5 Best Outdoor Fire Bowl for 2022 + Buying Guide

A nice-looking outdoor fire bowl will surely make your leisure time much more enjoyable while you are redecorating your backyard or arranging a camping vacation.

Then, to assist you in finding the finest one for you and your pocket, I’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor fire bowls purchased.

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First of all, What is Outdoor Fire Bowl?

The fire bowl, also known as a firepot, is frequently used for ornamental purposes. It can generate robust and durable flames whether powered by propane or wood.

Things to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Fire Bowl

Heat Efficiency

As a result, the temperature of a fire bowl is determined by the fuel source and the container of the fire. A firepit allows you to achieve a wide variety of temperatures. BTUs, or British Thermal Units, are used to measure the temperature of outdoor fire bowls.

Typically, outdoor fire bowls can produce heat from 10 000 to 70 000 BTUs, but it still depends on your location, weather, and the quality of your fire bowl.

Fuel Used


outdoor fire bowl

There are several advantages to using propane as a source of fuel. For starters, you can easily manage the quantity of fuel your fire receives, and there is practically no clean-up required.

Because the fire is contained, it is also quite safe. Portable propane outdoor fire bowls are also common.

When it comes to heating, propane firepits provide a broad variety of possibilities. The simple ones begin to heat up at around 10,000 BTUs.

Take note, the average heat production will be between 30,000 and 50,000 BTUs, which will be more than enough to keep you warm at night. On the higher end, we can find commercial propane firepits in the market that produces approximately 70,000 BTUs.


Many people’s preference is to use wood as a heat source, but it is not suitable for everyone. It’s more difficult to keep the fire going and maintain the proper heat level. It’s also dirtier and more harmful than propane.

When utilizing wood as a fuel source, users can get some fairly hot and furious fires going.

Many people always seek at least 60,000 BTUs in a normal wood-burning fire. So, when we want to make a campfire, we can generate a lot of heat.


Outdoor fire bowls come in a range of shapes and sizes, ranging from basic circular shapes to tables. When selecting one, it is recommended that you must first consider the size of your outside space as well as when you want to utilize it.

A fire bowl’s ideal diameter ranges from 36 to 44 inches. It will provide enough space for a strong fire while keeping everyone near enough to talk.

Local Rules

Examine and comprehend the rules and restrictions imposed by your homeowner’s association, tenant, and area. It’s too dry and hazardous in many states to have outdoor wood-burning fireplaces.


When it comes to determining where to install your fire pit, location is crucial, and there are a lot of aspects to consider.

For example, you have a large open space with lots of room for your outdoor fire bowl seats. So, you will surely like to have a good-sized fire without having to worry about sparks and embers dropping on the bushes.

Next, you must make sure that the place you will select is not too windy. Again, we must be cautious about sparks and embers.

Many users like to have at least 7 feet of room around the area of their outdoor fire bowl. This should provide ample space for your outdoor furniture.

A short tip: You should leave some space behind the chairs so that if it becomes too hot for you and your guests, you can still back up.


The price of a fire pit might vary greatly depending on what you desire. A less expensive fire pit starts at about $500.00 and can cost several thousand dollars depending on design and labor costs.

Most of the less costly alternatives are portable, which is convenient when you don’t intend to remain for a lengthy period of time. While the alternative option is somewhat more expensive, it will almost certainly increase the value of the outdoor fire bowl.

5 Best Outdoor Fire Bowl Reviewed

Tiki Low Smoke Outdoor Fire Bowl

TIKI Brand Smokeless 25 in. Patio Fire Pit, Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit - Includes Wood Pack, Modern Design with Removable Ash Pan and Weather Resistant Cover, Black

First of all, the Tiki Low Smoke Outdoor Fire Bowl is the most beloved fire pit on this list. The metal and stained-wood pit are more than simply aesthetically pleasing. The Tiki Low Smoke Outdoor Fire Bowl uses an ingenious airflow mechanism to recycle hot smoke back into the burning chamber.

Furthermore, it is about $300 more expensive than its cheap competitors, but this pit has greater performance, simplicity of use, and design that makes it worth the money.

Also, this steel and stained-wood fire bowl doesn’t just look good but is also efficient. According to many users, it was simple to light, starting up in minutes and burning completely in around 15 to 20 minutes.

It also produces significantly less smoke, especially when the logs had fully caught. Because it burnt wood with little smoke emission, the logs burned effectively and lasted for hours.

Because of its big diameter of 16 inches, it is simpler to enjoy the fire with dozens of people.

However, when the fire is on, all surfaces of the Tiki Low Smoke Outdoor Fire Bowl become searing hot. It also takes time for the flames to burn down so make sure to wait a while before touching it.

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Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Firebowl

Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Firebowl Column Realistic Look Firepit Heater Lava Rock 40,000 BTU Outdoor Gas Fire Pit 20 lb, Natural Stone (2)

Aesthetically, this is a good one and it is available in four separate designs. As a propane model, you can receive its wonderful aesthetic without the risk of starting a fire.

It’s a propane type with built-in electrical ignition, eliminating the need to manually ignite the pilot.

It fits easily, with the propane tank integrated directly into the body, eliminating the need for an unsightly hose to obstruct the aesthetic.

However, it is intended to be your decorative component rather than a major heat source. It’s actually designed for lying in warmer locations that may become a little cold at best.

