ProCom Gas Fireplace Review: Things You Should Know About it

The Procom Gas Fireplace will undoubtedly simplify having a real fire in your living area. You can’t match the ease of getting quick flames by just twisting a knob.

We’ve gone a long way since the days of blue flames and artificial woods. The Procom Gas Fireplaces have flashing red and yellow flames burning over logs that would seem natural.

ProCom QNSD250RT Vent Free Dual Fuel Stove,...
  • TECHNOLOGY & STYLE: 25,000 BTU patented Dual Fuel Technology using natural gas or liquid propane to heat up to 1,100 sq. ft.; 5 improved realistic looking logs and space saving design give a stunning look

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First of All, Who is ProCom Heating Inc.?

ProCom Heating Inc. is a major producer of heating appliances around the globe, offering high-quality fireplace designs for your house. ProCom, founded in 1996, has been manufacturing gas heating products for over 20 years.

What is the Difference Between Vented and Ventless Gas Fireplace?

The two kinds of gas fireplaces work in different ways. A standard vented gas fireplace has two vents that lead to the outside of the home. The intake vent allows fresh air into the fireplace, while an exhaust vent properly eliminates burning gases.

Procom Gas Fireplace

A vented gas fireplace will cost between $3,500 and $8,000 to have properly placed. Keep in mind that in most places, installing and connecting gas lines requires the services of a qualified gas contractor. This is certainly not a do-it-yourself project.

A ventless fireplace has a regulator that creates a fine combination of gas and air, allowing the gas to run cleanly. This significantly minimizes the fumes produced by ordinary gas fireplaces. Federal laws require tested ventless fireplaces to verify that they work properly.

Before selling to the public, National laboratories evaluate ventless fireplace burners. It must exceed government safety and health regulations. Expect to pay $1,000 to $5,000 for a ventless fireplace and professional installation.

Pros and Cons of ProCom Gas Fireplace


  • There is no need to rebuild them in order to operate a vent. Installing ventless fireplaces is less expensive than building vented fireplaces.
  • As opposed to wood-burning fireplaces, ventless fireplaces create no dust or ashes.
  • Ventless fireplaces may fit in any area of the house, allowing you to add extra heat exactly where you want it.
  • The flames created by ventless fireplaces have almost the same amount of ambiance as those generated by vented fireplaces.
  • Since no heat flows up the flue, ventless fireplaces are more energy-efficient than vented fireplaces. It will help you save much on gas utility costs.


  • Despite emitting fewer emissions than vented gas fireplaces, it still releases a tiny amount of fumes into your home.
  • In certain places, ventless fireplaces are not authorized. If you place one in an area where it violates municipal codes, you must remove it immediately. You might also get punished for non-compliance with building regulations.
  • The burning of gas produces a little amount of water vapor, which can make your house seem moist or humid.

ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace

ProCom QNSD250RT Ventless Dual Fuel Stove-25,000 BTU, Large, BlackThe ProCom gas fireplace gives you the enjoyment of having a fantastic view while also allowing you to look at genuine flames.

You can’t really go wrong with this for some far relaxation. Because of the dual-fuel function, you may select between natural gas and liquid gas as the fuel type for this fireplace. Its two burners can provide up to 25,000 BTUs of heat. As a result, it can heat up to 1,100 square feet of space.

To prevent overfiring, the manufacturer installed an Oxygen Depletion Sensor. It is an automated shut-off, and an inbuilt, non-adjustable regulator. It also has a built-in thermostat control, allowing you to switch it on and off while maintaining your chosen temperature at all times.

Because it includes a free-vent function, the ProCom gas fireplace consumes less power. Additionally, it contains five realistic logs to make your house more ambient and attractive.

ProCom QNSD250RT Vent Free Dual Fuel Stove,...
  • TECHNOLOGY & STYLE: 25,000 BTU patented Dual Fuel Technology using natural gas or liquid propane to heat up to 1,100 sq. ft.; 5 improved realistic looking logs and space saving design give a stunning look

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 34 x 13 x 25 inches

Item Weight: 50 pounds

Vent Type: Ventless

Fuel Type: Dual. Natural or Liquid Gas

Heat Output: 25000 BTU

Key Features

Logs with Hand-Painted Designs

This item contains five authentic hand-painted Ceramic Fiber Logs made of real wood for the most realistic look.

Remote Controlled

The built-in LCD Programmable Remote Control switches the fireplace on and off to keep the appropriate heat level. Variable heat settings enable you to choose your degree of comfort.


