. No heat mode enables you to use the fireplace to use for the flame effect alone.


As it is known electric fireplaces are the safest fires available on the planet. However, there are additional features that make it safer like cool to touch surface, automatic shut off etc. If you have small children or pets, the fireplaces offering cool to touch surfaces are more convenient. They will keep the danger of getting burned out of the way.

What are the Advantages of Media Console Fireplaces?

There are quite a lot of advantages to media console electric fireplaces when compared to other types of electric and non-electric fireplaces. These fireplaces are now in trend as people find them more convenient and beneficial. As it is available in a variety of designs and looks. It is possible to find the best one that goes absolutely well with the rest of the decor in the place.


They are the real space savers as it is multifunctional; you can have your TV and fireplace in one place, plus you get to store all the media essential components in one place along with it. There are holes raceway to manage cables and cords which will help you keep it neat and well managed.

Easy to Install

Installation is rather easy and you can do it yourself taking a bit of your time. It is as easy as unboxing it, assembling the parts together and plugging it in.

Ease of Use

Like most electric fireplaces and electric smokers, media console fireplaces are easy to use. Most of them come with remote control options. This will enable you to perform a couple of tasks easy from switching on and off the unit to changing the level of heat or flames without having to get up and walk to the unit every now and then. You can have the soft glow of the ember or the ambiance of the fire all around the year. There are options to operate the heat and the flame independently.

Extra Features

You can even turn off the flames at times when it is not needed and can adjust the brightness of the flames as you wish. Besides most of them have cool-to-touch surfaces and are eco-friendly and safe for children, pets, and old people to be around. And also, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t have one.


As you see, these media console fireplaces are at the very same time a potential aid to survive the cold winter and also a stylish statement to add to any home. As it is multifunctional they are a perfect solution to problems concerning modern life and modern houses. They can provide you with heat and life-like flames when needed and all the space you need for your television and related media components despite seasons and time.

Media console fireplaces will give you a whole new experience in watching television.

Moreover, you can operate the fireplace as well as the television with ease and convenience by using the remote control. As it is natural for family members or friends to watch television together and spend time around television, media console electric fireplaces can efficiently provide heat and will be an economical alternative to zone heating. You definitely wouldn’t like a fireplace that will raise your energy bills out of proportion.

So, to conclude, media console electric fireplaces are absolutely a great option. This applies when you are planning to buy one or you are looking for something better to switch over to this winter. They can be of greater advantages than other types of fireplaces or any other kind of electric fireplace as well.

These well-designed, well-built units are unbeatable in their looks. They are also they are a perfect two-in-one solution for all your needs concerning warmth and entertainment. And also, you get storage space as a bonus.

As these fireplaces have room for television and media components, they may be of relatively large size. But they can add to the ambiance of interiors pretty much. Most of them can be moved around just like any other piece of furniture. In short, this winter, with a media console in your house, you can sit back, relax and have fun all comfy, cozy.