Then, it goes well with a variety of d├ęcor styles and is ideal for keeping a chill at bay in a central location. However, it is not recommended as the major heat source for any type of chilly garden party.

The pricing isn’t too high though, as it’s around $100 less than comparable outdoor fire bowls. Because of its somewhat Greek feel, you can consider this as an excellent choice for your backyard.

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Sunnydaze Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl

Sunnydaze 30-Inch Rustic Cast Iron Outdoor Raised Fire Pit Bowl with Handles - Steel Finish

It is a basic design 22-inch bowl that can give you a decent fire going. The bowl is supported by tripod-style legs that make it steady no matter what the ground is.

Moreover, you can move this model within your yard or take it to the beach because it is so compact and lightweight at 7 pounds. This elevated wood-burning outdoor fire bowl is an ideal addition to any outdoor area since it instantly creates a meeting spot for everyone.

Furthermore, the cast iron construction with grey paint and 16-millimeter thick iron support of this fire bowl is built to last for many seasons.

Importantly, because the elevated supports keep the fire securely confined while you spend a day in the sun, this outdoor fire bowl is ideal for carrying wherever you go. There is no assembly necessary; simply locate and set up the fire pit.

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Amagabeli Cast Iron Firepit

AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Fire Pit Outdoor Wood Burning Cast Iron Fire Bowl 30in with A Drain Hole Fireplace Extra Deep Large Round Outside Backyard Deck Camping Heavy Duty Metal Grate Rustproof BG380

These cast iron outdoor fire bowls are fantastic since they are so basic, have strong supports to elevate the pit off the floor, and have two handles to carry it around your garden.

The bowl has a 30 inches diameter, which will provide you plenty of space for a great fire. When the nighttime weather was cold, the fire pit provided a pleasant fire and warmth.

It has a heat-resistant coating so it will last for a long period while still looking excellent.

Also, it’s incredibly simple to put together by just attaching the bottom to the fire bowl, and it will only take approximately 5 minutes to finish.

Importantly, it is a wood-burning fire pit that may be used for a bonfire as well as for camping. Moreover, it is very ideal for any and all seasons and is constructed to last for many years.

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WeCooper Outdoor Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Bowl

Cast Iron Fire Pits, Outdoor Round Wood Burning Fire Pit Bowl with Mesh Screen,Fireplace Poker,29 inch cast Iron Black

This lovely outdoor fire bowl has a lovely glossy finish and a durable layer of protection against high temperatures.

Amazingly, this large outdoor fire bowl is 29.5 inches in width, 19.7 inches in height, and weighs 45 pounds.

It has a spark screen that keeps the embers confined, while the poker comes in helpful for shifting the wood fires and the heated screen.

To add aesthetics, it included lovely stars and moon designs and a breathing vent at the base of the cauldron to promote air movement. This traditional cauldron quickly became the main point of your outdoor arrangement.

The assembly is extremely simple and can be completed in less than 10 minutes by a single person. The hefty cauldron, on the other hand, may necessitate teamwork.

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Fire Pit Accessories

fireplace toolset

The next item you’ll need is tools. To get started, you’ll need a poker, tongs, wood handles, and skewers. It is advised to get at least some of these items since you will really need them to maintain and to use your fire bowl safely.

It’s not entirely required, but if you’re concerned about sparks and flames, having these items on hand can provide some much-needed peace of mind. A wood carrier is also useful since it makes it easier for me to collect extra wood for the fireplace.

Lastly, a fireplace cover is indeed a nice-to-have item for keeping the outdoor fire bowl protected from the weather.

You can check more here: 7 Amazing Fireplace Toolsets For Your Fireplace and Why You Need One

Outdoor Fire Bowl Safety Tips


It’s usually a good idea to be cautious while working with fire. Nothing ruins a nice night more than a nasty burn. Here are some of the safety recommendations:

  • Scrape grass and branches within a ten-foot radius.
  • Set the fire away from the wind.
  • Before you start a campfire, make sure you have enough water around.
  • Never ignite a fire or utilize hot coals with a flammable substance.
  • Children should always be supervised by adults when they are near a fire.
  • Never leave a blazing fire unattended.
  • Wear clothing that is snug-fitting, closely woven, or short-sleeved when utilizing campfires and barbecues.
  • While cooking, avoid wearing sandals or open-toed shoes.
  • An extinguisher of any kind is useful equipment to have on hand.


A developing trend in backyard remodeling is the addition of an outdoor fire bowl. Furthermore, their adaptability enables for placement in an existing recreational area in our yard.

However, you don’t need to make major changes to your yard in order to build an outdoor fire bowl. You can just place them easily and put out some chairs so you and your friends will surely enjoy the heat outdoors.

FAQs About Outdoor Fire Bowl

Where should an outdoor fire bowl be placed?

Outdoor fire bowls should be installed on a flat surface at least ten feet away from any object.

What should the base of an outdoor fire bowl be?

Resting the fire bowl on concrete pavers or garden stones is an excellent option. Concrete will not catch fire and is hefty and solid enough to offer stability.

Is 50000 BTU sufficient for an outdoor fire bowl?

Yes. Many comparable gas outdoor fire bowls with lesser rated burners provide less heat than 50,000 BTUs.

How long is the propane tank going to last?

A propane tank will last around 4 to 5 hours on a constant burning at max output for the outdoor fire bowls.

Can I cook marshmallows in an outdoor fire bowl?

Yes. Even if you use a single burner, you can toast marshmallows over it.