Designed, developed, and guaranteed to meet the much more strict safety requirements. This device has an oxygen depletion sensor with automated shut-off and is PFS certified.

ProCom QNSD250RT Vent Free Dual Fuel Stove,...
  • TECHNOLOGY & STYLE: 25,000 BTU patented Dual Fuel Technology using natural gas or liquid propane to heat up to 1,100 sq. ft.; 5 improved realistic looking logs and space saving design give a stunning look

Installation and Maintenance of Procom Gas Fireplace

Check out your local building authority regulations before installing the Procom Gas Fireplace. Ventless fireplaces are illegal in several states, including California and Massachusetts.

A certified gas or plumbing expert must install a ventless fireplace that connects to a gas or propane connection. It should not have a heating capacity that exceeds the manufacturer’s suggested room size.

Regardless of the source of energy, ventless fireplaces aren’t a turn-and-forget option. You are also required to clean the log set and other exposed components on all units annually.

Gas and propane appliances must have their oxygen and carbon monoxide monitors examined and adjusted yearly.

Providers may advertise the reliability of factory-installed carbon monoxide monitors. Still, you must place a separate carbon monoxide monitor in the room since it is an additional layer of protection. An hour of an electrician’s work and the monitor should cost between $100 and $200.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Ventless Gas Fireplace

Before you install a ventless gas fireplace in your house, there are a few things you should ask yourself.

Procom Gas Fireplace

Where do you intend to put your new fireplace?

Some areas strongly restrict the installation of ventless gas fireplaces in smaller spaces in your house. So check the regulations in your area before choosing a placement.

Do you want to be able to heat your entire house if the electricity goes out?

Check to see whether the ignition comes with a battery pack and search for suggested BTU standards per square foot. This is to determine how much energy you’ll need to heat your house.

Do you have enough outside space for a fireplace?

If this is the case, there are various interesting alternatives. Don’t give up just yet. Some ventless gas fireplaces are typically designed to fit in a shared wall, partly within and half outdoors.

How large is your area?

A large fireplace may not be the ideal option for you, depending on the size of your rooms and your own design style. A narrow, low-profile fireplace may not fit as well on a huge wall.

How much is your budget?

Vented gas fireplaces are a low-cost alternative, although some are more expensive than others. You can stay within your budget while yet getting the fireplace of your dreams.

Procom Gas Fireplace Safety Tips

  • Keep Combustible Materials Away from the Fireplace
  • Combustible materials should not be placed near or in touch with the fireplace. Wood, compressed paper, plant fibers, and other flammable materials are examples of combustible materials. These materials are combustible even when treated with fire-retardant chemicals.
  • Alert Children and Adults of Hot Surfaces
  • To avoid injuries and fabric ignition, warn kids and grownups to keep away from the fireplace.
  • Supervise the Children
  • If your kids are in the same space as the fireplace, keep an eye on them.
  • Do Not Place Flammable on the Fireplace
  • Clothing and other combustible things should never be put close to a fireplace.
  • Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Ventless gas fireplace safety requirements come with built-in monitors. You will also need to install a third-party carbon monoxide detector in your home.


Procom gas fireplace provides consumers a cost-effective option to heat their homes. Meanwhile, they can still enjoy the beauty of a fireplace. However, some customers may encounter the fireplace’s possible health hazards.

Anyone considering purchasing a ventless fireplace must understand everything about the fireplaces. A carbon monoxide detector is also a good idea in any area with a gas fireplace.

FAQs About Procom Gas Fireplace

Is it worthwhile to invest in a ventless gas fireplace?

Ventless fireplaces are more energy-efficient than vented fireplaces. You’ll probably save funds on gas utility costs.

How long can you use a ventless gas fireplace?

Do not run the device for more than 4 hours at a time. Ventless gas fireplaces are only recommended for occasional usage. Don’t use a ventless gas fireplace in a bedroom, bathroom, or other tight space.

How durable a ventless gas fireplace is?

A ventless gas fireplace could also last a long time, but if used often, it will begin to degrade in 3-5 years.

Is it possible to become ill from a ventless fireplace?

Carbon monoxide poisoning, which may be fatal within your house, is one of the most serious concerns of having a ventless fireplace. Carbon monoxide, in particular, is a colorless and odorless gas that, in high enough quantities, may cause major health concerns.

Is it possible to install a TV over a ventless gas fireplace?

Yes. However, to prevent heat damage to your television, make sure the heat created by the fireplace is away from the television.